The driver screamed at him, but he was scared.
He was angry because someone suddenly jumped out, and he was afraid because he was worried that he had killed someone.
He knows very well how fast the car went just now and how far Xu was hit.
Is it possible to survive such a collision with Xu?
If Xu is killed alive, he will be in great trouble.
If he is a Land Rover, he says he still has some money at home, but unfortunately he can afford Landwind 7.
It was this big fellow who came from the car in horror and the blood-killing five-person team also went forward. Xu suddenly got up from the ground, patted himself on the dust and grinned at the big fellow. "Master, I’m sorry, are you all right?"
When this scene appeared, everyone’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise.
This, this, this …
What the hell is this?
Didn’t you get hit
Everyone can see that Xu was knocked out of the distance. How can ordinary people bear it?
But Xu was alive and kicking, and he didn’t look hurt at all.
What’s the situation?
The driver was scared silly, too.
Although he hasn’t had an accident in his car for so many years, he has seen many accidents, big and small, but he has never seen anyone who can get up alive after being hit by that smell.
Xu laughed. "I won’t correct you either. Please go quickly."
Although the driver knew it was Xu’s fault, he dared not provoke a lawsuit because he was worried that Xu would suddenly sleep there.
The driver’s car ran away.
Xu came to the front of the blood-killing five and laughed, "Like?"
They didn’t speak but touched him.
Someone touched his head, someone touched his arm, someone touched his body, someone touched his legs and someone lifted his trousers.
"Lying in the trough, you are molesting me."
Xu yelling can’t attract the attention of five people.
Five people quickly closed their hands.
Five people looked at each other and nodded their heads.
They just wanted to see a medical injury.
Now they see that Xu has no wounds, no broken bones, no damage to his arm, and nothing shaking in his head. He was so alive that he didn’t fart, but he was alive and kicking.
Five people froze.
After a long time, the pale man said, "Bai Gang."
The pale man also promised.
No, I can’t
Xu Dale
This waste level brings great resistance.
Flexibility index helped him recruit a blood-killing member for his ability to fight and also helped him recruit a blood-killing member.
Xu looked at the last person.
Four of the five members who have been killed by blood have been recruited.
This last person is an ordinary-looking man.
When I saw the flame 21, the flame 21 was already the most ordinary man in the world, but I didn’t expect to see a more ordinary man than the flame 21 now.
He is unusually ordinary, to the extreme.
He looks unusually ordinary to the extreme.
If the flame 21 is thrown into the crowd, it will never be found again, then this ordinary man will never recognize him even if you walk in front of your eyes and then walk in front of you again with a distance of not more than ten seconds.
This is the most ordinary person that Xu has ever seen in his life.
But ordinary Xu Bai doesn’t mean weak.
The last one he did was obviously the most powerful one.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Blood killing big secret
Xu neve dared to underestimate a seemingly ordinary person.
Xu looks ordinary in shabby clothes, even in temperament, but he has abilities unimaginable to ordinary people.
Only ordinary people who really look ordinary can do great things without being noticed by others.
This seemingly ordinary man can come to the finale and kill a member of the five-person group. Of course, he is the kind of person who looks ordinary but is not ordinary at all.
Each group of five people killed by blood has its own characteristics.
Pandora has a good eye and is suitable for being a gunman, and she is very beautiful and intoxicating. More importantly, she is not only beautiful, but also looks cool because of her identity, which can arouse men’s desire and she looks a little wild.
The iron tower is huge, just like the real iron tower. Although the muscles of the tower body have not leaked out, they have propped up the sportswear, but what he is best at is not strength but speed, which is unexpected.
However, it can be unexpected, and sometimes there is always an advantage. Xu Gang was shocked.
Bai Gang, a pale and handsome guy, doesn’t rely on face value to eat, but depends on being beaten to eat. His ability to fight is obviously good, and even the knife is cut with a white mark.
Ghost bone, a guy as thin as a skeleton elf, is surprisingly powerful than Xu.
These four people all have their own strengths, so what are the characteristics of this ordinary man and what is his name?
Xu is very curious
Xu looked at the man in front of him.
He waited for the man to speak.
Or he waited for this man to do something.
Do what he should do.
But the man didn’t do anything but look at Xu laughed. "My name is deceitful."
Xu Zheng didn’t expect this man to say his name directly and couldn’t help saying, "Which qi?"