She rubbed into Jun Yang’s arms and found a more comfortable posture, narrowing her eyes slightly.
"But when I’m hungry, I’ll ask the bartender to get something to eat." Jun Yang kissed her lips and asked softly.
"Well, I want to drink vegetarian porridge."

Hot vegetarian porridge was soon served.
Junyang picked up Shen Qiqi from the bed and carried him to the table to place his leg.
He picked up the porridge bowl and gently blew the porridge inside to cool.
Then he sent the cool porridge to the secret in Chapter 3 of Shen Qiqizui 3.
Shen Qiqi blushed and earned "I can eat by myself"
"Don’t move" Junyang picked up a handkerchief to help her wipe a little porridge stains on the corner of her mouth. "Either let me feed you or let me eat you. You choose one."
"Rogue!" Shen Qiqi blushed and scolded 1.
"Well, do you want me to be a hooligan for you?" Jun Yang raised his eyebrows and looked at Shen Qiqi with a face of expectation.
"Damn, that’s not what I meant. Feed me quickly. I’m so hungry." Shen Qiqi decided not to argue with him anymore, but to fill his stomach first.
A bowl of vegetarian porridge belly Shen Qiqi finally felt a little bit of strength.
Looking up at the painting that Junyang put aside, Shen Qiqi raised his eyebrows. "Have you studied anything?"
"I’ll tell you as soon as you kiss me." Jun Yang’s face is getting thicker and thicker now, and it’s also unscrupulous to pick up a kiss.
Shen Qiqi "yum" kissed his face and shook his arm "tell me quickly"
Is your overflow by her frank to get leng.
He-he will talk again before he can get her kiss.
She kissed him so easily, but she made him ready and couldn’t say anything.
Let him some suppress uncomfortable.
Shen Qiqi felt funny when he looked at his face.
But she didn’t dare to laugh at him. What grandiose excuse did he find to bully her openly?
She thought about it and kissed him on the face. "Well, can you tell me?"
"That’s more like it." Jun Yang grabbed her and pointed to a hill. "What did you see from this place and all the way?"
Shen Qiqi followed his guidance and looked at it carefully. Indeed, he saw a thin crooked line.
Jun Yang knew from her expression that she had found it, and then pointed to an unremarkable tree in the painting and pointed out, "Look at the mountain from this tree again."
Shen Qiqi looked carefully again and found a thin line connected with the hidden line in the mountain.
"How did you find these?" Shen Qiqi asked in surprise.
She was really curious. When she was in the yard, she also carefully observed this painting behind Xi Liu. She knew that there was a hidden mystery in this painting, but she didn’t know where to find it.
"It’s very simple," Jun Yang rubbed Shen Qiqifa patiently and explained, "I was puzzled at first. Later, I carefully recalled the history of Yulingzong and found that it respected the five-element hexagrams and brought the essence of the five-element hexagrams to the fullest. So I thought if I could start with the five-element hexagrams."
"Then I carefully observed the scenery in this painting, and sure enough, I found that this painting contains five elements."
"But where do I see the lines of water, wood and earth?" Shen Qiqi looked at the painting carefully again and asked in doubt
"The other two lines are hidden deeper, but you can find them if you use the five-element method."
Junyang pointed to the front hill. "If you think about it carefully, have you found anything special about this hill or something wrong with this painting as a whole?"
"Wrong place" Shen Qiqi repeated Junyang’s words and looked at the whole painting. Suddenly, he struck the table. "The most special place with this painting is that this mountain is in the painting."
"Yes," Jun Yang nodded approvingly. "The soil has the characteristics of long-term cultivation and education, which belongs to the Central Institute. This mountain is painted in the center. Chapter 33 There is one thing that must be confessed to her.
"The trees in the east of Muzhu Dongfang are always dense, while the water in the north has a downstream stream, but gold and fire? Is gold the ore of these mountains? That would explain it, but what about fire? I can’t think of this. "
Shen Qiqi is, after all, a modern man, and his understanding of the five elements of hexagrams in modern times is only superficial and not thorough.
"Real gold and fire are also hidden in this mountain." Junyang pointed to a place in the painting, "Wood fires, local gold and mystery are all in this mountain."
After hearing what he said, Shen Qiqi tried to find clues slowly in the whole mountain according to his analysis just now
Jun Yang looked at her from the original puzzled to gradually revealed an epiphany expression and knew that she had found out all the maps.
Shen Qiqi found a cinnabar pen and drew all the hidden maps.
"It was a small part of it, so I couldn’t see anything after reading it. It’s no wonder that Xi Liu studied it for so long and couldn’t figure out why." Shen Qiqi lifted the painting and left it to see it right and then put it in the ring.