The deep lane is still dark, but for the one-sided wooden door that can’t be closed tightly, there won’t be any light source in the 100-meter deep lane.
Xiang gently knocked on the door in front of the door and waited for a long time, but no one answered the door, so she knocked on the door again and there was no response at all.
If it weren’t for the suspected intelligent np old woman in it, he would treat this tailor shop as an ordinary np shop and just push the door without knocking.
Patience has been waiting outside for a long time, and someone has been answering the door. He hesitated for a while and then pushed open the wooden door with a horizontal heart.
With tickling Xiang stealthily took a glance at it, which just greeted a pair of indifferent eyes and couldn’t help but get a fright.
The old woman with a yellow face sat at the workbench and stared at him coldly without saying a word.
"Ha …" Xiang touched his head and smiled embarrassedly. "Well, I’m here to find Yuxi."
Np old woman cold hum a light way "don’t be silly there an eyesore"
Xiang hurriedly came in and closed the door quietly, sitting on the sofa in the living area like a good baby.
The old woman ignored him and buried her head in the workbench.
"You should meet Yuxi outside."
Anxiang was annoyed at sitting for a long time and couldn’t help but bring up the unified option to send an email to Yuxi asking when he would come back.
He didn’t call out the interface before he heard the old woman hoarse and whispered, "She won’t come back for a while."
Xiang was suddenly taken aback, his fingers froze in the middle, turned to the old woman in astonishment and said, "Can you see?"
As soon as I spoke, I realized that I had asked a stupid question.
The old woman looked cold and said, "What if you can’t see it?"
"No … nothing," Xiang asked cautiously, slowing down his ups and downs. "Are you an intelligent np?"
The old woman nodded slightly and immediately looked down at the workbench. The palm of her hand brushed the pants like a dead tree and sneered at herself, "Even sitting here for a generation can make this pants."
Xiang was puzzled and puzzled.
"Are you curious?" The old woman suddenly looked up at Xiang’s old eyes with strange light.
Xiang’s heart suddenly accelerated, and he was startled by this strange performance of the old woman. He immediately got up and moved several steps in the direction of the door.
Old woman looked at disdain sneer at a few eyes gradually deep.
"What the hell are you?" Xiang walked to the door and stared at the old woman slightly with horror. It was already going to let the rain leave this weird np.
"What am I? Ah … "The old woman smiled coldly." I am allowed to have mature intelligence and fictional good experiences. I am independent and different from those who have no emotional np, but this tailor shop will still be here today and I will be erased by the system. "
Xiang’s eyes were slightly relaxed, although he knew that there was an intelligent np, but he was still startled. The price of the intelligent np in the animation was to lose memory and be rooted in the data. At present, this intelligent np is independent … not only has it not lost memory but also has no defects, and it has the same thinking logic as human beings.
Xiang took a deep breath and asked doubtfully, "What?"
He is different from other players and has a deeper understanding of the world than other players, wondering why this intelligent np wants to say these words.
The old woman flashed a divine light in her eyes and gave an ugly low smile. "I can see that you know we are here."
Xiang paused to admit.
There was a faint wave in the old woman’s eyes when she got the answer. "He created us and gave us intelligence, but he denied us on the first day when we realized that I was lucky not to be imprisoned, but unfortunately, I was able to exercise this np role every day. Setting a good language is like a soul being imprisoned in a statue. Ironically, this statue is like a cage, and it is also protecting me."
"Why did you say this to me?" Xiang calmly looked at her and asked, "If you don’t tell me, these systems won’t notice you."
The old woman nodded "yes"
"What?" Xiang frowned.
The old woman sighed faintly and said, "Not long ago, I asked my little girl to get the last one. When she finished that, she didn’t need to stay here, but I know she will stay here, so I want you to take her away."
Xiang was silent for a long time and suddenly smiled bitterly. "I know the world well enough, only to find that it’s just a fragment." He paused. "I’ll take her out of here. It’s too quiet and cold."
The old woman nodded with relief, and the cold tone suddenly disappeared. She smiled kindly and said, "I’m relieved."
With that, she got up and left the chair, which violated the rules of the system and made the system lock her up faster. In an instant, her body became slightly twisted and trembling at the edge of her body, and she was on the verge of collapse.
Xiang looked at her with heart and sighed.
"Take her away, not only this tailor’s shop, but also this love world."
The old woman turned around and walked out of two steps, and her body turned into several corner pieces like broken glass. At the same time, a white light flashed across the bench and she appeared again.
It’s Xiang who knows that she’s really gone …
Returning to the living area and sitting on his ass, he looked at the eyes and the old woman np became more and more depressed.
"Have you ever thought that they would treat the struggling players imprisoned by you like this? Heathcliff, what is your heart made of? "
Xiang leaned back on the sofa and whispered to himself, his eyes slightly chilled.
For intelligent np, erasing is like death sitting in front of the workbench all the time. She saw Yuxi’s fragile heart and didn’t want Yuxi to stay in this tailor shop surrounded by loneliness …
A simple and easy idea has to pay the price of death.
Chapter 31 Prospect
After a day and a night in the tailor’s shop, Xiang was slowly gnawing at his ear with black bread at noon, but suddenly the wooden door was pushed open.
He looked towards the door. As he expected, it was Yuxi who pushed the door and entered.
Rain and tired came in and saw Xiang’s eyes slightly quiet and smiled, then walked towards the old woman np and handed it over. After the completion, she sat on the sofa opposite Xiang and whispered, "You’re here."
Xiang smiled and put a flame fruit in front of her from the prop bar, and then smiled, "Have you been missing for a while?"
"Fortunately," Yuxi held the flame fruit as if holding a rare treasure.
"Why don’t you eat?" Xiang looked at her and laughed
Yuxi shook her head and whispered, "I’m not hungry." Then she looked up at Xiang and said, "Give me the clothes."
Xiang leng leng for a moment before he realized that Yuxi was wearing this dress and immediately handed it to her.
Yuxi took rian-1′ s plain hand and stroked the leather surface as white as snow, saying softly, "I am proficient in skills and can reproduce the equipment. I need suitable materials to make its attributes stronger."
It turned out that Yuxi was looking for him because he wanted to reproduce RIAN-1. He said, "I have a lot of materials at hand."
Yuxi was quite surprised that she had already prepared the remake material. Considering that Xiang might be better, she asked, "Let me see."
Xiang Wenwen set the prop bar for public viewing and then slowly slid it for Yuxi to see.
Xiang has always left high-grade materials, and all the props are very high-quality materials, and some of them still explode from bss.
Yuxi was more and more surprised when he looked at it. He chose several high-grade materials that met the requirements of reproduction, and then he stopped.
"Wait for me"
She said something and walked to the player’s workbench, so that RIAN-1 could be put on the workbench, and then a lot of materials were taken out from the prop bar. After confirming the reproduction option, she saw that the workbench suddenly burst into white light for a while and then disappeared. The reproduction process was so short that it was horribly short.
After the white light dispersed, the original RIAN-1 changed from the original short sleeve to the long sleeve style, but it was still the same, but there were also some minor changes. There were several square metal buttons on the skirt and cuffs, and many pieces of metal were stuck in some places, but the main color was still white.
Take the lifting clothes and pass them to Xiang Yuxi and sit quietly on the sofa.