As The Hunger’s old ghost made a scuffle, the curtain was suddenly lifted.
Thousands of years ago, there were no sword schools in Shushan today, and most of them were just established. The strength of the Sect was not strong, and the Emei Sword School was founded by the ancestors with bridled eyebrows. Because of the two weapons of purple and blue swords and the defensive treasure of Heaven Mirror, its strength was slightly prominent.
One year, a fairy island in the East China Sea became very precious. Everyone knows that there will be a treasure on this island. The Emei Sword Sect with integrity and high strength will naturally not miss the opportunity to increase the strength of the sect.
Of course, the Emei Sword Sect can find other schools to fix the truth, and naturally it can also find some kind of competition. It is inevitable that the Emei Sect will grab the same treasure with the same psychology in the competition, and the conflict will finally get out of hand. Both sides suffered heavy casualties.
Because the number of people who went to win the treasure in front of The Hunger’s door was not much, hundreds of master Emei Sword Sect were dispatched easily. In the end, it naturally ended in failure, and they were able to walk back to the mountain gate. However, Emei Sect was angry because of the death of several brothers, but it went after the past and went after it all the way to The Hunger Gate.
Don’t want this move directly angered the bodhi old zu The Hunger, the bodhi old zu who was closing The Hunger, and killed hundreds of people who sent Emei. He also rushed to Shushan to release 100,000 The Hunger and launched the’ Heavenly Blood The Hunger Large Array’, which almost wiped out the entire Shushan sword and repaired hundreds of doors.
Although Kunlun, the originator of Daomen, was finally sent out to reconcile the two sides, The Hunger’s bodhi old zu soon lost his mind after returning to the mountain gate, and the two sides’ beams have been so entangled for thousands of years that the hatred between the two sides has snowballed.
Even so, both sides are quite restrained and dare not make a big conflict. Naturally, the younger brothers of both sides keep this anger in their hearts, and this resentment naturally accumulates over time.
A listen to The Hunger’s old ghost ordered thousands of contemporary elites in The Hunger to show their real strength and go straight to the sky with murderous look. No one is willing to give up this opportunity to vent their anger.
If you push, you’ll be desperate, and you’ll spurt out the vitality gained from hard practice, so as to increase the attack power of flying swords and magic weapons, and strive for a blow, that is, even if you can’t take the other side’s head, at least let the other side be injured and reduce resistance.
The eye-catching people here of the Sword Sect of Shushan can tell the difference at a glance, and the strength is not as good as that of others. Most of his masters are frightened by so many left-handed experts, and the balance has long been tilted to The Hunger Gate.
When several people met, the original master of Shushan Sword Sect was nearly 3,000, and there were more than 100 masters who were close to the robbery and followed behind Xuanguang Road to resist the The Hunger Gate attack. Many of them were also hanged.
However, no one can stop the three of them from joining forces in Hades, so that a new force is tearing apart the joint defense of the Shushan Sword Sect. The exasperating people are more than a hundred people. Just take Hades and his party and they can’t watch them tear up the body of the Shushan master.
Jinyang is suspended in the middle of the body, wrapped in thick plasma, and he doesn’t talk. He looks around coldly, as if he is looking for something. Anyway, he is desperately trying to find something. Both sides have not died much, and many people will not feel bad.
In the corner of the battlefield, Qingyue tried to throw out the last Zhang lei Fu Li Lei Fu, and the explosion power of the lightning was difficult to stop the sky from falling. It took months of hard work to sacrifice and refine more than ten Zhang lei Fu Fu, and in a blink of an eye, he consumed one by one.
At the moment, the green moon is full of bitter color, and I regret it because I don’t check it for a while and fall into the The Hunger Gate. Although I can resist it for a while as far as the current situation is concerned, I am gradually afraid of watching the other disciples die one after another around me.
Although Qingyue knows that she is on the side of The Hunger Gate, these experts in The Hunger Gate don’t know that it is too wrong to be killed by The Hunger Gate before Jinyang arrives.
Suddenly, Qing Yue felt a chill in her heart, and hurriedly turned her head to see the blood, and the light flashed, and three bloody flying swords quickly stabbed him with sharp breaks.
Green month suddenly a panic in my heart that handle fragile life sword tire is an absolute method to resist these three flying swords, and it took months to sacrifice and refine LeiFu, which has already been finished, so as to stop this blow?
Looking at the flying sword and blue moon, the more I think about it, the more I panic in my heart. I secretly decide that if I really have to release the’ Heaven Mirror’ when I have to, I can save my life.
The battlefield has been looking for something. Jinyang suddenly frowned, as if he had found something. Suddenly, there was a violent vibration around him, and he appeared on the other side of the battlefield in a moment.
As soon as he appeared, he found that the blaster came from behind and the lotus flower in his hand shot at him with a wave of his hand. Three bloody flying swords immediately shot back with one hand, grabbed the blue moon with a full face in horror and shot into the valley filled with blood and fire.
Although the valley is surrounded by blood fire, the root of blood fire around the’ Blood Armor’ personally refined by the bodhi old zu in The Hunger is afraid to get close, and it will automatically quit several meters away like a mouse seeing a cat.
To get rid of the flying sword attack, the fear of Qingyue was slightly reduced, but I was even more surprised to see myself being caught by a lotus flower. I hurriedly wanted to release the mirror of heaven, but suddenly I heard a cold voice "It’s me"
Green month suddenly felt a quiver. Who is the white bearer immediately respectfully said "visit the master"
"Where is the bald Li?" Jinyang sounds like ice without a trace of emotion
"Back to the master, he is in the dungeon. I have sent my heart and abdomen to protect him for weeks." Qingyue dare not reply carelessly and carefully.
"Very well, you go first and let him out of these two treasures. You take one that can be solved with a bald head and a body banned, and the other one naturally lives." Say that finish, Jinyang took out two magic weapons, which are obviously not the magic weapon of The Hunger Gate.
"Is the master" green month carefully took the magic weapon look respectful.
"Tell Bald Lee that he can come out now. I’ve found a better way to deal with those miscellaneous hairs in Kunlun. You can take your confidants and wait for my order."
"Yes," Green Moon’s figure flashed, and he quickly used Jinyang to teach him the five elements of dun technique to shoot in the direction of the dungeon.
Chapter 251 Kindly wake up
Chapter 251 Kindly wake up
Looking at Qingyue’s borrowing soil to escape to the dungeon, he suddenly disappeared and disappeared. Jinyang slowly closed his eyes, and his mind was like water, which instantly broke the mountain array and headed for the far north.
In just a few seconds, Jinyang’s mind spread thousands of miles away, and a series of messages came back without warning, showing a three-dimensional image in his mind like a projector.
Thousands of miles away, the clouds are full of colorful clouds, and there are more than 100 monks driving colorful clouds at the forefront, all of whom are angry.
Behind them, there are more than 10,000 figures who have released their magic weapons and sat quietly in the magic weapons, giving off a treasure light. Some monks who specialize in sword-building are all flying in flying swords or flying against the wind.
Detect these golden sunshine and immediately open your eyes and smile at the bottom of your mouth and whisper, "So fast! Worthy of claiming to be the originator of Daomen, I should have figured out that Shushan will be robbed today, but since I can figure out God’s will, why should I go against the sky? It’s ridiculous. "
Tianxing reality walks in the first place with a full face of anger, but his heart is extremely calm and secretly wondering about the information that the leader came not long ago. Although the leader’s words are obscure, he still detects some information. If he didn’t guess wrong, Shushan will be robbed at the new mountain gate in America today, and it seems that something is destined to be irreversible.
Although Tianxing is a little drumming in his heart, because the leader will never make it out of thin air, there must be a reason for saying these words, but he doesn’t believe in this evil, what nonsense, God’s will, the right way, being slaughtered by evil ways, is this still days?
If this is the number of days, believe it or not.
Calmly, Tianxing not only thinks about the danger of going against the sky, but also thinks that if he successfully rescues the Shushan Sword Sect, he will definitely be able to compete in this new continent of America.
Thinking of this, there are still some fears about Tianxing, and then the burden is ready to rock the boat, and then the confidant brother of Kunlun is invited to come to the rescue.
"Father is less than a thousand miles away from the new gate of the Sword Sect in Shushan, and it will take us a few minutes to get there. We must make the remnants of The Hunger Gate look good." Ling Shu was lying in a white deer with a huge elephant size and said bitterly. Obviously, she was still upset that The Hunger Gate had taken away the’ Ten Commandments’ not long ago.