But it’s …
Been here in person.
First, the great avatar attacked and killed, and then the chaotic fiend killed, which finally made Been furious and spared no effort to personally walk out of the underworld to come to Xingtian to protect the road.
In this way, the wind Zichen was left and right in Xingtian’s side berm.
Seeing this scene, no one will give birth to the idea of plotting against Xingtian.
In a blink of an eye, thousands of years pass by in a hurry.
Xingtian’s breath gradually calmed down.
This also represents the wind zichen berm is finally over.
"this time"
"It’s really a bother."
"Taoist friends help the Wu people today. It’s unforgettable."
Raise my hand to take away Xingtian been seriously thanked the wind Zichen.
"You’re welcome after being a Taoist."
"Being in the same vein as Pangu should help each other, and I should be polite?"
With the wave wind zichen said with a smile
That’s true. Feng Zichen’s real name is Pangu Zichen’s Ziwei Emperor, and his real name is Pangu Ziwei’s Sanqing Twelve Ancestral Wizards, which are generally the most authentic Pangu Di.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-four The Three Emperors era ended
Therefore, in a sense, the twelve ancestors of Feng Zichen’s Sanqing are considered as a family, and it is understandable that the witch family is close to nature.
It is natural that he is not close to Sanqing because Sanqing Pangu Lian was identified many, many years ago.
This is the result of Sanqing’s long-term efforts.
They have been playing down their Pangu association by some means.
It can be said that apart from Pangu’s authentic identity, Sanqing Pangu is nothing.
Sanqing is so surrounded by Pangu. How can Zichen be close to them?
On the contrary, the witch tribe is surrounded by Pangu, and Feng Zichen is good with them. They are natural allies.
It all makes sense!
These words are meant for outsiders.
Outsiders don’t know that Feng Zichen and Emperor Ziwei naturally don’t understand that he helped the witch clan, but as soon as this sentence is said, those great magical powers will automatically make up a reasonable explanation.
"Ziwei Taoist friend, since this happened, he will take Xingtian away from being original, and he will take him to visit Xie Daoyou personally to help him today."
Against the wind Zichen leaned over and left with Xingtian.
After all, this place is not a closed place, and it is not safe to continue to stay, because no one will choose to take risks.
It was Houdi who decided to take Xingtian back to Pangu Temple first. Only there is the most suitable place for Xingtian’s transformation.
Pangu Skulled Temple Pangu Temple has an incredible place that can be called the safest place in the wild, where even heaven can interfere.
Accurately speaking, you can’t see Pangu Temple if it is the root of Heaven, even if it is the bottom of Heaven’s eyelids, you can’t find Heaven.
This is the strength of Pangu.
He left the means, and even after all the years have passed, it is still difficult for people to understand.
Buzzing …
With the virtual ripples, the figure of Xingtian slowly disappeared, but it has already gone to Pangu Temple through the shadow of Zhonglian.
Then after the soil left, the wind Zichen glanced around and disappeared and returned to Zixing.
Ren Huang Xuanyuan wizard Xingtian’s sudden end of the first world war was also sloppy.
Everyone also
One of the two sides will fall
No matter what
It should also be a lose-lose outcome, and the two communities will break up because of this.
But the result is extremely unexpected.
Instead of falling, the two sides gained great opportunities and became stronger.
Let’s say that Xingtian is a half-step mixed-yuan country. After this war, he surpassed the limit and broke his own shackles, thus further seeing the hope of becoming a mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian.
And Xuanyuan is relying on this war to completely stabilize its own realm and officially become one of the top great magical powers in the universe.
Has become more difficult to deal with.
The most important thing is that after this war, instead of being injured, the two men gained something, and their strength increased greatly.
This also made everyone expect that the scene of the split between the two ethnic groups did not happen.
In fact, people expect the opposite. It is foreseeable that after this war, the two ethnic groups will inevitably become closer.
Witch terran
Absolutely the most reliable ally.
This unexpected scene completely shattered the confidence of all the masters.
Through this world war I, the master of all nationalities fully witnessed Xuanyuan’s powerful fear, but also hurriedly put out the fighting mind.
Too strong.