"Hum! You still have some conscience. "Remember to call yourself red-violet when you see Lin Yuan, and smiled at Lin Yuan and said.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four-step on the cloud footwork
Red-violet with a wrinkled nose holds more than a dozen vials in her arms and then puts them on the stone table. Finally, she is reluctant to pick out six jade bottles and hand them to the forest edge. "Here are you."
"Give me are you sure?" Lin Yuan didn’t think that this hot beauty blush would give herself these herbs again, but just talk about it.
"Why don’t you keep it for myself?" Red-violet said faintly as her mouth became warped.
"Why don’t you dare refuse to give red-violet beauty to a villain?" Lin Yuan said with a smile and hurriedly reached out to the jade bottle in front.
Smiling, he took a glance at the edge of the jade bottle and put it in his backpack. Anyway, Leilingcao has got some other herbs, although rare, but it is not much for him now.
But don’t give something away for nothing. That root doesn’t conform to the forest edge.
Lin Yuan smiled at the yellow Se key in Honglian’s hand. "Then I hit it?"
"ok!" Took a white look at the edge of the forest, and red-violet quickly put the jade bottle in her arms. Suddenly, her slender waist became plump.
Looking at the edge of the stone box, I licked my lips, picked up the key at random, and then grabbed the keyhole and carefully leaned in.
Looking at the deeper and deeper key, Lin Yuan and Honglian involuntarily held their breath, and the stone room made a slight noise when the key moved in the metal keyhole.
"Ka …" Suddenly sounded slightly crunchy in the stone room, which made the palm of Lin Yuan solidify.
"Hit" looked at the play she and back to the metal buckle Lin Yuan breath a sigh of relief laughed.
"Come on," red-violet also has a happy face and some can’t wait to press a way.
The main thing in this whole stone room is placed in this stone box, and the two of them are naturally very nervous.
Lin Yuan took one look at the eager red-violet and pulled her back a few steps. The palm of her hand was slightly curved, and then she suddenly hit a strong strength and burst out from the palm of her hand, lifting the stone box cover.
Cover lift Xiao Yan waited for a moment to see what didn’t reflect before he breathed a sigh of relief. He held his arms in his chest and looked at his hot beauty red-violet coldly and shrugged his shoulders. "It doesn’t hurt to be careful."
"If I leave you in the wild forest, I think you can live happier than outside, because even those monsters are not as careful as you are." Red-violet, a hot beauty, pie her mouth.
"That’s what I think." Touched the nose and forest edge with a smile.
Hate hate cut a glance at this thick-skinned guy red-violet to the stone table and looked at the stone box. After a slight leng, Qiao face was delighted and held out a jade hand and took out a roll of yellow Se ancient scrolls.
"What is this?" Curious leaned over and asked Lin Yuan
"One achievement method" Red-violet turned the yellow Se scroll over and said cheerfully.
"achievement method?" Surprised picked his eyebrows Lin Yuan took the scroll from the hand of red-violet and looked back at the small print written on the side of the yellow Se scroll. "Feng Luan Jing? This is like a breakthrough to the purple mansion realm achievement method "
In the world of Baiwu, Zhao Guozhong, this advanced achievement method is not common, and it is even rarer to break through to the realm of Zifu. Generally, there will be such an achievement method after a large family or family.
"Maybe, you can’t rob this thing with me. This seems to be a special female preparation method. Even if I give it to you, you can’t practice." Speaking of this hot beauty, red-violet Qiao’s face emerges a ray of gloom. Obviously, the most hope in her heart seems to be to become a strong one, and Lin Yuan seems to know that this red-violet heart seems to have something hidden in her heart all the way.
Looking at the dim red-violet forest edge, I smiled and handed back the yellow Se scroll and laughed. "This thing is good, but it’s not suitable for me. I won’t be stupid enough to touch these things again. I also have my own achievement method. It’s enough to know that greed can’t be chewed."
"thank you"
Listen to the forest edge so red-violet heart breath a sigh of relief at the former grateful nodded.
"Your hand things should be away? Although I am nothing, I am a gentleman, but now I am a companion with you. I can’t do such a thing. "Looking at the yellow Se scroll, I smiled and suddenly light way.
Qiao face slightly one leng immediately emerge a bit embarrassed red-violet jade hand spread a bag of Guo Xuwei Se powder is being held in it.
"I …" I was caught red-handed by Lin Yuan. Red-violet Qiao’s face was reddish and she could not speak.
"Come on, you are a woman after all, and it’s nothing if I come to treasure alone to get some precautions." Shrugged his shoulders, Lin Yuan is the so-called laughed.
"Thank you" thanked Xie Honglian again and quickly put away the white Se powder in his hand.
At this time, Lin Yuan is looking at the hot beauty red-violet, where there is still some hot roots, which are not in conformity with the former woman.
Touched the face, Lin Yuan once again turned his attention to the second scroll and gently picked it up.
"Oh, by the way, what’s in your white Se powder?" Hand scroll slowly picked up the forest edge freely asked.
"This is a mixture of wine grass and several other herbs with hypnotic effect. If it is inhaled, it can make people sleep for half a day, but these powders are simple poisons. People with stronger strength or innate fighters can suppress it." Red-violet was a little embarrassed.
"It’s a good thing it’s not a deadly poison. You’re not heartless enough." Lin Yuan left the pie mouth and gave a slight grin.
In the stone room, the moonlight stone shines on the scroll, and the things in the forest edge are watched by the red-violet
Reaching out to the edge of the forest, I read it carefully, and finally my eyes stayed on the small print on the side of the scroll, "Walking on the Cloud"
"step on the cloud?" Mumbling in my mouth is more shocking than the familiar word Lin Yuan’s eyes slowly opening wide. "Is it actually this cloud-stepping step?"
"Step cloud footwork? What is it? "
It’s also the first time I heard this name. Red-violet suddenly blinked in confusion. He naturally said that this name is qigong footwork, but what’s so strange about this announcement?
"I didn’t expect it to be a step on the cloud. This God is really short of anything." I was amazed at the way the linyuan made clicks.
"Hey, you’d say, what’s strange about this cloud-stepping gait?" Red-violet, a hot beauty, ignored herself when she saw that she had called a few forest edges, and she also resumed her hot case.
"This cloud-stepping gait is a top qigong gait in my previous practice. I didn’t expect that my previous practice was only an article the day after tomorrow. This article is a congenital realm gait, which is exactly what I need at present." Lin Yuan was amazed
"So that’s it. Since you need this one, I’ll give it to you. Anyway, I also got an article on Feng Luan Jing. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with it." The red face said involuntarily