"Ha ha take the liberty of asking, what do you do? “
"oh? I’m a candidate. What’s your advice? "
"Campaign hand … ha ha I’m sorry, but I think the two ladies really no longer consider one? Maybe you have never seen the luxurious life after becoming famous. Do you want to spend your most precious youth here, young lady, as a virgin? ….. Please forgive me for telling the truth this gentleman … "
Liu Fengrao was interested to see where Liu Hanyuan performed and didn’t speak. Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou looked at each other and looked at Liu Hanyuan with a meaningful face.
Liu feng is called a place? Then maybe there are not many talented people in the world …
Liu Hanyuan saw three people eyes some uneasy heart.
"Don’t they have any great background? No, I often run around with Zhou Shao, the imperial capital, Jinghai giants and nobles. I should know all these people. I have no impression at all, and that man said that he is a campaigner. Isn’t that scum? "
Liu Hanyuan quickly searched for information in his mind, and he was sure that the three people were not in the giants he knew. Liu Feng’s expression had become a panic expression in his eyes, so Liu Hanyuan became more car-scrapping.
"Sir, I think you should take the initiative to let your girlfriend have a better life? Is this the right way to call her? As far as you are concerned, with all due respect, even if you work hard for a hundred years, you can’t give this beauty what I call life … "
Liu Hanyuan said with a sense of justice that he didn’t know people were still there. Now he is an emotional expert who is persuading boys to let go and become girls …
Chapter 294 Storm
Liu Hanyuan has actually been entangled in Zhou Rebing. They are actually delaying. When they just saw Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou, he had already called Zhou Xiangtian.
The current chairman of Crown Film and Television is Zhou Xiangtian Liu Hanyuan, who is more like a pimp than a talent scout. Zhou Xiangtianli Crown Film and Television has hidden rules, and many beautiful women who dream of stars have a share after he can get tired of playing in Zhou Xiangtian.
Today, when chatting and shopping in Oriental Plaza, he saw Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou, two people who were astounding immediately called Zhou Xiangtian immediately.
Liu Hanyuan’s main responsibility is to entangle the target. Of course, sometimes he can succeed by directly fooling a few words, but most of the time he comes to the sky from Zhou.
Zhou Xiangtian T-Ara’s future helm exposure is very high. As soon as Zhou Xiangtian arrives, those beautiful women immediately believe that the scene described by Liu Hanyuan can be realized in the end. It depends on Zhou Xianghua’s mood …
In this way, Liu Hanyuan was repeatedly rejected by Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou. He has not given up directly holding off the three people in front of him. He believes that these two beautiful women will abandon Liu Feng if they come to Zhou Xiangtian.
He couldn’t help shivering at the sight of Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou moaning and tossing in their own bodies …
Liu Hanyuan stuck in front of Liu Feng’s several people, which made Liu Feng particularly upset. Although he needed a punch to solve this problem, a look at him was a debauchery, but after all, he didn’t do any harm to Liu Feng and Zhou Rebing.
Liu Feng didn’t just rough up people, so four people came face to face in such a stalemate, but soon the stalemate was broken because Zhou Xiangtian came!
"Xiao Liu, I told you that I was just doing something with an actress in the room. If you say that these two women make me dissatisfied, I will let people know what life is worse than death!"
Xiang-Hua Zhou came up from behind Liu Feng and them in a very bad mood now.
Liu Feng felt very familiar when he heard this sound. When he turned around, he didn’t expect to be his acquaintance!
Xiang-hua zhou at the sight of Liu Feng, the whole person immediately stayed in the same place and covered his left face involuntarily, as if it were still dull pain.
Liu Hanyuan came as soon as he saw his backing, and rushed to Zhou Xianghua and said, "How are these two beautiful women? Are they very potential?"
Xiang-Hua Zhou has come to Liu Hanyuan’s heart, and he is ready to meet Liu Feng’s three people’s worship eyes, enjoying the two beautiful women next to him, but Liu Hanyuan didn’t notice the strange state of Zhou Xiangtian.
"This classmate, I think you should give up your girlfriend. Your girlfriend deserves a better life!" Liu Hanyuan saw that Xiang-Hua Zhou’s tone around him was also car-scrapping. He didn’t know how many girls had been cheated by this trick before Liu Feng.
"Shut up!" Xiang Xianghua drinks a lot.
"That’s right. Shut up!" Liu Hanyuan cocky went on to say
"pa!" A loud slap directly attracted the attention of people around, but after seeing Zhou Xiangtian’s fierce eyes, he turned his head as if he didn’t see it.
Of course, the most important thing is that people nearby have recognized Zhou Xiangtian’s identity. This is the future helm of the Crown Consortium, the first consortium in China. Who dares to provoke it?
Liu Hanyuan clutching his left face was red and swollen, and his face was frightened. He looked at Zhou Xiangtian with a distorted face. He never thought that Zhou Xiangtian would suddenly give himself such a cruel slap in the face.
"Are you a pig? Just like to get me into trouble! Ah? " Zhou Xiangtian shouted at Liu Hanyuan, who stood in the same place, and then directly turned his head and frowned and looked ferocious, but now he knew that he was not to be taunted by Liu Feng.
"I’m sorry I don’t have a good hand. You can put it in my account today as a gift! Goodbye! " Zhou Xiangtian left a bunch of words and Liu Hanyuan just turned around and left. Now he doesn’t want to stay next to Liu Feng, who is a malefic in his eyes.
"Weeks less! Thank you! " Liu Feng deliberately studied Liu Hanyuan’s tone and called for a week. When he heard Liu Feng poking fun at the whole person, he was almost angry, but he still provoked 13 acres of land. The lesson was so profound.
Zhou Xiangtian left directly and stayed in a daze. Liu Hanyuan really couldn’t figure out what happened now.
"How about Mr. Liu, do you still want to find my girlfriend to go to Crown Film and Television Company?" Liu Feng directly told stupidly Liu Hanyuan before.
"No, no, I was joking. I was too abrupt just now. I’m sorry. I walked first …" Even if I didn’t understand what happened, Liu Hanyuan knew one thing: this man was not to be taunted himself and hurriedly ran away with his face in a panic.
The talk of a hopeless breakup has long been forgotten.
People who shop around are whispering. Oriental Plaza is a high-end business district. People who shop in it have a certain background and naturally know who Zhou Xiangtian is.
However, this boy, who looks 17 years old, actually walked away when he saw him, and he also offered an apology.
Want to know what is Zhou Xiangtian’s identity? It can be said that the whole country can make him bow his head. The number of people is definitely not more than double ten. But this strange 17-year-old boy can actually make Zhou Xiangtian take the initiative to make concessions.
Around the brain hole, the human brain made up several backgrounds and kept pointing. Some of them have recognized that Liu Feng is a professional player in League of Legends.
Because some time ago, av5 broadcasted the documentary "National Power". Does a candidate have so much energy?
So more brain-filling remarks came out …
Ling Xiaolou felt like being watched by animals when he saw people whispering around him, so he lost the mood to go shopping and shouted to go back.
As soon as Liu Feng and Zhou Rebing saw this situation, they really couldn’t go shopping any more, so they decided to go home temporarily and just went back to discuss the list of games between the carnival and newblane for one day.
But none of them thought that today things had such a big storm …
Chapter 295 One-handed enemy retreat
When Liu Feng and others returned to the hotel, they found fran waiting for them in the lobby of the hotel.
"You are really a busy man. I haven’t seen you in the morning," fran complained.
"What’s the matter directly …" Liu Feng didn’t good the spirit said.
"What happened today? It’s like eating gunpowder."
"Seeing you is the biggest bad thing for me today …"
"I come to you every minute when hundreds of thousands of people rarely take time out. Do you want to be friends if you say such a thing?"
"Okay, cut the crap. What’s the matter? Say it quickly. I can’t see that I still have so many bags." Liu Feng rolled his eyes.
"Haha, it seems that it’s not a good thing to have too many beautiful women around you …" Fran quickly changed the subject when she saw Liu Feng’s explosive trend. "I came to see you mainly to see the new release with you."
"… okay, I’ll pack all these things later and then we’ll work together."
When Liu Feng heard fran’s words, he was going to let the two teams go directly to the carnival site to find the organizer and arrange ten computers directly. They can warm up first. After all, the two teams will play tomorrow.
However, last night, when he announced today’s holiday, many people in the team said that they wanted to visit Jinghai today. Considering this, Liu Feng still gave up his idea.
Liu Feng soon tidied up Zhou Rebing and Ling Xiaolou, the east and west buildings, and didn’t follow them to try on the clothes this time.
This time it’s fran car, and it’s still easy to get a car.
The two men drove to the carnival venue soon, and there was a long queue outside, and the queue was even directly on the road. When they saw this scene, they couldn’t help but feel helpless.
Fortunately, Liu Feng once again showed a host’s courage. He called Feng Shaoguo directly, and then Feng Shaoguo directly arranged a worker to come over and took the two of them directly from the back door to the specialized worker area.
Just as they were approaching the place, there was a sudden noise from the exhibition area. As soon as Liu Feng’s attention was attracted.