"It seems to be"
Mu Jiao Jiao is also very excited.
They just entered the city, but just killed a monster, and this monster dropped a purple thing for them, which can be said to be a good start.
"Show me."
Wu Xiaojian was so excited that she quickly threw something to him.
Mu Jiao Jiao followed suit and immediately let this thing that has become a star card come to his hand.
Starting (8
Chapter 199 Land Reclamation [Chapter 9, latest update: 13118 15:38:8]
[Curse bracelet (3 stars) (purple)]
Defence +1
1% target defense
Speed +1
Need Star God 417 combat power or Star Angel 33.
Said there seemed to be several other pieces
"You" Wu Xiaojian did not hesitate to throw this star card back to Mu Jiao Jiao.
Mu Jiao Jiao caught the materialized equipment immediately and made a black skeleton bracelet appear on her wrist.
"It seems to be a suit." Mu Jiao Jiao noticed the bracelet.
"It seems to be"
Wu Xiaojian felt that this should be the way to play a joke on her. "If this is a game, should we be killed?"
Mu Jiao Jiao chuckled and admitted that he didn’t miss it and continued to pick up the remaining monsters
Li Qianru suddenly shouted to them, "Can you guys chat and wait for these monsters to be solved? The group ridicule effect has disappeared. Didn’t you notice?"
Strongly protest their serious paddling.
Mu Jiao Jiao spat out his tongue and immediately went to concentrate on fighting.
"Huhu" Chen Ying chuckled and knew that someone had been scolded.
Wu Xiaojian was also scolded and didn’t see his temper at all, because they were distracted for a while and the situation really got out of control.
Two dark warriors, one turned to attack the sword fighting demon, Niu Yi, and the darkness went to besiege Li Qianru.
That dark Taoist is also a ghost fire symbol, which makes Chen Ying feel refreshed and forces her to move quickly to avoid this skill that has no tracking effect.
"ridicule! Brutal collision! "
I know what Li Qianru is in a rage. I feel that she says Virgo, but there is actually a little bit of a lion girl’s personality. To put it simply … it is a natural queen who annoys her … Hum.
Drive the shining golden beast to move a little closer to the dark Taoist priest and the dark warrior, and attract both of them to attack it at once.
The remaining dark warrior was under little pressure from Li Qianru’s one-on-one hit.
Mu Jiao Jiao is also eager to try her new equipment. Together with Chen Ying, she cleans up that spell, which hurts people very much. Dark Taoist.
A burst of green light with abundant vitality sank into Li Qianru’s body, which made her blood run full. It was also like a clear spring pouring out her anger, so she didn’t have to wait to show it to someone.
Li Qianru snorted with satisfaction to show that she forgave him.
Wu Xiaojian also found that it is better not to rush to pick up equipment now. They are still under a little pressure here. He is both a summoner and a dad, not only to control the summoner in Spirit, but also to pay attention to the blood volume of these girls.
Because of the seriousness, the rhythm is stable again, and we begin to clean up these fallen souls one by one in an orderly manner.
A golden astrolabe rotates clockwise at Li Qianru’s feet, accompanied by a soaring golden light, indicating that her level has risen by one level.
Li Qianru also found that she really got the message and looked at Wu Xiaojian, suggesting that he should understand.
Wu Xiaojian certainly understands that she has helped her raise the skill level of serial chop a little at the moment of her upgrade. This is her main skill-high mobility and high damage, with the effect of penetrating the target and group damage. I really can’t think of any reason not to give priority to raising this skill.