The two emperors joined forces to fight against the wild, but this man is not them.
It is this group of magic door experts who can watch the "fake" magic door do what they want under the banner of magic door and offend the saints crazily.
This blame is backed by porcelain.
I can’t even explain it if I want to.
It’s too bad.
If the magic door is uncomfortable, it’s really infuriating that the remote junction of the wild and the chaotic is connected accurately.
Can they not feel that the West has taught such a great event?
at once
They will return to the wild.
Turn the devil into dust.
To resist chaos fiend?
Isn’t there still the ancestor of Sanqing Nuwa here?
It’s not nice to say
Western teaching is more important than the safety of the wild world in the eyes of accurate guidance
It doesn’t sound good, but it’s true
You want to.
Western religion is the foundation of Taoism. If someone takes advantage of their opportunity to destroy the door, how can they pay back what they owe to Heaven?
It is hard for heaven to bite itself, which will make them lose their holy position directly.
That’s why we attach so much importance to western teaching.
Just like today, they have kept the flood, but once the western religion is gone, does it make sense for them to keep the flood?
If the wild is gone, then western religion will definitely be gone.
But if the western education is gone, it does not necessarily mean that the wilderness is gone.
It is the most important thing for them to keep the western religion.
But only two people want to leave, and the remaining four people are not willing.
Will see Sanqing nuwa four people stopped before qi qi and led them to the way and said
"two Taoist friends"
"Where are you going?"
Across the vast chaos