I think Anshun will be mature enough to make Xiaoxiao feel at ease to kiss him, don’t you think?
Par59 misses me so much.
"Anshun, I like you …" Lin Zixiao couldn’t help saying these words with such eyes.
But the word love still eludes her.
She feels that she hasn’t reached this point yet
"Let’s go. What do you want to eat? I’ll take you to eat!" Anshun day took Lin Zixiao out of the airport.
"Sichuan food!" Lin Zixiao blurted out
She seldom eats Sichuan food, but she heard that it is very spicy and delicious, so she must try it.
"No problem!" Anshun drove to Xinxianghui, a chain Sichuan restaurant nearest to the airport.
"The food here is delicious!" Anshun took Lin Zixiao into the hotel and chose a relatively hidden position to sit down.
The orderer is a boy, and he looks just like an adult.
"Do you need to see the menu?" The clerk put the menu on the table.
"Anshun Day, please order this store. I’ve never been here. I’m afraid I can’t order it well." Lin Zixiao smiled and pushed the table menu to Anshun Day.
"Good" Anshun nodded his head and turned over the menu with his slender fingers. "Is there anything to avoid?"
"Then I’ll have a pork chop beef, pepper, fish head, stone pot, bullfrog, two bowls of rice and two sago dew." Anshun read the menu quickly.
"Is that enough?" Anshun day looked up at Lin Zixiao with soft eyes.
Lin Zixiao silently counted a little food and nodded and said, "That’s enough, that’s enough. I don’t think these can be eaten."
"Good menu," Anshun returned the menu to the clerk and explained to Lin Zixiao, "This store tastes very good and the quantity is not small. I will take you to try every dish."
"Good" Lin Zixiao smiled sweetly.
"By the way, what did you do in America this year?" Anshun asked about Lin Zixiao’s life this year.
"Concentrate on reading, doctor’s license has finally come," Lin Zixiao replied.
"You left in a hurry. Lin Shengyan, Su Moxiao and Jin Baxing often ask me for your contact information!"
"Haha, you didn’t either." Lin Zixiao smiled proudly.
"You!" An Shuntian raised his hand and touched Lin Zixiao’s forehead, saying, "Why are you laughing when you deliberately hide from me?"
"Hey, I am not absorbed in reading?" Lin Zixiao spat out his tongue and then asked, "Is your college entrance examination over? What university did you take?"
"a big"
"Good school!" Lin Zixiao gave Anshun a big finger.
"By the way, cold blood came to see you almost every day in this year!" Anshun day suddenly reminded of what some nai said.
"ah? What does he want with me? " Lin Zixiao frowning slightly eyebrows some puzzled asked.
"I don’t know," Anshun shook his head and said, "Every time he comes, I ask him what he wants, but every time he replies to me, it’s none of your business."
"Hey, does he miss me too much?" Lin Zixiao walked over and said a confident look.
"Xiao Xiao, do you think he dares?" Anshun day smiled gently, but there seemed to be some danger in the fundus …
Par51 marry him.
"I dare not miss him anyway." Lin Zixiao laughed.
The dangerous breath left under Anshun’s eyes has been swept away and replaced by gentle love and faint smile like water.
Be Anshun day such eyes staring at Lin Zixiao silently swallowed saliva didn’t speak again.
Then there was silence.
Until the dish came, two people also commented on the taste of a dish from time to time.
It’s the first time for two people to eat alone. Anshun is still a little embarrassed, but I don’t know what to say at the moment when eating.