Fortunately, Caida is relatively placed on campus, and it doesn’t matter if there is no complaint.
"Xiao Hao, come on. We have an excellent tactic."
"What tactics" Zhang Hao also some curious.
Zhou Qiang next to a didn’t resist the pie mouth, "what tactics and copying industry".
"You shut up." Erhong rewarded Zhou Qiang with a chestnut explosion, and the effect was good
"Well, isn’t Xiao Hao s4 World Finals a horse fight? Our tactics are for reference."
Zhang Haoyu, no wonder Zhou Qiang said that it is just like copying industry to move people’s tactics directly, which is too ready-made.
But then again, how time flies. Zhang Hao thought that it seemed to be s2 when he was playing by himself.
"This time, we have three teams in China to hope to win the first place." Gao Chengfeng also sighed with emotion. How many times has China won the championship? It is a pity after all.
Erhong was curious and asked, "You said that this time, let’s S royal family and the Three Kingdoms will have the best results."
"It’s hard to say anything is possible." Zhang Hao fooled with a stick of God.
At the moment, the five soldiers struggling in the national league are discussing the top teams in lpl with admiration, which is a deep and profound emotion.
It’s the crown king. China’s s2 is strong. s3 stops the finals too much. It’s a pity that s4 fights again. Anything is possible.
"Pa pa" that what I talk about the afternoon game first Tang Qinling clapped his hands and pulled back the five people who were sublimating.
"Well, President Tang, I have figured out a solution to your doubts yesterday."
"Oh, you’d say it." Tang Qinling was also curious to hear that Zhang Haoyou had a solution.
"Just let the other side come over."
"You mean the hero of Ricco’s forced displacement"
"That’s right"
"I’ll think about it again." Tang Qinling didn’t come to a final conclusion. After all, this non-ad appearance routine is too risky and it’s not easy to make a decision for a while.
Zhang Hao hesitated about Tang Qinling, but he didn’t say anything. Let him go. Anyway, he is a suggestion. In the end, he didn’t choose words, so there was no way.
"This time, we are mainly the heroes who can play tons of damage. This is my idea."
"That President Tang means" Zhang Hao asked.
"The heroes are such groups as barrel, wandering, Kenan, Jiela and clockwork."
The rest of the people nodded and listened to Tang Qinling’s tactical arrangement. Zhang Hao was also thinking about the feasibility of this tactic in the League of Nations.
Haicaida vs Haifudan Competition was held after lunch in the afternoon. After running in again, two sets of arrays were determined, one of which was that Zhang Hao said there was no ad array.
When I think of Zhang Hao against Fudan University, I think of Jing Yu. I want to call Jing Yu to watch the game, but I think Jing Yu seems to be Fudan.
Besides, people may not be interested in watching the game, which makes them a little embarrassed. Zhang Hao hesitated and gave up the idea.
When I came to the Internet cafe again, I still felt the same. Because there were many people in the Internet cafe, Zhang Hao was hanging around at the door to adjust his status before the game.
In the distance, Iraqis came to Zhang Hao with excellent eyesight. A figure appeared 3 meters away. Zhang Hao vaguely felt like Jingyu, but another important situation, Zhang Hao didn’t ignore her coming side by side with a boy.
2 meters Zhang Hao doesn’t want to admit it, but the bearer is the man next to Jingyu, that is, a real man.
1 meter Zhang Hao is short of breath. The boy next to him talks to Jingyu from time to time. Let Jingyu cover her mouth and chuckle. Zhang Hao can’t hear the surrounding sound. The man next to Jingyu is in his eyes.
"Jing Jingyu" Zhang Hao had a bitter mouth and greeted the people in front of him.
"Ah, Zhang Hao, you, you are here to watch today’s game." Obviously Jingyu was quite surprised to meet Zhang Hao at the gate of the Internet cafe.
"Well, come and see if you have nothing to do."
"I saw you play before you often played the league."