In this way, the demons have no hostility to Xuanxing, which is exactly what Xuanxing wants. He ordered the four skyshatter people to get along with the demons before they soar in the future. At the same time, it is stipulated that Xuanlin sent his brothers not to hurt the demons and not to catch the beasts here.
Xuanxing did this because his sect didn’t dare to bully Xuanlin Sect. Xuanxing believes that Xuanlin Sect can develop to the level of super sect when it is given to Xuanlin Sect!
In this hundred years, Xuanxing has refined the fairy together with his own shaft again, because now his body has evolved, which is definitely not lower than the "fairy yuan" level owned by scattered immortals
At that time, Xuanxing didn’t know that his true yuan would evolve, so he asked Ganyuan for help. If he had known this earlier, Xuanxing wouldn’t have reinvented the wheel. Finally, the fairy was refined into the middle fairy, which is the limit of Xuanxing.
The time spent with many disciples in skyshatter made Xuanxing feel deeply. Now he is not alone like in his previous life. He has good brothers and hundreds of disciples in skyshatter. These people are all his relatives.
Xuanlin sent Xuanxing, the mountain peak in the center, to lie there freehand and think about the time spent by many younger brothers over the years, especially the skyshatter themselves. They were like fathers in their minds and Xuanxing always treated them as his own daughters.
For skyshatter four people, first of all, Xuanlin sent a range to find Xuanxing Xuanlin’s stationed address. The range is not very wide, that is, it is only thousands of miles in Fiona Fang. For skyshatter four people are regarded as masters of fixing the truth, and it is easy to find Xuanxing on the central mountain.
"Teacher …" Lin Lin couldn’t help shouting "Sister!" Skyshatter hurriedly stopped her. "Master seems to be practicing now, and we can’t disturb him." skyshatter repaired the deepest. He sensed the flow of aura around him at this time, and the direction was Xuanxing, and for skyshatter, he could feel Xuanxing’s aura was quite strong.
After waking up for the first time, the three people also found this. Four people nodded at one another, and then four people moved in four directions. They wanted Xuanxing to protect the law, but the four people were envious of Xuanxing’s cultivation method. This is not to say that Xuanxing was lying more comfortable than crossing his legs, but that several people were white. At this time, Xuanxing met an opportunity that could not be obtained.
Yes, Xuanxing once again entered that wonderful realm at this time, and his realm of gods rose rapidly. Xuanxing had such an experience when he was a blue star.
It is difficult for people like Xuan Xing to be in this state at this time to meet some lucky people. They may enter this state once in their lives, but they will wake up in a few hours at most, and most people will never meet such an opportunity in their lives.
Xuanxing has been in this state for a month, but he hasn’t woken up yet. Several people around him are on guard to prevent anything from disturbing Xuanxing. This kind of opportunity is rare. If you are disturbed and awakened, I don’t know how long it will take you to meet it again. Maybe there will never be a chance. The four people will never allow this to happen.
A few days later, Xuanxing still lay there with a smile, and the aura around him accelerated to come to Xuanxing’s side. At this time, Xuanxing’s realm and knowledge of gods were rising rapidly, and his cultivation was getting deeper and deeper. At this time, the deep purple Yuanying also opened his eyes and greedily absorbed the aura from the outside world, and that Yuanying’s little hands were pinching the complex and profound spirit from time to time …
A month later, a layer of purple light appeared in Xuanxing’s body a few meters away, slowly changing from lavender to purple, then from purple to deep purple, and finally it turned into black purple! And the halo range is constantly expanding from a few meters to hundreds of meters and finally reaches several kilometers wide!
At this time, Yuan Ying, the mysterious star, has closed his eyes, but it has become dark purple, and the color of the purple bead in his hand has deepened a little, and at the same time, Zhen Yuan in the meridian has also become dark purple.
Suddenly, skyshatter several people looked to see the planet sent by Xuanlin. After being enveloped by purple clouds, skyshatter several people suddenly felt comfortable. The purple clouds seemed to be very helpful for several people to practice.
At this time, not only did a few people feel this way for the first time, but Xuanlin sent 600 younger brothers to feel that their body was running more smoothly, and the practice became more stable. Everyone realized that there would be great benefits in practicing at this time, so Xuanlin sent all the younger brothers to meditate on the spot immediately.
Gradually, there was a burst of music like nature, which made all Xuanlin disciples feel refreshed.
The purple cloud lasted for nearly two hours and then slowly dissipated … and Xuanlin sent all his younger brothers to wake up at this moment. When they woke up, they found that they had become more stable and had some needs to rise. Even their mental state had risen, and several people were in the same situation.
"Signs!" Few people in skyshatter’s four-population mumbling tunnel fix-up world have heard of omens. How many people can know skyshatter or Xuanxing told them in these years that according to Xuanxing, few people in the whole universe can do this.
For skyshatter, four people all know that this omen is caused by Xuanxing! The four of them have always admired Xuanxing, but at this time, several people looked at Xuanxing with some complicated eyes. His master’s intention to practice actually triggered a sign, so his future achievements …
Suddenly XuanXing body slightly shaking!
"Shout …" XuanXing suddenly opened his eyes because he just suddenly felt a pain all over as if he had made a breakthrough.
"What is this?" Xuanxing doesn’t understand why he feels pain when he is lying here.
Suddenly Xuan Xing’s face changed, "Three hundred years later!" Xuanxing was immediately confused because a message suddenly came out of his mind just now-three hundred years later, Du Jie soared to the celestial world!
Although the practitioner will feel when the Armageddon will come after practicing in Du Jie, it is also the Armageddon will come. I don’t know if I can succeed in Du Jie and then soar to the celestial world, but the message in my mind just now did come out-soar to the celestial world! You’re sure you can soar without Du Jie? Although Xuanxing is sure to successfully survive his own fate, there is nothing strange about it.
"hmm?" Xuanxing suddenly felt that he had made a slight change, and quickly put God’s knowledge into the body to observe that "it almost broke through!" Xuanxing easily found out that the color of Yuan Ying changed. When Yuan Ying changed later, his body Yuan Ying was only dark purple. This time, he actually reached the dark purple, which means that his current repair is the peak of Yuan Ying’s second change! I felt pain just now, which should be a sign that I want to break through!
"Time is running out …" Xuanxing said to himself.
Chapter 11 slay scattered fairy ()
Because the whole planet is covered by Ziyun, dozens of planets around Xuanlin Sect can find that the planet is strange, and those who fix the truth guess what happened there.
Of course, the news soon reached three factions and three factions to listen to the analysis of the situation reported by the younger brothers. It is very likely that something was born, because there will be some celestial phenomena when the fairy was born, but this time it is said that the celestial phenomena covered a planet. What exactly is this treasure born? Is it an artifact?
So the three factions immediately prepared to send people to investigate the matter, but the problem appeared again because the younger brother said that the planet belongs to one of the three dangerous places in the forbidden area-the demon area! No one dares to go unless it is extremely high.
Xuan sent a secret room when eleven scattered fairy department gathered here "it’s still up to me" and looked at all the people who were unwilling to say that they decided to go to the demon area to find out for themselves.
At this time, all the scattered immortals of Qing Xu Zong Tian Ling Zong also got together to discuss who would go to the demon area. As a result, all the scattered immortals of the two factions were unwilling to take risks. Finally, the elders of Tian Ling Zong Tai Dai decided to go to the demon area by themselves, and the elders of Qing Xu Zong were also responsible for this matter.
It’s normal that these scattered fairies don’t want to go to the Wanyao area. After all, they are all thousands of years old. It’s impossible for them to step into the Wanyao area and catch the spirit beast like those who don’t know anything. Besides, they are not going to catch any spirit beast now. The most important thing is that they are all scattered fairies, the top people of the three super sects, and they know much more things than those who fix the truth. They know very well what’s inside the Wanyao area. According to the door fairy, even he dare not enter the Wanyao area casually!
However, the lure of treasures is actually the final three factions of the institute, namely, the Taoist priest, the Miao priest and the Dai priest, who went to the Wan Yao area in person! In general, the three elders will not be easily dispatched, and this time, the three factions actually dispatched the door at the same time. The only elders can see that the three factions attach importance to this matter.
At this time, the three Taoist priests have been practicing five robberies and scattered immortals, and all three of them have successfully survived their fifth natural disaster. In the history of the three factions, there are few five robberies and scattered immortals, and this time, the three factions have appeared five robberies and scattered immortals at the same time, and they have written a glorious sum.
At the same time, many experts in the field of fix true got the news, and they all rushed to the direction of the demon area at once. Some of these fix true people wanted to compete for treasures, while others were preparing to fish in troubled waters, but with one exception, all of them went for treasures.
There is a planet on the periphery of the Demon Area, which is the closest to the planet of Xuanlin School. At this time, thousands of people have gathered here to fix the truth, and the bottom is a fitting period. There are also many hidden fairy tales here, and the enchanting Ziyun makes everyone short of breath and can’t wait to appear there immediately to know what treasures are born.
But everyone is afraid to take a step forward. This is already the outermost part of the demon area. If you go any further, you will enter the demon area. Then wait for the demon to attack crazily.
At this time, the three Grand Elders also came one after another. "There are some troubles." All three of them muttered in their hearts. They all have their own sects and sent out five robberies to scatter the fairy. I didn’t expect that his two factions also sent out their Grand Elders. It is difficult for them to seize the treasure alone.
"Ha ha long Lao Dai elder didn’t expect you to come." Miao elder grinned in the distance and said hello.
Tao is to nod to the Miao elders and continue to look at the purple clouds in the distance, while Dai elders is cold-tongued, turning around and ignoring Miao elders at all, not giving him such arrogance in front of so many fellow Dai elders, and Miao elders’ face immediately became gloomy.
Elder Miao snorted and ignored Elder Dai’s way. His way was still very good. He just said hello to them just now, but Elder Dai was so.
"He still bears a grudge against us." The Taoist priest Miao came up and said to him, "I’m sorry."
"Forget it, I’m too lazy to pay attention to him." Elder Miao shook his head. "What’s going on there? This Ziyun has been around for almost two hours."