Chapter five hundred and ninety-three Say something reliable
"What do you mean? !”
"Isn’t that right? I didn’t want to get you into trouble because of my little friction with the soldier king. I think you should make some compensation to make up for the losses you have suffered these days!" Nine heavy smile "what do you think of my idea? !”
"Good!" Pit little sister lips verging rob in front of the iron king kong said, "we have suffered extremely serious losses these days, and all kinds of losses add up to at least one hundred million or two hundred million gold coins!" You accompany it! "
Jiuzhong shook his head firmly without hesitation. "I can’t afford to lose something!"
"Then fifty million!"
Jiuzhong shook his head.
"Ten million!"
Jiuzhong still shook his head.
"That five million head office? Otherwise, you are too insincere? !”
Nine heavy or shook his head and smiled "hum you didn’t white I shook my head means not how much money! I can’t afford to pay for it! "
"That you also said to make up for our losses? !” At this time, Iron King Kong finally interjected, "It’s not like farting!"
"Yeah, I said something else. Say something reliable!"
"Then you will accompany us to rank!" Iron king kong said, "this should be reliable enough, right? !”
"And we were robbed of the city by the Freedom Alliance!" Pit sister added, "It’s not because of you that our city is gone!"
"Well, these two are relatively reliable and acceptable! But …! " After Jiuzhong promised, the conversation turned around and said, "If you want me to make up for the two losses you asked for, you must promise me two conditions!"
"I knew you wouldn’t be so easy to promise if you didn’t let money people …!" Iron king kong Tao "speak the two conditions? !”
"First, you should listen to my command before I make up for the two losses you requested! Can you do that? !”
"What do you want? !”
"Of course, it is to lead you to recover the loss level and lose the city!"
"… is it really that simple? !” Iron King Kong and pit sister are very suspicious and stare at Jiuzhong for a while, expecting to see a little clue from Jiuzhong’s words and deeds, but obviously they are disappointed.
"Whether it is so simple depends on what you think. Anyway, I want to say that I have already said it!" Jiuzhong stand hand way
"… what about the second condition? !”
"The second condition I need you to help me contact you in the United States. You have the same experience. Because of me, I have been attacked and persecuted by the Freedom Alliance. Can you do that? !”
"What do you want to do? !”
"Of course, I compensate them for their losses just like I compensate you!" Say that finish two conditions nine heavy finally confirmed "such as? ! If you promise me these two conditions, I will compensate you for the loss you demand! "
"Well … we will promise you for the time being!" The expression of Iron Blood King Kong suddenly became cold. "You’d better not be lying to us or swear to shoot you in the face!"
"You won’t have this chance!" Jiuzhong took it and asked, "How much power do Chinese players have in the United States like you now? !”
"There are two more!" Iron Blood King Kong said, "One is to ask for the first time in troubled times, and the other is that purple blood and purple gas come from the east!"
"The two guild strength? !”
"The number of candlesticks is the largest among our three major forces, but it is the strongest or purple blood led by purple gas from the east! Purple blood led purple gas to the east, and it is also the only one of our three forces that has not suffered the devastating blow of the Freedom Alliance and still maintains a fairly high combat effectiveness! "
"That you led the Chinese player forces call what meeting? What is the strength? !” Nine heavy interest way
"I this force is my single-handedly founded my game name before two words named iron will! Although I don’t want to admit it …! " Iron blood king kong got a nose. "I will be the weakest of these three forces!" "
"Listen to your knowledge about the candlestick and the purple gas coming from the east. Surely you have contacts with the candlestick and purple blood in troubled times? !”
"This is natural!" Iron King Kong nodded. "In this yellow-haired American area, we, the few forces with the same root, naturally have to get close to each other and twist into a rope, otherwise it will be difficult to stand firm in this American area!"
"Good, then contact me now. I want to see this troubled world and purple blood!"
"It’s a little late now … they are not necessarily online!" Iron King Kong said that he called his voice communication and checked the call list. He saw that the names of troubled times and purple blood were gray and displayed offline. "Sure enough, they were not online! I’ll contact them for you when they are online! "
"Ok, we can talk about it later!" It’s not too early to look at the timing. "We’re here … Ah, there’s something special to tell you!"
"What is it? !”
"That is we came to the United States this matter is limited to the two of you absolutely can’t outside! Otherwise …! " Jiuzhong patted Iron King Kong on the shoulder and said, "When I was away from the United States, the Freedom Alliance people have already harmed you like this. You can imagine what would happen if they knew that I was in the United States and still had contact with you!"
“……!” Iron king kong and pit little sister looked at each other "we know! From the day … not from now on, this meeting hall is not allowed to enter except for the two of us! "
"Confucian can teach! Then let’s meet in heaven ~! " Jiuzhong walked over and gave a hand to the two men, and then left the game with the daughters.
"King Kong … what do you think of this sacred party? !” Looking at the pit where Jiuchong disappeared, little sister asked Iron King Kong Dao
"I feel quite reliable …!" Iron vajrapani holds the thoughtful way "less chasing girls is quite reliable ~! You just didn’t see those big beauties. It was a race …! "
"That you are also want to learn from him when a playboy-? !” Pit little sister made her two powder fists creak.
"Ahem … I dare not!"
the next day
Riqu Tianzhao Temple
Jiugong Great God looked at Aoxue Hanmei’s hands and presented Fang Shengren’s head. Instead of a trace of joy, his face was deep and his eyebrows locked. "I didn’t expect … you actually brought me back Fang Shengren’s head!"
"If the certificate is innocent, don’t hesitate to die!" A proud snow cold plum firmly way
"This man’s head … is it really you personally from the sacred neck? !”
"Er … yes!" Aoxue Hanmei wanted to tell the truth and tell Jiugong that the Great God was a sacred gift to her, but on second thought, Ma realized that it was not right. If she really said that, she really jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t wash her mind. After a little struggle, she gritted her teeth and stamped her feet and decided to tell a white lie.
"You are lying!" However, the root of Jiugong Great God doesn’t believe what Aoxue Hanmei said. "I borrowed ten percent divine power from Tianzhao Great God to fight, but I couldn’t kill the sacred party. What level are you? How could you possibly kill him? ! Say, did you two collude? He gave you this head to come to my place and play tricks on me. !”
"No … absolutely not!" I suddenly realized what a wrong decision it was to tell that white lie just now. Yes, even the young master can’t kill Fang Shengmin. How can she be killed at this level? But even if you didn’t tell this lie yourself just now, you can’t explain it. Do you really want to tell the young master truthfully? That means you can’t say it clearly without being pressed!
Thought of here, proud snow and cold plum suddenly realized that the sacred head of this party brought her a stand-off. The sacred root of that smelly rogue party was not kind enough to be himself, but to completely lose the little master’s trust in her, but she got into the dead trap designed by Fang Shengming without knowing it.
"… the sacred! ! !” I want to know that these arrogant snow and cold plums are really heartbreaking and ruined. The other party hates the sacred teeth and itches. How can she be possessed and believe him? !
But now a proud snow cold plum heart even if very anxious to cut the sacred bones and raise dust, she will continue to stick to the lie she just told to deny it, otherwise she will be completely finished in front of Jiugong Great God.
However, no matter how proud Xue Hanmei is, if he insists on Jiugong Great God, he will not believe that he can’t kill Fang Shengmei and will be planted in the hands of Ao Xue Hanmei.
"Young master, you must believe me. I am innocent and have nothing to do with that bastard Fang Sheng!"
"Hum … good!" Seeing the proud snow and cold plum gore just doesn’t admit that she has something fishy with Fang Shenggong. "To prove that you have nothing to do with Fang Shenggong, then you can kill him for me again!" But …! "