"Not him"
Nangong Jade shook her head and flashed a sickly blue figure in her mind. "Is it him?"
Chapter one thousand three hundred and forty-six Lingshu
An old man immediately asked
The nangongshan jade slowly shook his head. "I don’t know clearly that this person is dressed in a blue suit and his face is yellow, like a serious illness, and there is no spiritual power."
"This person is not from the Northern Ghost clan. He suddenly appeared in Northern Ghost Town about a year ago."
An old man wondered, "Without spiritual power, is it practicing martial arts?"
The Nangong Jade Road said, "The martial arts can’t be as weak as he is when it comes to tempering the flesh, and even after practicing martial arts, you have to practice the Yuan God without mana fluctuations."
"Take care of him so much!"
An old man with a hot temper jumped up the road. "Let’s take people there and arrest the people in Beiming Town for interrogation one by one!"
"If no one comes out, they will kill all those people in Beiming Town!"
Nangong jade looks slightly lower and drinks "Uncle, don’t be impulsive!"
The old man raised his eyebrows and said, "Although our pulse is next to Nangong’s house, it is not the group of people in Beiming Town who can provoke us!"
"How can you not report such a blood feud when your father dies!"
Nangong Jade shook her head and said, "Uncle, please calm down and think about it carefully. The strongest fighting force in our mansion is my dad. If my dad is dead, we will die in vain if we act rashly again!"
The old man’s face changed.
The highest level of their pulse cultivation is Yuan Ying Zhen Jun.
If the man who killed Nangong in the town is still in Beiming town, I’m afraid it’s also a seasoned road for them to kill in the past!
On this, the old man felt glad that he was dying.
"What should I do? Don’t care about it?"
Another old man was indignant.
"It would be much easier if we could invite the strong family to come forward," mused another old man.
There are many veins beside Nangong family.
Like Nangong Jade, there are at least a thousand offices but one!
Although the surnames are all Nangong, the status gap between the side and the office is also very different.
For example, the highest spiritual realm of the people next to the Nangong family is only the Yuan Ying realm or the return to the virtual realm.
If people with collateral veins can practice to the realm of law, they will have the opportunity to integrate into the office!
The lineages of the three great families are the powerful, numerous dharma masters, great fit and great Mahayana bodhi!
It’s no fluke that the three great families can be immortal and the major super clans in buddha magic are tied for the same position!
The thousand blood vessels beside Nangong Jade are insignificant and unremarkable.
Even if they go to the family office to tell this story, they may not be able to invite the strong blood to come out.
Nangong Jade thought for a long time and said, "Why don’t you put this matter on hold for a while?"
"I heard that there will be more than a year when Uncle Ling will come back from Zhongzhou and take his people to Ximen Villa to participate in this big family contest."
"Uncle Ling what uncle Ling?"
An old man frowned and asked
Nangong Yuchen said, "He is a direct descendant of our Nangong family. When he was young, he was sent to Zhongzhou to practice. I heard that he seems to have joined the four side doors. He was once on the list of visions in the elixir. It is a veritable arrogance of the Nangong family!"
"You have a friendship with this person?"
Several old people shine at the moment.
You can take your people to participate in the family big repair, at least you have to return to the virtual realm!
Over the years, Taoist returning to emptiness has not given birth to one of them!
Nangong Jade shook her head and said, "There is no friendship. My father and I once met him. When he comes back, we will visit him in person to try our luck."
"So good"
A few old man nodded his head.
Time flies by
In a blink of an eye, the Nanyu family is approaching!
Few people from the three great families in Nanyu went to the list of then visions.
However, among the three big families, there are also different visions of the Golden elixir. A grand event is a big family in a hundred years.
The three big families will send their younger brothers to fight for most of them.
The first part is the contest between Godsworn Tsukiji.
The second part is then the real person!
Of course, the highlight of the middle school is the struggle between then and reality.
At that time, the three aristocratic families, Tianjiao Uber, will all show up to compete for the ranking of aristocratic families and strive for rich rewards and fame in the south!
Although this struggle is not huge, there are also many powerful visions that collide fiercely.
One or two top geniuses will be born in every life!