Xiao asked once again stopped, but at this moment he saw that XieShuang suddenly interrupted and stretched out his hand to signal everyone to listen to his words and went out in the back row.
Xieshuang must have something to say. After all, he still has some friendship with Zhengxianhui, and he doesn’t want the two sides to declare war on each other.
"Good opportunity!"
Xiao wentong’s spherical field of vision is 20 miles in diameter, and he can’t see any road. At this time, a careful search immediately found a way to the huge square underground passage, and the exit was still close to the rabbit predecessors.
Xiao Wen was teleported first, but not so far, and then flew out of the hole normally.
In fact, those two waves of people have never seen a ghost eye python, and he will definitely not come out, which is also a drag. However, seeing that those two waves of people have the posture of catching a ghost eye python and he is determined to win the ghost eye python, it is really not good. In case the ghost eye python is caught by the positive fairy society, he will not be so embarrassed when he talks again, just like a white bargain …
The square has several miles in length, width and height, but the people inside are more acute than a high perception, and Xiao Wen has just arrived at the exit. Everyone is already looking forward to it.
Most people don’t know Xiao Wen, but there are three people who know Tong Xiao, the predecessor of Rabbit, and Xie Shuang.
"Xiao asked?" Tongxiao surprised way to speak at the same time is the initiative to fly to Xiao Wen for fear that Xiao Wen was ambushed by demon African Union people over there.
"Children’s predecessors! Rabbits, seniors! Xiao asked politely. "Xiao asked to salute the people and then stopped at the edge of the five people honestly.
At this moment, Xieshuang in the distance is also a sneer at one, and then he explains Xiao Wen’s identity to everyone in a low voice. He doesn’t explain it well. As a result, although those people are all seeing Xiao Wen for the first time, they have heard about his name for a long time. His arrogant deeds of revenge against the people in Xuefeng Changgancheng alone have already been deliberately preached by some people all over the Tianlan demon world, but all the demon families don’t hate him.
"Xiao asked why you are here?" Tong Xiao asked
At this time, the other four people are also looking at Xiao Wen to see if he has a saying that he is a big fairy. It is really abnormal to be here at this time.
"I’m here to find the ghost eye python to need its eyes to forge a fairy." Xiao asked without hiding the direct way.
At this time, the blue-robed man among the five people laughed with a clear voice. "If I hadn’t heard of you long ago, I would have you and those guys."
"Are they really looking for ghosts?" Xiao Wen asked the blue robe man.
I took a look at the blue robe in the Han Dynasty and said, "It should be said that it’s them. We’re here to catch the ghost-eyed python and then come to gather together a lively ghost-eyed python. Although its combat power is not strong, it’s a rare good companion in this world."
After that, the green robe man raised his hand again, and the small gourd looked up and poured it. This time, Xiao Wen smelled the bouquet as soon as he was close. Naturally, he knew that there was wine in the gourd, but Xiao Wen soon found an abnormal situation. The small gourd was so big that it was less than 1% of his gourd. Why can’t he drink it all the time?
"That’s a gourd!" Ninety thousand abrupt at bluffing way
Xiao Wen guessed it almost at the same time as 90,000, but he couldn’t help thinking about him. He had to repair the wine magic tactic to recite such a big wine bottle gourd, but it was worse than others’ gourd wine by more than one grade.
High is really high! This is the real drunk …
Since Xiao asked me to come over, the rabbit elder nodded to Xiao and never said anything, but the line of sight didn’t turn to other places.
Even at this moment, I don’t know if I found the rabbit elder asking, "Xiao asked if these strange gases spread from you?"
Xiao Wen forgot to mention that this crop is busy. "Well, this is a special method that the younger generation has mastered. You can see these strange gas covers without blinking."
The five people were all moved, and the blue-robed man immediately asked, "How big is it?"
"The maximum hourly diameter can reach 20 Li"
It took a while for the rabbit’s predecessors to believe in some laws. "Does this mean that only those who are in the spiritual realm of Central Asia can master the means?"
"The younger generation has some adventures, so it can use this method, but it can’t be used all the time."
The rabbit elder shook his head and looked at Xiao Wen and smiled, "Very good."
The rabbit’s elder had a hoarse face and kind eyes. At that moment, Xiao Wen was completely ignorant of his meaning. He said that it was very good. It must be that someone was so extraordinary and happy in the soaring.
At this moment, the young robe man suddenly looked at Tong Xiao and asked, "Why didn’t I listen to you before?"
Tong Xiao also looked embarrassed and finally looked at Xiao and asked, "You won’t be able to do this when we meet next time, will you?"
"It’s true that the younger generation just realized."
Tongxiao immediately relieved and stared at the blue robe. "I told you, this is Xiao Wen’s new learning, not my lack of information."
Blue robe Han also unpreparedness to look at the rabbit elder eyes over there to ask something.
The rabbit elder will have to talk in the future, and the sudden relief and light cough attracted everyone’s attention.
"Let’s talk about it later." Rabbit’s predecessor was low.
The end of the XieShuang has once again come out to the side of the arch hand and then said, "You are immortal meeting Tianlan demon world demon race has some grievances to Ri, but in recent years, when there are few collisions, I think you should also don’t want to fight the demon world again because of this ghost-eyed python. The fairy will no longer be able to stand the sacrifice of personnel, and my demon race will not want to be killed or injured."
At this time, the blue robe man suddenly frowned. He is quite generous, but he seems to be particularly impatient with his ignorance. "Let’s get to the point and stop beating around the bush."
XieShuang not from a lag was not angry but shook his head with a wry smile and said, "that’s good! Two wins and two defeats in three games, and the horse is no longer allowed to think about ghosts! "
Is the fairy will look at each other here to see Xiao asked straight and then the blue robe Han service road "good! Xu said that Lin came to play the first game! "
Just after the words were finished, the blue robe man suddenly rushed out of the speed, which called a quick pick up a string of ghosting images and finally stopped in the middle of the square.
In the face of this scene, Xiao Wen is also a little uncomfortable with this blue robe, isn’t it? Root don’t ask than bucket details also don’t worry about each other have y and n for what kind of person is this …
"Who’s going to make a quick victory?" The blue robe Han took another sip of wine and then said.
At this time, Jin Jiahan in the opposite camp flew out with a smile and looked at the blue robe. "Lin Xiang, do you want me to have another game?"