As soon as this happened, these old demons killed their hearts at the same time, so that the magic door Lord who suddenly appeared could never stay.
How can he choose the magic door Lord if he doesn’t even look down on heaven in the magic door chaotic fiend stronghold?
Isn’t this funny?
Are the magic ancestors not using guns, or are they impatient?
The magic door can have a sound, that is, if the magic ancestor Luo Wei dares to shake his position, everyone will die.
No magic door master intends to deal with Guihui, but Guihui Zhengyuan Yu suddenly felt that his fate had skyrocketed and he couldn’t help but feel puzzled.
He has just been born and hasn’t done anything. Where is his luck?
Doubt in my heart, forget it.
"So that’s it!"
It’s not a headache to find out the origin of fate and return to the market. He really didn’t expect that the magic door of returning to the market would be so involved
But it is his destiny to return to the market to unify the magic door and integrate the magic road, but he can’t help it
This makes people’s eggs hurt
Is the magic door so easy to deal with?
The master doesn’t say that all chaotic fiends are involved. If you are not careful, you will be killed by chaotic fiends. Plus, an unfathomable magic ancestor is unwise.
Chaos fiend
The magic door is not so difficult to deal with.
Suddenly I came up with a way to return to the market.
Because chaos fiend magic door is a giant pit master, once entering the realm of pick Jin Xian, life and death can be said to fall into the control of others.
And this is the opportunity to return to the market.
If you want to get the news out, can the magic door get it? Anyway, all the great magical powers in the wild will not let go of the magic door.
This news went out, and the magic door directly evolved from the enemy of the Xuanmen to the public enemy of the universe, even if it had a foothold again.
Those magic door masters will also be hunted by the great magical powers in the wild to stop the chaotic fiend from coming.
When the magic door forces are wiped out by everyone, they can come back to the market and integrate the remaining forces of the magic door to redefine the magic way and take it for a new magic ancestor.
And in this process, returning to the market can also deduce a new magic method to get rid of the dilemma of the magic door being chaotic fiend.
In addition, it would be much easier to integrate the magic door if we could deduce the way to get rid of chaos and fiend.
Is it true that the top level of the Magic Gate is a heart of the Magic Zuluo?
No, they are not one heart after all.
More than
These magic door high-level heart.
They can’t wait for the devil Zuluo to torture themselves to eliminate their hatred.
If they were not bewitched by the magic ancestors, how could they practice the magic Dao and end up as a puppet field?
They are completely trapped by the magic ancestor Luo
If someone can free them from the influence of the magic way, there is no doubt that they need to go back to the market. These magic door executives will try their best to kill the magic ancestors.
Moreover, returning to the market can naturally become the magic door Lord if everyone has a grace.
This method is very wonderful, but it can take the magic door handle without bloodshed.
But it’s just more difficult
Easier and more difficult?
It is even more difficult to deceive the chaotic fiend’s perception.
But this wind zichen has experience.
Part of his Star Road comes from Star Devil Star Avenue.
However, when he defined the Star Tao, he played the role of HarmonyOS’s reincarnation and gave birth to all gods, completely transcending the proper category of the Star Tao and stepping out of his own Tao.
Therefore, it is not influenced by people.
This is a train of thought.
Redefining the avenue may help the magic master get rid of the shadow of chaos and get out of their avenue.
This method can be tried.
When you fail, it will be a little rough at best.
If it succeeds, it will make a lot of money.