"Destroy the sword,"
"Shocking the sword," the sword body rendered a silver flash like a dragon roll, and when it came out of the sword, it rolled up the surrounding wind. It was like shaking the dragon and spinning the sword with the most violent and direct way to kill the handsome and elegant man in front of him.
"It’s really a pile of rotten wood." In the face of the surprise, the long dragon swordsmanship showed disdain. His contempt was that the other party was stubborn, and the other party was freaky and deadly. As a last resort, when he came out, all of a sudden, heaven and earth were shocked to hear a thunder and snapped:
"Thunder palm,,"
A thunder, dark clouds, see the sword man standing in situ, all over the coke, the whole people like to have a dream, wake up all smoke, when a breeze, a second, his body turned out to be a fragmented disappeared.
A palm of power made everyone present a moment, even the moon wound showed an incredible look, and the other side’s sword energy was less than heaven and man, but it was seconds killed by a palm, which was unfathomable.
But on the contrary, he showed a look of fear. He didn’t remember knowing such a powerful guy, and he didn’t look like he knew anyone, otherwise he wouldn’t be surprised.
When the other two people saw this scene, they also showed horror. Without much hesitation, they almost turned and left, and the man in white didn’t pursue them. They responded with a cool smile. "Killing people is insulting to sven, but I really don’t want to do it."
Say that finish, he turned to look at a face of alert wounds on the moon and beautiful woman, winking. "Generally, when something falls and is swallowed, it takes about five minutes, just, three or four minutes should have passed back and forth."
Just after that, the ground equipment has flashed. If you wait for a session, you will be swallowed up by the system. This is a bit of a loss. In the face of the white man waking up, they are more cautious.
"If you don’t pick it up, it will really disappear," the white man continued to wake up kindly, with a smile on his mouth, as if laughing at their worry.
Qing Jiaren got something, but the moon wound was one step ahead, and the beautiful woman guarded him, but looking at them sweetly, it was the white man who was anxious. "Hey, don’t bother, hurry, I have something to ask you."
The moon wound picked it up until the white man didn’t make any unusual moves.
"Well, now you can rest assured." The white man sat down, and his every move seemed to be full of grace. Even when he sat down, he was so elegant, and from his appearance, he was not much different from those who forgot the dust, but his words and manners were very mature.
See each other there is no malicious, regression of this just eased the tone "thank you for your help, this kindness will be repaid someday,"
Baifeng gave a "even,"
"Even," two people listen to a face of confusion, some scratching their heads, don’t know what this Baifeng is talking about, but Baifeng then said, "Did you make friends with the ghost king and killed him?"
The two men nodded,
"Who killed him," Bai Feng continued.
Wounds on the moon didn’t hide that "I killed him, but it was a mending knife, and the real battle was him," and he said that he had forgotten the location of the dust.
In fact, before asking questions, the man in white had paid attention to the picture in front of him. There lay a teenager who seemed to have had a big fight, but what was even more strange was that he seemed to be seriously injured, but he had some magical power to govern himself. I’m afraid there is no such magic in this world. Even magical powers seem to be few or none.
The most obvious thing is that the wound is gradually healing, which makes people sigh.
Others may not have noticed it, but it happened that this person is Bai Feng, and the other two people have rarely seen the ability to forget dust and heal themselves. However, there are many magical things about forgetting dust, but now there is a white man here, which makes them have to be vigilant. After all, although they don’t get along much, forgetting dust less has a position in their hearts that they can’t ignore.
"Oh, so, you care about defeating the ghost king and saving me," said Bai Feng with a shrug, which is so elegant.
When he said this, Qing Jiaren suddenly hid her face as if she had seen something shocking, pointing to Baifeng and saying, "You are you."
"The ghost king,"
Qing Jiaren and Yueshang expressed surprise at the same time, but Yueshang pulled out his weapon for the first time, and Baifeng hurriedly waved his hand. "Accurately speaking, I am me, and the ghost king is the ghost king. However, this little girl took my body about a few decades ago, which kept me from entering the game."
"A few decades ago, and so on, how old are you, uncle?" Yue Yi looked at a man about their age with horror. Except for the vicissitudes of life and deep eyes on his brow, it was hard to imagine how long this man had lived.
At this point, Qing jiaren is not surprised, because her identity can naturally let her know that some ordinary people can’t know the facts, and she is with the nobility in Chen Yong, but because of rebellion, she is addicted to the game and doesn’t know anything else.
"Well, young man, don’t you know it’s very impolite to ask others their age?" Bai Feng was so ashamed, it was disgusting, and the moon mourned and swore. "Can’t you be a gentleman?"
"Oh, Sao Nian, let me tell you."
"I don’t listen, I don’t talk to sissies."
After a fierce battle, all three were physically and mentally exhausted. Fortunately, Bai Feng showed his kindness and let them temporarily relax their guard. However, as far as forgetting the dust injury is concerned, it may be a little difficult to leave now.
But they have one day left, and if they dare not go to Sanghai City again, they will lose their qualification.
But both of them tacitly stayed and waited for the dust to wake up.
A huge tree body in the Woods, a dry tree hole, came with faint fire and fragrant meat. There is no way, but the moon is a master, and fortunately, I forgot to leave a lot of prepared ingredients, which is killing two birds with one stone.
"Hey, you’re still awake, wake up and eat meat," said Yue Yi, who lost his moral integrity and kept flirting with sleeping and forgetting dust, causing Qing Jiaren to have a supercilious look, and Yu Baifeng, the goods, followed him repeatedly. Who asked him to bake good meat makes people want to stop?
"Moon wounds, you don’t messed up," I personally saw the battle process of the ghost king who forgot the dust. Qing Jiaren was full of heart at the moment, and some people were not allowed to treat it like this. This Ni didn’t seem to find the change of heart, but the moon wounds a face of surprise and quipped.
"Why, you don’t like this animal, don’t you? It’s unscientific. His hero saved the United States, and so do I. Why do you like him? I can’t compete with him, and I won’t give me 100 yuan." Yue Yan couldn’t help but vomit wildly, but was frozen by Qing Jiaren’s blushing face. After this cargo learned its lesson, he quietly became a handsome barbecue man.
Beauty forgets dust to wipe her body, and covers her body with a quilt. Naturally, she doesn’t catch a cold in this game. Seeing the moon mourning is envy and hatred, but when she thinks of this girl’s temper, she will be well-advised to shut up. It will be about an hour after she wakes up. The first thing to do when she wakes up is to eat like crazy, as if to make up for all the lost energy.
I felt half full, only then did I show my slightly satisfied appearance and made a hiccup. Only then did I find that there was another person in the tree hole, "Hey, who is this little?" While eating, I asked, and the other person did not hesitate to eat the sea as much as himself.
"Ah, I" haven’t waited for Bai Feng to open his mouth, but Yue Yi stepped forward and said, "A rogue."
"Oh, Sao Nian, I’ll give you a port. People are watching you, so I want to be with you." Looking at his charming gesture, several people directly gushed out.
"Dead transvestite, look at the sword," Moon Wounds roared and pulled out the black.
I forgot to look at the dust, and my heart was surprised. Mom, this cargo of Sword Emperor Road is about to open, and I still have a long way to go. I just remembered that when I looked at it, I shouted, "Mom, there are less than nine hours left from Sanghai City, and I even can’t come this time."
"It’s okay, I calculated that from the second you wake up, we will run like crazy, but there is no problem, depending on whether you can hold on." Yueyi pulled a leg of lamb with a mouthful of oil stains.
"What are you waiting for," they said, and they were about to get up and act, completely ignoring the man in white.