After chatting, I learned that the three were also college students and a dormitory, which made Sun Sheng suddenly miss the five in his dormitory.
Among the three men, the handsome guy in white robe is called the handsome guy in white robe. The one who said that he can resist strange calls, Dian Wei’s name was fierce enough when he was alive, but his figure was slimmer. Finally, the handsome guy with similar weapons and Sun Sheng’s name was pomegranate tree. After chatting, the three men told Sun Sheng their main skills.
The handsome guy in white robe is mainly responsible for adding blood now, because his attack power is not very high. Although he has several simple attack skills, he is too small for Zizhu monster to add blood without being possessed.
Dian Wei has an anger skill in his life. It is said that his own equipment was bought from others. He learned the skills so that he could choose a target to attack himself and never die. At most, Sun Sheng took a gasp at the sound of fifteen strange bodies at the same time. I didn’t expect that this one was really fierce and had more masochistic talent than himself to learn such skills. A cruel person deserves the name of Dian Wei’s life, but now Sun Sheng is more relieved. According to the principle that whoever destroys blood and monsters will attack him, Sun Shengyuan is afraid that this person can’t stop blaming himself after setting fire.
Finally, this pomegranate tree is responsible for attacking that one among the three people. He has a primary hail skill, which is also a range attack. Although it is not as good as Sun Sheng’s intermediate fire wall, it is also a pretty good type of spell, especially it is quite rare. Pomegranate tree said that this skill was learned from his own skills. Sun Sheng thought that he should be lucky.
When three people asked about Sun Shenggang’s skill and Sun Sheng told them the result, all three people seemed to be shocked.
"I said, intermediate group skill. No wonder it’s so fast to kill monsters. It’s almost the same to go to four purple bamboo monsters." Say, pomegranate trees are still smashed. It’s really irritating to think of your primary hail and sigh.
"You this skill is to play blame? Aren’t you lucky? !” Dian Wei is also envious when he is alive. Although he wants to be a warrior like Dian Wei, he also has a little yearning for gorgeous and powerful magic. It is normal to be envious of players with powerful skills.
"I may also hit monsters, but it’s definitely not my skill. I bought it from a unified store."
The three of them suddenly realized that their hearts were somewhat balanced. If it was really strange, it would be too lucky to make people jealous.
"That must be very expensive. I remember when I saw an intermediate fireball, the price was 100 gold coins." The pomegranate tree seemed to think of something that was not very pleasant and asked with great feelings.
"Yes, it cost you a whole hundred and seventy gold coins." Sun Sheng was still a little dreary when he said it. He had spent so much money before, at most, that is, he spent ten thousand dollars on a computer.
"It’s quite expensive." The three of them grinned together. The price is so high that the average player can’t afford it.
The four people who formed the team chatted one build what did not build, and did not upgrade in situ. Sun Sheng followed three people into a purple bamboo forest and gradually walked to the depths.
Looking at the surrounding scenery, Sun Sheng suddenly thought of a question, "The surrounding environment is the same. How can you tell the direction? Are you sure that it is right for us to go now?"
The three of them smiled and the white-robed handsome guy explained, "We only found a place in the afternoon where there are so many purple bamboo monsters that we found the brush monster paradise. I didn’t expect that the purple bamboo monsters there are unusually fierce and much higher than those outside, and they will take the initiative to attack us. We almost hung them inside and finally ran out, but they gave us a lot more experience than those outside. If we give up, the three of us are a little reluctant to kill us. If we can’t attract too much strength, it’s not as fast as the outside. You see," The white-robed handsome guy pointed to the column and made some scratches when we
"I said, even if you have a good memory, it is not easy to tell the direction in such an environment. I already don’t know the east, west, north and south." Sun Sheng also smiled two times
According to the previous three people marking the column, the four people came to a place where the bamboo is much thicker than other places, but there are also many places missing. Looking at the purple bamboo monsters hanging back and forth not far away, the white-robed handsome guy said, "This is it. Be careful. The purple bamboo monsters attack here is very powerful. You can introduce two first to familiarize the quantity with one."
Dian Wei should be careful to move forward and touch Sun Sheng. They are waiting in situ. In a short time, Dian Wei led the three purple bamboo monsters to run back. Sun Sheng also saw clearly that these purple bamboo monsters really attacked Dian Wei and then followed.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Small objects
Sun Shengxian took a look at the display of these purple bamboo monsters, which is no different from those outside the forest, but they will take the initiative to attack players. As soon as they entered the attack range, Sun Sheng threw a fireball at a purple bamboo monster, but he knocked out more than 200 health points. The white-robed handsome guy just added some blood to Dian Wei. When I saw this scene, I was suddenly taken aback. I didn’t expect that Sun Sheng’s single attack was so severe except for group attacks, but I was relieved to buy intermediate group skills and intermediate single attack skills, of course.
The purple bamboo monster who was beaten by Sun Sheng seemed angry and turned and ran towards Sun Sheng. The road was still at Sun Sheng’s feet, and a bamboo shoot came out. However, unlike before, this time Sun Sheng actually lost 223 points of his life. Sun Shengyou was prepared, but he was still taken aback and thought that these purple bamboo monster attacks were much higher than those outside the forest.
However, it’s just a surprise. The little scene of people who came out from the iron-blooded guarding city war can still be done without changing their faces and jumping. After getting rid of the three purple bamboo monsters, the handsome guy in white asked Sun Shengdao, "How awesome is it?"
"Sure enough, it’s a lot worse than these experience values!" Outside the forest, the bamboo monster has 11 points for each experience, but after four people form a team to kill the bamboo monster in the forest, each person gets 9 points for experience, and the speed is much higher, which is really cost-effective.
"That’s a classic. Bring seven this time."
Just now, it was three, which turned into seven. The difficulty suddenly increased a lot, but it was nothing to these four people. However, no matter how strange it was, they all played the same group skill and added the primary hail of pomegranate trees. In less than half a minute, Dian Wei was brought in and the seven autonomous monsters were solved.
"Cool! !” Sun Sheng couldn’t help sounding his horn in his heart, and the other people’s faces also showed very excited expressions. It seems that when they killed monsters just now, they never cited so many monsters, and they got so much experience at one time, more than 600, and nearly 700 experience values. According to this rate, Sun Sheng can upgrade in less than two hours.
Dian Wei took a rest and ate something to bring his life back to full, and then three people took the opportunity to bring the magic back to full, and then three people continued to work.
For half an hour, everyone has killed Zizhu monster at a high speed and mastered the best number of monsters every time.
Ten Purple Bamboo Monsters This is the limit for four people to kill monsters. If it is eleven o’clock, Dian Wei needs to take a quick red medicine when fighting monsters. Fortunately, several people are prepared to avoid any bifurcation in the emergency.
Dian Wei also practiced kung fu to attract monsters. Although the monsters are active, not all players in its sight are its targets. They will attack only when they get close to it to a certain distance, and Dian Wei mastered the distance just right. Later, almost every time, the monsters suddenly refreshed, of course, not counting.
This strange speed makes all four people see the hope of becoming masters in the short term.
The bamboo monster in the forest is bad, and it will be wiped out soon after it is refreshed. Fortunately, there is a lot of bamboo monsters in this forest, otherwise these bamboo monsters may not be enough for these four people to kill.
An hour later, Sun Sheng’s experience has risen to 96,523 points, and there are only a few thousand points left to upgrade, while the handsome guy in white robe and Dian Wei have also risen to the 29 th grade pomegranate tree, but like Sun Sheng, there are more than 10,000 experiences to be promoted to 30.
In this process, of course, the three people also got more things and equipment from Sun Shengguang than usual. The three people didn’t doubt what happened when people broke out today and killed 900 purple bamboo monsters. A lot of bamboo charcoal Sun Sheng’s autopsy and corpse collection didn’t happen. Sun Sheng was too lazy to be outside the forest. Those who had made Sun Sheng fed up with bamboo charcoal or bamboo charcoal couldn’t buy much money in the store, so now Sun Sheng is too lazy to move.
A few people don’t dislike bamboo charcoal on the ground. If you can pick it up, it will be better to throw it again. It seems that several people have a hard time.
Equipment Sun Sheng also changed two pieces, a pair of bronze purple bamboo pants and a pair of bronze purple bamboo boots.
Purple Bamboo Pants (Grade 27 Bronze) Body +5 Spirit +5 Wisdom +13
Purple Bamboo Boot (Grade 27 Bronze) Body +3 Sensitivity +6 Spirit +6 Wisdom+
Two pieces of equipment can be considered as average, but they are very suitable for Sun Sheng now, because it is better to attack with spells and add wisdom, but it can add more magic and leave a lot of things, but Sun Sheng still feels a little sorry that the names of these two pieces of equipment are hanging purple bamboo. If only they were suits! Sun Sheng, the first two exquisite pants with 4-level gold wares and 3-level jade boots, packed them up and put them in the bag. Even if they are sold, they should be able to sell some money. Moreover, Sun Sheng also plans to change his two horoscopes if he has the right equipment. Since the orchid incident, Sun Sheng has paid attention to hiding himself.
The equipment of the other three people is no worse than Sun Sheng. Of course, there is no explosion of such good things as purple bamboo sticks. Among the four people, the most depressing one is Dian Wei. Because most of the purple bamboo strange explosion equipment is to add spirit, wisdom and sensitivity like Sun Sheng, but few of them are suitable for Dian Wei’s meat shield status. Fortunately, white robe, Dian Wei and pomegranate are all in a dormitory, and all things are also part of you and me, so Dian Wei is not worried that he will suffer.
However, four people killed a total of 700 purple bamboo monsters, but there were also 15 or 16 pieces of equipment that Sun Sheng picked out two of them and left them to three people. After all, Sun Sheng killed the monsters the most among the four people, but after Sun Sheng refused, they were not too polite-if he could afford the intermediate group technology, he would not care much about the general bronzes.
After changing the equipment, the speed of killing monsters has increased. Although there are not many, the cumulative number is also considerable. It is Sun Sheng’s thought that his pants and shoes are all dark purple, which is not a bit special. "Blue clothes with purple pants … are quite distinctive …" Sun Sheng thinks so, but he doesn’t know that the attribute can be maximized. Wearing more people than he is special, but he usually doesn’t pay much attention to it.
"It’s really amazing to measure your skill. It’s worth spending one hundred and seventy gold coins. I can hardly get anything from hail." When I get familiar with it a little longer, a few people are not so stiff. They are all young people fighting and fighting together. There are still many topics that can be linked together. If you don’t talk, you will be a little stuffy.
Sun Sheng ha ha smiled. "How could it be that if there were no hail for you, it would be impossible for all the Zizhu monsters to die at once? At that time, Dian Wei will have to cut them one by one, and he will not be exhausted. Speaking of which, the envy should be me. You are so lucky that you have hit all the super hard skills, or it is a group skill. If I have your luck, I will no longer spend money on skills."
"Where where! Ha, ha, ha ….. "You’re polite, but the pomegranate tree is proud, or anyone can see that playing group skills has always been his pride!
Just then, I sat on the ground and returned blood (sitting in the game and returning blood is faster than lying down than sitting). Dian Wei suddenly stared up his eyes and exaggerated that the back of his hand rubbed against his eyes as if he saw something incredible. Sitting opposite Dian Wei, Sun Sheng and his three men also turned their heads and looked back along Dian Wei’s eyes but found nothing unusual.
"Hey you eat the wrong medicine? What are you doing? You scared me. "The pomegranate tree patted its chest and looked frightened.
"I seem to see a big BOSS!"
"Where is it?" Pomegranate tree rushed in that direction and still didn’t see anything. "You fool ghosts. What’s the BOSS? Did you kill the monster and get dizzy? !”