Feng Zhen xian Shi da kou
Dream Yao and Yuehua Sword Fairy frowned at the same time.
But the two people will get rid of Sumo in the first place!
On this two people glances nodded in agreement.
Front true fairy flat and agile promised to "how to start work? Su Mo, we can’t go to the courtyard to kill people now, can we? "
Dream Yao also looked at Yuehua Sword Fairy.
Yuet moon sword fairy slightly squinting way "have to wait for a chance to wait for him to leave the dry kunyuan less …"
"Shenxiao Xianhui!"
Three people think of a mouth almost at the same time.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and twenty-five Moku
Su Mo helped Xie Qingcheng to win Lingxia after printing, but left Xie Qingcheng to return to Gankunyuan directly instead of staying in the immortal country.
This time, Xie Qingcheng is the biggest winner, of course, but he has gained a lot!
If there is no chance at the bottom of the lake, it will take him at least 1000 years to cultivate to the seventh-order fairy.
And there is no chance to understand’ white tiger bit corpse’ this double secret method of war!
The blood evil spirit practiced at the bottom of the lake for a month, and violet really absorbed several blood evil spirits. The blood evil spirit contained in that white tiger bone has been exhausted.
This white tiger bone also melts into a pile of bone residue.
Su Mo returned to Gankun Hospital to close it again.
If there is nothing else, he intends to practice until Shenxiao Fairy will strive to further step into the order fairy!
Even if he doesn’t move violet veins, he is sure enough to beat Yun Ting!
Su Mo returned to the abode of fairies and immortals and was about to close when he suddenly sensed a sudden change in Wu Daozun’s side.
Tianhuangzong is located in the corner of the magic domain and is remote.
However, in recent years, the God of Heaven has been furious, and the Emperor of Thunder has controlled the five demons, which will grow rapidly and gradually expand outward all the way.
The speed is not fast, but it is developing steadily and growing stronger.
Moreover, the wrath of the thunder emperor and the five demons are also famous in the magic domain
Of course, the first thought of all the people in the wild cases is the patriarch of the wild cases!
Although these years, Huangwu did not show up, but the first World War I in China spread all over the magic domain, and the first World War I shocked the whole heaven!
Because of this war, I don’t know how many monks have joined the wild Sect
On this day, Wu Daozun suddenly moved in his heart and took out a black residual picture from the bag.