This colorful fog is worldly desires’s anger, the most chaotic mind, and the so-called seven emotions are frustrating and six desires are confusing. This NO FENG フウカ Zichen almost went in without observing it for a while
All sentient beings have worldly desires’s myriad thoughts, and incense and anger are transformed by the thoughts of all beings.
These thoughts, whether good or evil, blessing or curse, praying or complaining, are all born of worldly desires, which together constitute the incense and anger.
It’s that incense internal heat contains a lot of miscellaneous thoughts of all beings besides pure belief. Long-term cultivation of incense internal heat will make the mind unstable and easy to get possessed.
That’s why the incense is poisonous in later generations.
Feng Zichen was going to make a fake Yuan God with pure fragrance of internal heat. I didn’t expect that it would be a pleasant surprise to make all beings’ distractions refined with fire.
A few months later, after all the sentient beings in the incense were distracted, they were refined by the fire and floated in a pure source.
This is a crystal-like object, which is full of good intentions, like the most beautiful thing in the world. It has no attributes, but it can be transformed into attributes. It is really a magical thing.
The wind that will be in your hand will be understood, and it is made by gathering the good intentions of all beings. It is incredible and powerful, and it is impossible to distort the rules and rely on creation.
If the incense is fully crystallized, it can create all kinds of things and even life!
Reaching for a little incense, the crystals burned up, and flashes of light emanated from it to the wind, and Zichen knew the sea surge to form an illusory figure.
When the incense crystal burns out, the figure in the sea has been completely solidified.
This is the crystallization of Yuan Shen’s wind and Zichen incense. By fabricating Yuan Shen’s breath, it is simply that he cultivated it.
Take out Nu Wa Jing Xue from the Dragon Pool on the same day, and Zichen will enter the Yuan God.
A light of nature flashed through the dragon tail shape of the deified human body, giving off a strong gas of nature, which completely covered the purple and micro stars.
Wanted to think, the wind Zichen closed the heaven and manipulated the Yuan God with a true spiritual force.
No one can tell that he is a purple star
Chapter 42 Heaven
After all this, Feng Zichen found that it was only twenty years ago and there were ten years left before the centenary.
In this way, there are still many times when he simply doesn’t rush out, but he is familiar with Yuan Shen here.
After all, Feng Zichen had never owned the Yuan God before, and it was far less handy to manipulate it than the real spirit, and the new body of the Yuan God was not well coordinated, which still needed some time to run in.
Seventy years later, Feng Zichen woke up from her meditation, and with a wave of her big sleeve, the fragrant fire and anger converged to form a statue of the fairy-level incarnation, which was newly generated in the past 70 years.
Soon Feng Zichen will go to heaven, and it will take as little as a thousand years, but it will take ten thousand years to leave an avatar, which can not only pay attention to the Terran, but also save him a lot of trouble with this Terran alliance.
Sacrifice refined incarnation wind zichen no longer stay up and walked away.
"Daoyou things can be handled?"
Welcome to the temple looking at the wind came in zichen hoses jun asked with a smile.
"Let Long Jun wait so long. Now everything is ready to go."
The wind zichen slightly apologetically replied
Hose Long Jun smiled and didn’t mean to wake Aoxue, who was sleeping soundly, ready to go.
Out of the welcoming hall, the water dragon and the dragon king emerged with a flying boat in their hands.
The flying boat is about 30 feet long, and the whole body is as white as white jade. The light of the boat is bright and full of richness. Before the weather, there are more innate runes. When you look at it, you will know that it is not a thing.
"This is Ling Yunzhou, an innate treasure."
See the wind zichen eyes surprised hoses Long Jun some proud explained.
The East China Sea is far away from the heaven, and it takes thousands of years to get to the heaven with the successful repair of Taiyi Jin Xian, and even worse, it takes two drag bottles, Zichen and Ao Xue.
Considering this, Zulong deliberately took out Lingyunzhou, on the one hand, to give them a ride instead of walking, on the other hand, to show the dragon dignity.
After the three of them stepped on Lingyun boat, the water dragon and the dragon king played the tactic to urge Lingyun boat.
Lingyunzhou shook for a moment and burst into green light. The rune of the boat seemed to come alive and danced around it. Soon Lingyunzhou turned into a streamer and flew to the center of the universe.
The three men rode Lingyunzhou for thousands of years in just a few decades, and came to the center of the universe.
After the end of the ancient times, the threat of Pangu, which enveloped the mountain, somehow became weaker and weaker, and it was only when Luo Jinxian reached the top of the mountain that the restrictions were gradually relaxed.
First, Taiyi Jinxian can move freely. As time goes by, Jin Xian, Xuanxian and Tianxian can also step into it.
After the decline of Pangu’s coercion to a certain extent, the emergence of the demon family in the grand world of one side is the foundation of this world, and the establishment of heaven to dominate the wild.
When I came to the top of the mountain, I looked up, but I saw the clouds bursting with sunshine, and the macro door was looming.
That’s the worse gate. You can see that there are a lot of people coming and going.
It’s also said that Di Jun, the God of Heaven, is in charge of all things in the universe on Sunday. He invited many great powers to come to the meeting. Who dares to refuse?
Even if the top quasi-saints don’t come, they will send their younger brothers to present gifts to Di Jun and cause trouble.
"Heaven won’t stop. Let’s go to heaven to attend the grand event and see the weather of the demon race!"
Hose Long Jun took the lead in LingYunZhou some sourly said
The dragon is the overlord of the past, and the demon race is the overlord of the present. When the dragon comes here, it is natural that the dragon can’t help but compare it.
As a result, it was found that the demon clan was more powerful than the dragon clan in those days, and it was not a bit pantothenic to be stimulated by this.
Aoxue has never experienced the dragon flourishing age, but he is curious about this and looks at everything that is not in Zhoushan.
The wind zichen smiled and some understanding followed him Lingyunzhou.
It was his feet that just couldn’t step on the island when he felt that HarmonyOS Daoyin trembled like never before and wanted to fly out of the sea of knowledge and rush to the depths of the island.
At the same time, a sense of urgency from HarmonyOS Daoyin constantly urged Feng Zichen to go to the depths of Buzhoushan, as if there was something attracting it.
This change made Feng Zichen’s face change, and he quickly stopped to adjust the mana pressure. No matter what is deep in the mountain, HarmonyOS Daoyin can’t get it now.
The slight abnormality of the master cloud here will attract many people’s attention, and it may not be a blessing or a curse then!
"Zichen, are you okay? How did your face become so ugly? "
The abnormal wind zichen attracted Aoxue’s attention and asked quickly
"I’m fine. This place contains Pangu’s coercion. I’ll just get used to it for a while. It’ll be fine later."
HarmonyOS Daoyin is the biggest secret of Feng Zichen. Of course he can’t tell the truth.
"oh! Then you should pay attention to this coercion, which is really uncomfortable. "