"As ordered by …"
The venerable sir had some doubts in his heart, but he should come anyway.
Seeing this person, the Wolf clan Buddha seemed to be upset and his face sank. "Listen carefully, Luo Feng, please invite those people in!"
"Be smart, you dogs, and pay attention to manners. Don’t bump into these distinguished guests!"
Luofeng honour person hurriedly should be
Where did he want to get white just tiger Buddha also let them eat the group of people in Chaos Palace, and in an instant, this group of people became guests.
When the venerable Luo Feng retreated, the tiger Buddha didn’t want to frown too much and asked, "How did the ants in Chaos Palace, the second brother and the fourth brother, become guests?"
The panther Buddha breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It’s still the second brother’s quick reaction that almost touched Xuanyangling Road!"
"What do you mean?"
Tiger Buddha asked
The Leopard Buddha explained, "That Su Mocheng is the messenger sent by Xuanyangling. If we kill this group of people, I’m afraid we will have no room for manoeuvre."
"Xuanyangling is really sinister!"
When the Tiger Buddha heard the news, he was shocked into a cold sweat and gnashed his teeth. "No wonder a venerable person with three changes in the road dares to have such a big breath. It turns out that Xuanyangling has the support!"
"But then again"
The leopard Buddha added, "Xuanyangling sent a few venerable people to come and talk to the four of us, which is too contemptuous."
The three of them are honorable men and leaders of one side.
Normally, Xuanyangling should at least send the strong Buddha to show respect.
"Three brothers and four brothers don’t have to get angry."
The Wolf clan Buddha looked calm and said, "Let’s try our best to meet the requirements of this Su Mo’s purpose first."
"We need to delay waiting for the big brother to close the bottleneck and not to rock the boat."
Tiger Buddha, leopard Buddha Qi Ying way
Chapter three thousand two hundred and fifty-five singling out
Wanshouling Shanmenqian
Chaos Palace and his party didn’t wait long before they saw that the venerable man had just gone and returned.
Before he got near, the venerable man’s face was covered with yellow hair, so he piled up a smile and looked at it with some flattery and weirdness.
"The presence of your distinguished guests really makes Wanshouling shine."
The venerable Luo Feng said, "Luo Fengfang has been negligent. I hope you will forgive me and come in quickly!"
Chaos palace all leng in situ didn’t slow lead strength at the moment.
"What is this situation?"
"There will be no fraud, right?"
"It doesn’t make sense. Do you have to be so polite if Wanshouling wants to deal with us?"
Xu Rui several people glances also secretly god knowledge exchange.