Lu Chen felt that he was frightened by himself, and there was really nothing loyal to him, or there was no guarantee that someone else would do it, and he would not be able to do it if he squeezed it dry early.
It’s been four months since he came to this universe, but he hasn’t gone out yet, which makes Lu Chen a little anxious
What is it? Because he has high fighting power and smart mind, but the two of them are the last to rush to the multiverse!
Painting pear clothes was picked up by a senior from Mian two months ago.
It is said that after seeing the painting of pear clothes, the senior said that only those who have a good fortune can learn the forbidden art.
Well, as a result, the students who painted pear clothes went to the real world naturally.
After Lu Chen learned the news, his heart was full of 10 thousand beasts rushing past people, which was really irritating.
After painting pear clothes into the world, there were several fights, either beating those "cute little Warcraft" or meeting the strong one or throwing an elf ball, and it was over.
Later, the kingdom of the holy spirit was served as a guest, and it was not long before it was picked up.
Yu Xia Mi also successfully rolled up an army of undead belonging to her, captured that universe, banned the ghost gods, and successfully played a multi-dimensional channel through the core of the universe and the introduction.
Just as Chu Hangli’s fourth natural disaster system greatly enhanced its strength, Lu Chen was worried about how to go out. On this day, a large number of stars went out in the wilderness of the universe.
And God abandoned the land, and a huge hole appeared in the eastern sky, which collapsed and shattered the distortion of the universe
On the fact that people who abandoned the land can see this strange scene, because the hole can be seen everywhere, and the distance is like a twisted point of the whole universe.
Lu Chen took the regicide to heaven and made the rioters … even more riotous.
He frowned at the hole in front of him. "I see …"
This is an accidental event that only happens when one side of the universe is running for a long time, that is, the collision of the multiverse.
The collision of the universe is divided into several stages, from infiltration to collision. If all conditions are met, it may eventually merge.
Lu Chen remembered that what he learned in the world background introduction may mean that the pan-universe of old gods is colliding with a certain universe at this time.
Old gods Pan Universe must have encountered such a thing many times in history, but in the end it was old gods Pan Universe that swallowed up his universe.
This time it looks a little unusual. On this side, the universe seems to have encountered something even more malicious.
The magnificent chanting sounded with many different images appearing through the huge hole.
People in this world can see those gray and lonely temples with pale faces and strange scriptures in their mouths.
The power of the scripture comes through the intersection of the universe. Some people are crazy and some people are dead. This is an annihilation frenzy that sweeps across the universe.
That is to say, many residents of this side of the universe endure the rule of ancient gods all the year round, and their mental resistance is full, otherwise the rapid change will make half of this side of the universe die.
Lu Chen reacted quickly and was about to make a move when he suddenly found that the universe star was dim.
From far away to near, countless stars went out, like something crossed the Milky Way and blew out the candles.
There is a little pregnancy in the darkness. Zhen Hong has thousands of tentacles floating in the darkness. Listening carefully is the cry of all beings
When this dark and indescribable monster came, God abandoned the ground and it was completely dark. When he came to the original holy mountain, Krasnier shivered and narrowed his body. The old Oracle exclaimed, "It’s him!"
Lu Chen frowned and looked back at Krasnier. "Who?"
"I remember that was the last time I ever saw it!"
Clasnier was a little excited to face the indescribable darkness. He was afraid to retreat and adjusted his position until Lu Chen was right behind him.
He seems to be a little crazy and hoarse. "It’s him … it’s him who made us like this!"
He seems to laugh and cry. A large number of pink spores are sprayed on an old god. He is crazy.
Just then, the dark and crimson eyes leaned out with a tentacle open and rushed to Krasnier with the breath of madness and despair.
It was dark and dark, and the collision left a long knife mark. A tentacle was cut off and failed to fall to the ground, so it was smashed by the shape of a knife.
Lu Chen looked coldly at this indescribable end with a regicide in his hand. "Now he belongs to me."
The huge Xinghai fleet over there in Xinghai Kingdom rose and joined with the colossus to launch Chuhang. Looking at this scene, Lu Chenyin said, "Brother Liu, this should mean that the creator and destroyer of natural disasters in old gods, old gods, pan-universe, started the world nuclear otherness."
Lu Chen regicide to sheath "I know"
He was not in a hurry to make a move, because the huge hole spread from the back of the hole, and a man in a red robe came along with decaying wooden coffins.
The man’s long hair is as dry as grass, his body is thin, his nails are very long, and his clothes smell old, but he has no face!
The strange smell invaded old gods’s pan-universe, and the smell of natural disasters also spread to the other world
Whispering strange will, both sides of the collision in front of the cave moved at the same time!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-six The representative of the world will
Krasnier looked at this scene and was so scared that he ran out of the territory, far away.
After all, the origin of the other party’s present body may still be this so-called final natural disaster. If a conflict really breaks out, Crassus nilgen is not a fighting force.
God abandoned the land, people looked at the huge hole in the sky, the world connected with the universe, and the universe collided, and sparks broke out in different languages and bodies.
But mortals are always in no mood to watch the battle. They can tremble and kneel. There are too many people who eventually faint in front of strangeness. Even with the blessing of Lu Chen’s soul, there are always people who will look up to the sky and look directly at those who scare themselves to death.
A huge hole bursts with a large number of cracks from the edge of the circle, and the cracks continue to the pan-universe of old gods and the universe to which the mysterious fairy belongs at the same time, which is the instability of the universe caused by the impact of both forces.
Lu Chen calmly looked at this scene. He was the closest to the battlefield, and he was quite surprised by the eye scene. Because of this so-called final natural disaster, he ignored himself and didn’t do anything to the abandoned people. He went directly to fight the mysterious fairy in another world.
Strange withered and defeated forces infiltrated, and that crazy and desperate atmosphere impacted together, which meant that there was no tie.
I don’t know when there is a golden shadow floating around Lu Chen. Xiao Jinlong, Lu Chen’s foot, came out and looked at the two figures in the huge hole with curiosity in his eyes.
"Is that … a dragon?"
Some abandoned strong people looked up to the sky and were shocked to find that Lu Chen’s feet had a golden dragon.
There is also a dragon in this world, but many people think that it is a creature imagined by the eastern humanities in the early days, but it is not real
But today they saw with their own eyes a real dragon standing in nine days, so majestic that SHEN WOO and Rowen are mighty.
Liu Chen noted that there was no intention to start this battle for the time being, because he found that the natural disasters and mysterious fairy battles between the two universes actually meant to merge and devour each other.
One of his specialities is that if he promotes the integration of the multiverse, he can get a stay time.