Feng Zichen is coming.
Everything has changed.
The world tree has passed the most dangerous stage and has grown to the point where it is half a step mixed. There are not many things that can destroy it in the flood.
When he grows to the mixed level, he can barely support the flood, and then Feng Zichen will be initially completed.
Outside the ghost gate, the nine mysterious spirits jumped at the wind Zichen, forcing him to retreat several steps until he was far away from the underworld and agitated for nine mysterious spirits.
"It seems that as long as The six great divisions in the wheel of karma disk has not evolved and completed this underworld, no outsiders can enter it."
Just now, Feng Zichen wanted to get a glimpse of the underworld with her future status as the master of the underworld.
But who knows that he is just approaching the ghost gate on the first day and will have to move in the future? The nine spirits around the wandering underworld suddenly came into being, but they shot at him like huge waves.
It’s the wind that drives people to freeze their souls. Now Zichen’s realm is facing such a cold and not only gives birth to a sense of danger.
Afraid to meet him hard, he quickly hid away.
This chill is not as powerful as a saint’s attack. It should be driven by the source of the underworld.
Samsara gave birth to a guardian in the underworld, and when he approached the underworld, he would be attacked by the underworld
According to Feng Zichen’s calculation, if he were not the future Lord of the underworld, this blow would have killed him instead of pushing him back.
It’s too important
Never be disturbed.
I can’t go out of the underworld.
Even Feng Zichen, the Lord of the underworld, stepped into the underworld at this time.
However, he is still different from others. At least he will be expelled rather than attacked when he approaches the underworld.
"Go to the world tree!"
Staring at the underworld for a while, the wind zichen suddenly moved in her heart and called out the world tree.
The underworld is unwilling not to go in and see him today.
Not to say that the underworld breeds many treasures is to observe The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s derivation at close range, which is also a great accident, which is of great help to him in understanding the reincarnation.
Chapter three hundred and sixty Death arrival
This underworld
If he can get in
It’s better to go there
Because the present reincarnation is not perfect, all the mysteries will be revealed in the process of his birth, and the deduction will be close to perfection.
And when the reincarnation is finished and born, his power will converge, and outsiders except the master will feel his power and can no longer perceive his truth.
So this time is the best time for Feng Zichen to understand reincarnation. If she misses it, she will definitely regret her life.
Whether he can enter the underworld or not, he will try not to regret it.
It is Feng Zichen who can’t enter the underworld, but that doesn’t mean he has no other way.
The world tree is that way he thought of it.
The top spirit root of the world symbiosis is connected with the world, and it is the world tree that can enter the world at will, depending on all boundaries and obstacles.
This is the world tree!
If it is not so powerful, how can it be called chaotic spirit root?
Of course, the world tree is magical and the underworld is not weak.
Nowadays, the world tree is far from perfect, and facing the powerful underworld may not break its defense.
But how do you know until you try?
Become a big accident
There is nothing to lose if you fail.
Anyway, everything will be fine. Why not give it a try?
The world tree came out of chaos bead and stood upright beside Feng Zichen.