Huangfuyi was shocked, tense and motionless. She kissed eagerly and he didn’t respond.
After a while, Liancheng stopped this impulsive but affectionate kiss.
She lifted her hands and wiped his face gently. She smiled tearfully. "Fool! Big fool! You don’t want to say why I don’t force you, I don’t force you … "She stepped back and smiled." Huangfuyi I love you, I love you! Did you hear that? I love you! I won’t force you to do what you want. You ignore me and I don’t want to tell you that I love you and I love you! " She will find out for herself why he can’t say it. She will face it with him and help him solve the tears on his face. She smiled softly and said, "Don’t worry about me. I will take care of myself. I won’t let anything happen to myself. I have to wait to be your bride!" With that, she stood on tiptoe, kissed Huangfuyi’s cold lips, smiled and turned towards the courtyard door.
He must have said something to her, or she wouldn’t have suddenly stopped and ran to him and then jumped into his arms, kissing him like that and saying such words, especially the sentence’ I love you’, which suddenly stung him. He knew that she liked that blue dress and knew her mind, but she could hear those three words. Hearing her say those three words to that blue dress still stung him. He was full of acidity and he had a wry smile. Lu Suiyun flashed a dull pain in his eyes.
Both Bo and Lihan’s eyes were red. They were moved. They were deeply moved by Liancheng’s speech.
Liancheng nodded politely when passing by them.
"Two …" Lian Jin’s eyes were dripping with tears. When she looked at her, her mouth almost moved. When she realized this, she was busy changing to "you … you …" What did you say? What is she going to say to the second sister? And what can she say?
Liancheng looked at her and smiled, followed by flying instantaneous disappeared.
"You should tell him why," said Lu Suiyun with a sigh. "She must feel bad in her heart, but what she said was to understand you, understand you and understand your difficulties!"
"I’m not you"
Hold down his heart HuangFuYi endured the biting pain light said a sentence.
Lu Suiyun added, "You are not me and I am not you, but you should know that she has the ability to face everything with you. You don’t need her to be proud to protect her. You are much whiter than me, but she threw away her pride and said those three words in front of you to prove her heart for you."
Huangfuyi pursed her lips and said nothing.
"It’s not easy for people like us to meet true love in their lives, and you should cherish her and not let her shed a tear when you get to know her before I am lucky!"
Sighed again, Lu Suiyun took a deep look at Huangfuyi, "Think about what I said."
With a gentle stamp of his feet, he will be on the trail.
A big mouth of blood gushed out Huangfuyi and waved it, then he went to the ground and left the culvert, flying by his side at the same time.
"Your Majesty!"
They reached out to help each other but were rejected by Huangfuyi.
He slowly steadied himself and walked towards the main room with lights on.
Bo and Li Han don’t trust to follow behind them.
"Go to rest, I’m fine!" Back to the door HuangFuYi dumb and tired sound out.
"From culvert glances should not also didn’t leave.
"I’m so happy to hear you say’ I love you’, but after I’m happy, it’s my heartache, not the pain caused by the blood curse, but the pain caused by not being able to respond greatly to your embrace in your arms …" By the door, Huangfuyi clenched his fist and covered his lips, smiling at him. Yes, he laughed so hard that tears came out of his eyes for the first time in his life. He didn’t cry after experiencing such a tragic thing as childhood, but today he just saw tears in her eyes, but he smiled at his lips and landed a drop of tears. At that moment, his What should I do with you? Blood curse I have been cursed with blood curse. This blood curse will drive me crazy and make me hurt you involuntarily! "
Turn around and hit the door with one punch!
"Liancheng, I can solve the blood curse. I will marry you, but my eyes can …"
People walk slowly in the street.
His heart is bitter and his mouth is overflowing with blood. How can there be blood coming out of his mouth when he is not sick?
There are some ancient medical books left by Luo Gong, including ancient methods of poison and witchcraft.
If the blood spilled from his mouth was caused by poison, then he should have symptoms on the day he ate Binglingguo, and the poison should have been eliminated.
Witchcraft? Has he been bewitched? Has someone bewitched him through strange and mysterious methods?
Is that so?
Is that his black hand behind the scenes? If he was so bright, he would have been enchanted long ago.
"Liancheng!" Lu fell into Liancheng with Yunling, and the gentle voice raised beside him. "Prince Yi should have difficulties. Don’t be sad!"
Liancheng stopped to look away, shook his head and smiled lightly. "I know he has difficulties." After a slight pause, she continued, "I was sad for a moment, but when I knew that his mind had not changed for me, I was relieved and deeply moved by his love. He was afraid of hurting me and protecting me, so he didn’t tell me why. I don’t blame him. I will try to find out the reason from a side way and help him solve it together."
"That’s good!" Lu with cloud pressure in the mind sour said with a smile.
"Liu Dage you know? When I was sad for a moment, I felt that my dream of happiness and sweetness was shattered, and it was very likely that it would become a reality. The two of them walked forward side by side and whispered together. It was he who provoked me first, and he walked into my heart step by step and suddenly let me know that everything was false. Even if I tried again, it wouldn’t change anything. But I couldn’t bear to part with it. It was futile to try to hold on to it … "Speaking of this, her lips flashed with a smile." Well, he told me in a flash and let me know that I didn’t love.
"Look out!" Before her words were finished, she suddenly left the ground and was caught by Lu Suiyun. Suddenly, a flash passed her with an arrow, and then more than a dozen assassins in black with masks surrounded them completely.
"Who are you?" Lu Suiyun put his eyes firmly and his eyes were as cold as a sword, and his whole body was murderous and overflowing.
However, those black assassins who surrounded him with Liancheng in masks and strength didn’t talk, but attacked him directly with a piercing cold light sword.
Judging from the imposing manner of these black assassins, they are by no means ordinary people.
"Brother Lu, I’m sorry. It seems that I will tie you up tonight!" Liancheng Chaolu Suiyun smiled apologetically, and soon the power of Zijin Suo suddenly came out from her sleeve like an angry dragon at sea.