Fang Yi, the true spirit of the horse monkey clan, could not help but burst into a roar as soon as he could not bear to smell the speech.
"If the two Monkey Kings don’t make moves, we will avenge Brother Ma Xuan’s death by spitting his flesh and drinking his blood!"
"A foreigner dares to run to the blood ape world to kill my people and tear him up for me!"
Tens of millions of horse monkeys are rushing towards the platform, and the smoke is rolling.
There are hundreds of horse monkeys whose true spirits are running, their qi and blood are ferocious, their eyes are shining and they are killing Su Mo and Monkey!
In an instant, the mountains shake and the clouds change color!
A group of blood apes saw this scene and secretly stunned their faces.
So many horse monkeys have embraced each other and don’t even release the magical secret method. It is enough to tear Sumo and the monkey to pieces with brute force alone!
The monkey covered his chest and wound with a long stick. Su Mo leaned back and looked at the overwhelming figure around him. His face grinned with fear. "Brother, we can fight side by side again!"
At this moment, many pictures of the Cang Lang Mountains flashed through the monkey’s mind
At that time, it was also the two of them who fought side by side and exhausted Cang Lang’s bloody battle, supporting each other and surviving.
The only difference is that this time … they can’t escape.
Su Mo doesn’t know what the monkey thinks.
He looked at the murderous swarms around him, and many horse monkeys shook their heads slightly and smiled. "A group of true spirits also want to kill me?"
What strong men did he fight against in Fengtianjie?
There are three thousand strongest true spirits in the battlefield of evil spirits, plus ten sins!
Those terrible wars were all killed by Su Mo, and the number of casualties was lost.
Today, these hundreds of horse monkeys have no real spirits at all.
Add some ground, land, land, Tianyuan, and the horse monkey root can’t get into his eyes!
"You know nothing about my strength …"
Su Mo’s mouth whispered a calm look, prompting Yuan Shen to raise his hand against the void and said lightly, "The six great divisions in the wheel of karma!"
A huge abyss vortex emerged at the point where the voice did not fall, and quickly spread around and filled the whole world!
The sky is spinning and the time is chaotic!
Blood supernatural powers and secret magic weapons were forcibly dragged into reincarnation.
Even the many horsemonkeys who rushed in struggled and roared and were swallowed up by the vortex abyss.
No matter whether it is the true spirit in the period of heaven and man or the true spirit in the period of emptiness, it can’t stop this reincarnation force!
When Su Mo released The six great divisions in the wheel of karma in the evil battlefield, even Xia Yin, the first true spirit at that time, could not resist it.
Now Su Mo’s practice has reached the peak of the empty period, and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s power is more powerful. Once upon a time, this group of horse monkeys rushed like moths to a flame …
There is blood in the place, and the ape family is dumbfounded. Looking at this scene, they are scared and stupid, and their minds are white.
This kind of power is released under the control of the true spirit and the strong?
Tens of millions of horse monkeys rushed to let alone tear up the blue monk. They didn’t even touch his blue skirt!
Large tracts of horse monkeys were swallowed up by The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and buried.
This scene is too horrible!
Even the king of skyshatter apes and several other kings of the blood ape family saw their eyes jump straight and their muscles twitched uncontrollably.
Even if they make moves, they may not be able to cause such terrible lethality!
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven Pick sword burial
Since the blood ape robbery, the blood ape world has been weakened, and it has long since gone.
The betrayal of the horse and monkey makes the situation of the blood ape world worse.
Over the years, the blood monkey was finally suppressed because of too much scruples to kill a horse monkey even if it was a battle platform.
Now Su Mo, an outsider, kills the horse monkey with a true spirit, but the magical power released is like a sickle of death harvesting the horse monkey’s life.
This is not a two-person death, but a large-scale fall!
Many blood apes are horrified, but I feel unspeakable in my heart!
"Good kill!"
"These wimps should have killed them a long time ago!"
Many blood apes look excited and drink a little.
Many blood apes seem that Su Mo belongs to outsiders, even if the horse monkey wants revenge, he can’t be angry with them.
Sky-breaking ape king looks worried.