Road flyover burning lamps wants to rescue this tunnel when it is not good.
But those six people managed to force them to explain the twelve golden immortals, and will they let him save people easily?
As a result, the six-person attack on the road flyover was about to become fierce, which forced the road flyover to give up saving lives and turn to defense regardless of the momentum.
Knowing that the opportunity is rare, the heavenly soldiers will immediately play an extremely spirit to force Twelve Jinxian to take them when his intention is shortest.
The first world war became more and more urgent, as if the whole heaven had fallen into the battlefield
What about Yaochi?
At present, the only avatar in heaven has never appeared since the war, as if he could not finish it.
Unusually weird!
What can’t Yaochi do?
Because he’s in big trouble!
At this time, the queen of Yaochi, the queen of Yaochi, is being blocked at the door.
It was a generate who wore a robe and had a long kind eye and a worn-out duster. He was so quiet outside Yaochi, and there was no breath in his whole body.
But that’s it. Yaochi seems to be nervous. Look at the road flyover in front of him and dare not move.
You know, Yaochi’s strength has also made great progress since he returned from the robbery with Heaven Science.
Although it is not as exaggerated as Heaven of Science, it has directly entered the realm of mixed elements, but it is also a top avatar who has entered the realm of quasi-Saint dzogchen.
But it is such a strength that Yaochi looks like a mortal in front of him, but he shows an expression of defeat, so it can be seen that the Taoist priest is strong.
Absolute half-step mixing level will be even stronger.
"Where do Taoist friends come from and want to?" Silent for a long time yaochi asked
Where did this master come from? Judging from his clothes, he was obviously from the Xuanmen, but he didn’t recognize the origin of this man after thinking for a long time, so he couldn’t help but feel surprised.
It is enough to know that there is no Yaochi in the Xuanmen who doesn’t know him, so that he can’t recognize him, which means that this person is mysterious.
In the past, when three thousand mortals went to Zixiao Palace to listen to the sermon, they were outside the gate of Haotian Yaochi. Therefore, if anyone wants to enter Zixiao Palace, it is necessary for Haotian Yaochi to meet each other.
Therefore, the two of them remembered all the 3,000 mortals.
So Yaochi can be sure that there is no such person in the Xuanmen.
"Being poor and original has come from the west, and it’s a cause and effect to come here today."
The Taoist priest smiled and answered.
I heard that the pupil of Yaochi has shrunk, and I know that things are good today.
All over the west, there are two great magical powers, and the Taoist priest is named Pu, so his origin is already obvious.
Is the quasi-saint or his good corpse
"Do Buddhists and Buddhists want to have consequences?"
Take a deep breath, Yaochi asked cautiously, and he was ready to fight.
What cause and effect can the quasi-Taoist come here?
It was not the three emperors of heaven who flattened the western holy land, Mount Sumi!
No one can swallow this tone when the mountain gate is destroyed and the foundation is shattered. It is normal for a saint to come and retaliate against heaven.