However, a sudden flash of white light startled those who were used to the dark snakes, insects, rats and ants, and they fled with a swish, and several figures appeared after the white light.
This is naturally from Zhongzhou, and several people from Zi Xuan, the fox family, Zi Xuan immediately covered her nose when she came to this place, because this place is not ventilated all the year round, and the taste is really not so good.
Of course, it’s not just Zi Xuan fox family. Several people’s faces are similar.
"How do we get out?" Zi Xuan covered her nose and smelled it because there was no exit.
Fox family all leng one and then with Zi Xuan came to a cave size but half a meter and said "this is the exit".
"export? !” Zi Xuan squatted down and exaggerated his hand and said, "Can you show me one so big?"
The fox clan smiled awkwardly and then said to several fox clansmen behind him, "We’re going out." After that, it was a flash of light and then it became a fox. It was easy to drill out from that small cave and the rest of the fox clansmen also became foxes.
This Zi Xuan was blindsided. She really didn’t expect that there was such a trick, but they could turn into foxes. But she couldn’t help it. The fox who was the first to go out put his head back and said, "Miss Xuan, why don’t you stay here and wait for us to come back?"
By what he said, Zi Xuan reacted instead. She snorted and said, "Just this can’t stop Miss." Then she picked up a method and the yellow light flashed, and then she fled to the ground.
This is naturally Zi Xuan’s own understanding of soil evasion because Zi Xuan once had a piece of ancient jade. This soil evasion is not a great thing for Zi Xuan. After a few seconds, Zi Xuan came to the outside of the mountain.
But those foxes didn’t change back to human form, but kept the fox form. Zi Xuan asked strangely, "Why are you still like this?"
The fox clan said, "This fox mountain has been occupied by the witch clan. If we keep this form, we will hide it. Miss Xuan, you’d better wait here for us to come back. Otherwise, if you meet any danger, we can’t explain it."
Zi Xuan came to refuse, but suddenly he thought about it and nodded and agreed. "Ok, I’ll wait for you here, but you have to hurry."
The first fox clan is also one leng. His original Zi Xuan will definitely not allow it.
"You won’t come quietly. If so, you’d better come with us." Because Zi Xuan promised too readily, it caused the fox people to be suspicious
Zi Xuan was a little angry and said, "You said to let me wait here first, but you didn’t believe me. What exactly do you want?"
"No, no, no,no. Miss Xuan misunderstood me. I mean, you can go and stay if you want. That’s what I mean." Seeing Zi Xuan angry, the fox people were a little flustered. He didn’t forget that Zi Xuan had just threatened.
"Okay, okay, don’t explain. You go quickly. I’ll wait for you here. Hurry up and don’t make me wait too long." Zi Xuan became very understanding at this moment and was not angry with what happened just now
And that fox tribe never dared to be repetitive when I saw this, and quickly took a few people away. After a few people disappeared, Zi Xuan got up from the ground, patted the dirt and then smiled and went in the other direction.
Zi Xuan’s coming here this time is not true. It’s so dangerous to find Hu Xianer. She’s not prepared to put her life in it. She came here to escape from Zhongzhou because she has to leave Zhongzhou. She has the opportunity to return to the southwest to cultivate immortality and then find Meng Qi.
However, I don’t know anything about the cultivation of immortals in the northeast. Zi Xuan doesn’t know that I should go that way to find the route to the cultivation of immortals in the southwest, but she knows that those routes must be controlled by the witch people now.
If we want to find the witch tribe, we can go to the southwest to cultivate immortality, but before that, she must know what Meng Qi is like in the witch tribe, otherwise she might be arrested if she runs to the witch tribe so rashly.
However, Zi Xuan actually doesn’t need to worry so much. In fact, the southwest cultivation circle is the same as the other three cultivation circles. There are also a large number of monks surrendering. Although it is not very common for monks then, it is not as scary as she thought.
Zi Xuan was on the alert or cast a hidden spell to turn himself into an ordinary person. This kind of prohibition made Zi Xuan become an ordinary person. There is really no magical power, but now Zi Xuan even has no magical power to deal with thirty or fifty ordinary people.
Zi Xuan found a very prosperous Terran city and went in. The long-lost prosperity did not attract Zi Xuan. She went straight to a temple and then mixed in with those who went to pray.
I came to Zi Xuan because I wanted to get into the Wu clan first, and then I tried to find out the situation of Chu Mengqi, and then I waited for an opportunity to go to the southwest to cultivate immortals. But I didn’t know that as soon as she walked into the temple, there was a strong light in the temple, and the light went straight into the sky as if to penetrate the sky.
Several sacrifices in the temple quickly came out from the inside, and then they saw a female body emitting a terrible holy light. Although it was much weaker than the nine sacred lights, it was much more holy than the high priest
What the hell is going on here?
It’s not only the priests who don’t understand, but even Zi Xuan herself doesn’t understand what happened. She felt that her identity had been discovered at the first time, but the next thing was completely confusing to her.
That piece of ancient jade that has been melted by her body and mind is suddenly a burst of chanting, not to break away from Zi Xuan’s body, but to emit a series of holy light to envelop the whole city.
At this time, what happened to the two priests in vain? There may be such a large-scale holy light. There is a situation where miracles have come. The two priests have bowed down and looked at Zi Xuan respectfully. They don’t know which god has come, but the most likely thing is that another god has been discovered by them.
The holy light shines on the whole city, and all the diseases and pains of people or animals are gone, and all the troubles are gone in a flash. It seems that everyone has arrived in the paradise.
No pain, no sadness.
And this miracle naturally attracted the high priest in the cultivation of immortals in the northeast. This time, three high priests came together. After discovering the holy light, they were all inexplicably surprised. I didn’t expect that the third god finally appeared after looking for it for so long.
However, when they arrived, they felt the holy power all over the sky, but there was not much smile on their faces. One of the high priests said, "This holy power seems strange and not one of the nine gods."
"Yes, but this holy power doesn’t seem hostile. On the contrary, I still feel a sense of closeness, even if it’s not one of the nine gods, our witch tribe is big," said another high priest
Finally, the oldest high priest hesitated for a while and said, "I have seen this kind of holy power before, but it has been too long. I have confirmed that we should go first. If it is really who, it will be God’s help to our witch family."
"Do you know this holy power, ancient high priest?" It is quite unusual to add a big word to the address of the high priest.
The ancient high priest nodded and said, "Let’s go first."
The other two nodded and then went with the ancient high priest. At this time, Gu Yu in Zi Xuan’s body stopped diverging the holy light and returned to calm. She also felt that Gu Yu seemed to be absorbing something in this temple, and there was a strange feeling flooding into her body.
Just when Zi Xuan was at a loss, three old people appeared in front of her.
At this time, Zi Xuan’s face was already covered with a layer of sacred light. The three old men looked at Zi Xuan for a while, and then two of them looked at one of the three old men.
The old man said to Zi Xuan, "This little girl doesn’t know if you can come with us old men 2? We have something to ask you. "
Zi Xuan immediately reacted after listening to the old man’s words. It was just that Gu Yu sent out a light that led to several people. What do they want to do? Zi Xuan was not white, but the three men gave her a feeling of being as deep as the sea. She knew that she didn’t have any resistance ability in front of the three old men, so she was very clever and said "can"
Chapter sixty-nine Three old men
Chapter sixty-nine Three old men
Three high priests took Zi Xuan into the temple and then went to a secret place. Then the ancient high priest asked, "Little girl, can you tell us what you just let out that light?"