His body is broken and gray, but his eyes are particularly bright. Although he looks dull at the moment, just looking at those eyes makes people believe that it must be a pair of Guanghua eyes to turn.
Even fangzhou looked back and glanced at lianze.
It was only a moment when even Ze knew that her sister knew her mind and said, "I think he is very poor."
It was really pitiful. Even Fangzhou took out seven coppers and gave them to him. "Go and buy him two steamed buns!" "
"hey!" Even ze’s eyes lit up and he grabbed the copper coins and ran out with surprise and joy.
The third aunt told him to get a fright. She looked at him and saw that he bought steamed bread for the man. She couldn’t help but "tut" and said with disgust, "You two brothers and sisters really can’t live! This has nothing to do with flowers. What do you care? Is this money so easy to earn? It doesn’t hurt to spend it! "
Lian Fangzhou smiled faintly. "It’s just a few coppers. I think that man is really hungry. Let’s accumulate virtue!"
Three gu still whisper, "so many people go to the tube so much? Who cares if you have no food to eat one day … "
Even fangzhou ignored her and bowed her head and continued to eat noodles.
In a short time, even when Ze came back, his third aunt said a few words to him.
Even Ze ignored her and bowed her head to concentrate on eating noodles.
Third aunt felt interesting and began to eat noodles.
At that time, three people ate well and went out.
Three aunts still don’t forget Zaba Zaba mouth aftertaste is poor and yearning, sighing, "This noodle is really fragrant and delicious. If only I could eat it every day! This life is also worth it! "
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help laughing. Isn’t it just a bowl of noodles that says "this life is worth it"? She doesn’t even believe Fang Zhou. She will be so bad!
Three aunts, but she was laughing at her wishful thinking and gave her a white look and said, "What are you laughing at? I also know that this is impossible. Can’t you talk about it? "
"No, no!" Even Fang Zhou laughed. "I didn’t mean that. I mean, Aunt San, your requirements are too low!"
"Hum, just make fun of me!" Third aunt gave her a white look when she was sarcastic.
The three of them ate and went out of town to go home.
I got up early, went shopping for a long time, and I was full. Just after I left the city, my aunt yawned and fell asleep in the car.
Even Ze was a little sleepy, but he was afraid that even Fangzhou was sleepy, so he cheered up and talked to even Fangzhou.
Sister and brother don’t have much sound in their ears. Without the noise of their three aunts, both of them are in a brisk mood for no reason
Lian Fangzhou suddenly laughed. "I forgot to ask the price of charcoal today. If it is cheap, I should buy some now, but it will be expensive when it gets cold!"
"Forget it, sister." Lian Ze was surprised to hear her say that and laughed. "Where are we so rich? Roast firewood in winter, and you can afford charcoal! That’s what rich people can afford! Let’s pick some mushrooms some day, and save more money to eat and wear warm clothes in winter. "
Compared with unrealistic charcoal, Lian Ze is more interested in picking mushrooms, especially listening to Lian Fangzhou saying that when it really gets cold, there will be no mushrooms to be picked. He is more anxious and motivated.
Even Fang Zhou ignored him and asked in surprise, "charcoal is too expensive!" "
"Yes!" Lian Ze said, "Few people know how to burn charcoal. How can it be inexpensive?"
Even Fang Zhou’s heart is moving. If this is also a lucrative business, we can try it. Of course, she and Lian Ze can’t. We have to find someone to partner. Well, of course, Li Shu’s aunt Zhang’s house is the most suitable …
I have made up my mind in my heart, and even Fangzhou suddenly feels hot. I plan to consult with Li Shu and Zhang Auntie these two days.
The two brothers and sisters were talking while driving the donkey cart. Even Fangzhou looked up and saw that five or six young men who were fooling around in front stopped the way, and pairs of thieves and rascals were smiling at them.
Even Fang Zhou’ s heart slammed the reins and stared at them unblinkingly.
Her anxious eyes glanced around, and this area was very remote, with green hills on both sides and half a person’s smoke …
At this moment, her heart suddenly felt a little desperate. How could she touch such a thing?
"You, who are you!" Even Ze saw their face change and exclaimed.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Those ruffians suddenly laughed more than frivolous.
A man hooked his finger behind him and said proudly, "Leave all the money for things, donkey carts and you three to fuck off!" "
"No way!" Even without thinking, Ze said that this donkey is borrowed, and it is hard to make money to buy it. How can it be left?
"Hum!" The man sneered at the root and ignored Lian Ze, a small child, Lian Fangzhou and Lian Xiaoman.
Even Fang Zhou secretly complained that she never thought how these people stared at them! How much money can they have?
She didn’t know that she went to the drugstore to sell Ganoderma lucidum and got twelve taels of silver, which fell into the eyes of these people and she has been following them ever since.
Twelve taels of silver plus donkeys, donkey carts and selling mushrooms made them tempted.
Street people come and go. Although there are many rich people, it depends on each other’s situation if they want to get their hands.
Lian Fangzhou’s three suspects are the perfect target.
"The yes don’t have time to repetitive with you! Since you don’t eat a toast, you’ll have to eat a fine wine! Brothers, throw these three people to me! " Leading the man laughed again
What the hell is this road? It’s still troublesome in case you touch someone.
He said it lightly as if it were the easiest thing to do.
A few new gangsters laughed and promised to smile happily coming towards the brother and sister.
At this time, the third aunt still slept soundly in the back and snored slightly, even Fang Zhou heard it in distress situation.
"Elder sister to do! What shall we do! " Even ze’s fist was shaking slightly, and the veins stood out on the back of his hand.
He has never hated himself so much as at the moment.
Even Fang Zhou bit his lip and his heart jumped with nervousness.
What should we do? What can I do!
It seems that there is only one way to break the wealth and eliminate disasters.
"Give it to them!" Even Fang Zhou was extremely distressed and angry when she said this!
Their brother and sister have worked so hard for so many days, and the fruits of their labor have accumulated little by little to enrich their happiness and hope.
How hateful she is!
"no! I-"