"Pay the captain, he is still the one who gave me the order." Yan Dong’s eyes were blazing.
"Huh?" Fu Pengcheng sneered, "That’s even more important."
As soon as the police left, the people dispersed cleanly, and even the coffin at the door was carried away quickly. Song Shifeng felt that he had come to make a super soy sauce without saying a few words, and he was completely confused by one change after another.
That’s it? Got it? Why do you feel that your place doesn’t seem too big?
Isn’t that guy also went to Yan Dong’s place to make an order? Let people sabotage it again? Is this implicated by him? It’s too … Song Shifeng didn’t know how to shape it, but he was so angry.
You mess with me. Who am I supposed to mess with? But what did you do with Yan Dong? Did this honest boss recruit you?
"Shit!" Song Shifeng fidgety in situ turned a circle "they get you! They actually got you! " The more I think about it, the angrier I think about it, the angrier I get. I can’t help but beat someone from the police car.
"Good good it’s okay" Yan Dong put people into his arms a pat on the back "isn’t this unfinished delivery? I didn’t suffer. "
"It’s too late to wait for the loss!" Song Shifeng hammered him, "No, it’s not over!"
"Er, boss, why don’t we go back and talk about it …" Seeing a scene and forcing employees to pay attention to their own boss at the moment just feels that this image seems a bit wrong …
Song Shifeng Song Shifeng is crazy!
You can’t do it with me, let alone Yan Dong!
"Don’t worry, people. If you catch a pawn, you can let the ghost run away." Yan Dong continued to comfort in a gentle tone, but the storm at the bottom of his eyes has turned into a bottom vortex, and it seems that the horse is about to sweep everything.
They want to completely destroy Song Shifeng. They … Damn it!
"But they touch you! They … "
"They moved, and you still want to put you in jail and ruin you." Yan Dong became more angry and calmer. "That is, a group of murderers should eat guns. How can they run amok in our country?"
"yes! Drive them out! " Song Shifeng made a determined effort. "No, we should arrest them all and eat guns!"
"Are you going to catch it?"
"I … I’m not a policeman!"
"Then leave the matter to the public security. Even a bad man can’t run away." Yan Dong looked at him. "They want to rob you of business with your magazine, and you can’t do it as they want, so that they can’t sell any of it. This is your best revenge!"
The reason seems to be this reason, but Song Shifeng was wronged. If he didn’t let him out of this evil spirit, he could suffocate himself.
Then he carefully looked at the black material that Ping Yue checked a while ago, picked and printed a number of folding pages, and directly sent 3,000 copies to each point of sale without waiting for the magazine to be released!
It’s always black for nothing! Later, he wanted to send it to Hong Kong Gua magazine, but now he wants to do it himself!
What "OWA" editor-in-chief peach news changing boyfriends, such as changing clothes, what magazines are unclear, background magazines embezzling and buying other magazines abroad, great achievements can be regarded as lace to make everyone interested, and the most deadly thing is some seemingly insignificant news.
It is said that the founder of OWA is a faithful believer of Sun religion. He has repeatedly praised the samurai spirit of Sakura Shrine in public and made friends with the president of a dragon club in Sakura.
I heard that the editor-in-chief of OWA Bend Province Branch is particularly optimistic about the independence of Bend Province, and has repeatedly claimed that there have been funding banks in Bend Independent Area.
I heard that the mainland editor-in-chief of OWA is the adopted daughter of a godfather of a certain party. She once claimed that her boyfriend is the FBA of the United States. Is she secretly exploring our intelligence?
With so much material, he doesn’t believe that OWA can still sit firmly on Mount Tai! Try our broad masses of people!
Besides, NSA comrades have so many questions, aren’t you going to check them out?
No sooner had I sent the things away than Fu Pengcheng got the news that the eagle had confessed.
He was sent by OWA to help the editor-in-chief here. He admitted that he instigated Wu Jiaxing to make trouble with Song Shifeng, but resolutely refused to admit that he killed himself. He said that Wu Jiaxing drank the pond himself, and he entered the pond himself. At most, from ruin, from ruin could not be considered as killing Yan Dong. It was simply that he wanted to make a small fortune and hit Song Shifeng’s companions by the way. He didn’t expect his hands to be so waste, so little things were not done well.
The forensic doctor checked the body again, and there was no difference between the fruit and the alcohol residue, but there were no other traces to define homicide.
At present, there is neither witness nor physical evidence. According to this situation, the most outrageous thing this person has done is to stir up trouble and instigate crimes. In a few days, people will have to be extradited by the American embassy. All they can do is to expel the eagle and his hand from the country. Even OWA magazine can’t finish moving the oil cover, but they have no reason to eat it.
Song Shifeng laughed with anger at the news, but he got a slap in the face and his career was damaged. It’s a good thing that he has a successful cause himself, otherwise he would really be wronged to death!
"I don’t believe that he ran into the pit to drown the eagle without touching his hands at all, and the pit hasn’t reached my chest yet!" He couldn’t help being sarcastic.
"Who all don’t believe but there is no evidence" Fu Pengcheng depressed drank a mouthful of water.
"What about that woman?" Yan Dong suddenly asked, "What about the woman who takes care of Wu Jiaxing? Did you ask? "
"We are also looking for missing". Speaking of which, Fu Pengcheng has a toothache. "That woman’s name is Li Fangfang, and her female ID cards are all fake. She hasn’t been seen since someone had an accident. God knows where she went."
"Slip girl? Still running? " Song Shifeng’s eyes suddenly lit up. "There must be something wrong here!"
"Nonsense all know that there is a problem but people can’t find anything to say" Fu Pengcheng stared his one eye.
"You’re offering a reward," Song Shifeng naturally said.
"What do you think when we are a private workshop? I have never heard of a reward for a repeat offender, but I have never seen a witness being rewarded. How dare you think! "
Song Shifeng not only dared to think about others, but also dared to do it!