"the reason? Ha ha ha! " This general laughed a lot. Does it need a reason to catch someone?
Or … Idle eggs hurt?
"Do we need a reason to arrest someone?"
Liu Yu didn’t smile angrily and asked, "There is no reason why you still ask the old man a wool? Always stop the need for a reason? "
This magical brain circuit has always been very powerful, so powerful that you can make yourself
The so-called land is being slapped in the face and slapped hard.
This general put Liu Yu, a giant Buddha, to fight. Do you want to win?
"Actually, Mr. Wang is not afraid of getting into trouble!"
The general raised his spear. Damn it, this guy is so ashamed. He can’t find logic when he speaks upside down.
Too much is … He’s right.
This is very embarrassing.
"Trouble? This thing is not so good for me. Your Tsing Yi Gate is very hanging? "
What is Liu Yu afraid of dancing in front of a scum brother in the Yuan government?
"It seems that Mr. Wang doesn’t belong to the God General’s Office. No wonder he is so arrogant."
Will lead the spear and go out one step at a time, his face grinning almost full of murderous look.
"It really doesn’t belong"
Liu Yuxiao smiled and pulled out a huge steel knife from somewhere and took a step forward.
"But we never take the trouble to force the government."
The general can’t walk any further with this sentence, but he is holding the spear hand and shaking a little.
Forcing the government?
Damn it!
This old guy is a tyrant?
"hey? It seems that you seem to recall something. "
Liu Yu stroked the big steel knife and looked at each other with a Gherardini face. "Why don’t you keep walking? Come on, hurt each other."
What is another sentence that people don’t understand and hurt each other?
Is it really extreme to force the government? Why is he so unlucky? Will this meet the people who forced the government?
"Are you … are you forcing the government?" The leader is sweating.
For this forced house, there is a lot of noise outside, and everyone inside is talented, which makes people right.
At present, there has been a demigod’s night, and Liu Yu can’t believe that he even met an … old crazy here!
"Isn’t it a surprise? Isn’t it a surprise? If I’m not mistaken, is your Tsing Yi Gate after our young master? "
It’s also a bit tiring to force the government, but Ye Qiu and this medicine are always played by Liu Yu.
Others may not understand what life is like a play, but Liu Yu can see at a glance here that it depends on acting.
The general’s expression turned white as soon as it was delayed. This old madman turned against them. It turned out that the two sides were the opposite enemies.
"Forced house …" Qin Shuang seems to be white.
He just said how he saw the old man’s unique way of speaking and Liu Yu’s resemblance. It turned out that they were all forced people.
I couldn’t help sighing in my heart that forcing the government is really powerful.
Moreover, this old gentleman is so protective of himself, and it turned out that Liu Yu was a self-starter, so that all doubts in his former heart are gone at the moment.
The generals stopped talking, forcing the government to be very powerful.
So young the next night is the strength of demigod, so will this old madman be stronger?
This is not a retreat, it’s not a tone.
"You know what? You’re no match. Let me show you something."
Liu Yu showed the picture of slaying the ice clan that night, and the shocking and bloody scene made the gang not palpitation. The deputy principal of the ice clan died so simply, especially the genius of Bing Yao died without a corpse.
Hoo …
As soon as this picture was released, all the people in Tsing Yi broke into a cold sweat.
It’s terrible.
Anyway, the deputy master of the ice giant triangle is said to have almost stepped into the demigod, but now they are all dead
The spear-wielding general gave birth to a retreat.
Even the ice clan was wiped out by the regiment. They forced it … and it was a seasoned road.
"Two people … put out so many ice masters"
His heart quivered and he seemed to think of something … The ice clan moved crazily this month than the Tsing Yi gate and has officially forced the government to declare war.
Who dies if they don’t die?
"Now want to see? Get out! "
Liu Yu shows off his sharpness and drinks low.
"Wait!" The tomb beast has come out. Get out? Rolling around is too light for them. "I have a good suggestion. You should run from now on. If you can escape from the gate alive, you will win."
Liu Yu looked at these people coldly without talking.
"You …"
The generals are short of breath, and the hand holding the spear is full of veins standing out.
The tomb beast doesn’t like nonsense. The big steel knife split a fierce and violent wind.
The general instigated the secret method and narrowly avoided it, and his original place was cut out of a huge pit by the blade mouth at the moment.
Let’s go!’
The most deadly threat is to be serious. He left the God’s Mansion with his people like a flock of broken sheep.
Almost everyone disappeared in the blink of an eye.
In a few days, there may be explosive news, forcing the government to strike again. First, the group outside the city wiped out the ice clan and the people behind it, and then they fled from the God General’s house in a panic. There was a huge contrast when they went in.
The point is that when they ran, there was a man chasing after them with a steel knife.
Chapter 61 Pack to force small fruit
"It turns out that you two are forcing the government adults to be blind and ignorant, and please forgive the two predecessors."
Qin Shuang wept with joy. I didn’t think that this difficult task was to force the government to save him.
But Liu Yuzun is more embarrassed. After all, forcing the government … He is alone, relying on acting.