I’ve made a decision in my heart to go back to the market, so I’m thinking of my demons and handing it over to him
From this point, we can see that it is the most suitable for demons to spread news and sow discord.
Besides, if you want to find the magic flaw, at the very least, you have to know something about the magic door achievement method to find the improvement method.
In addition to spreading the news, demons should also collect some magic methods to return to the market for research.
And this kind of thing
Guihui is definitely not allowed to come forward.
Otherwise, once those magic masters find the trail of returning to the market, it will be a stop to hunt him down.
The first priority in returning to the market is to keep a low profile.
If you don’t come out of the market, you will feel less.
It was not until he reached the quasi-St. dzogchen realm and barely stood at the peak of the flood that he could walk in the flood, so that he did not have to worry about the pursuit of the magic master
Since it’s not convenient to return to the market, it’s good to let all demons do it.
"Brother, what difficulties have you encountered?"
See the market suddenly frowned yuan Yu some curious asked.
"It’s brother who suddenly thinks that there are many congenital fierce beasts in the market at the moment, and there are more chaotic fiends hidden in the wreckage, which makes him feel a little troublesome."
Shook his head to the market and said with some concern
What the magic door said to Yuan Yu was nothing but trouble.
So I went back to the market and didn’t intend to tell him
Well, it’s not calm to return to the market at this moment, which just gives him a suitable excuse
Just as he said, congenital fierce beasts and chaotic fiends have caused a wave of disaster, and even the return to the market is no exception.
You know, returning to the market is the most suitable environment for the birth of congenital fierce beasts. At this moment, many congenital fierce beasts are gathering in the market.
And there are still many chaotic fiend remains at the bottom of the market.
These are the targets of chaos fiend
Swallowing the wreckage can make the chaotic fiend quickly regain his strength, so they will never let go.
However, there is a great chaos in Haoguihui Market, which is the most important area in the wilderness-Pangu specially left a temple here to suppress Guihui Market.
Chaos fiend wants to get the wreckage back, so they must enter Guihui, but they dare not directly break into Guihui because they are not sure whether Pangu has left a successor.
After a long struggle, the chaotic fiends came up with a way. They gathered a large number of innate fierce beasts and drove them into the market.
On the one hand, retrieve the wreckage for them.
On the other hand, it can also test the cause of Pangu’s staying here.