"Mrs Mu Xue? Who is she? " Ji Gefei is more curious.
"Mrs. Mu Xue is a love concubine of the sovereign. She looks very beautiful and dances very well. In fact, the sovereign has a lot of concubines, but it is estimated that there are many sovereign who can’t remember themselves. Alas, the sovereign is so romantic." Koharu suddenly realized that he had lost his mouth and quickly covered his mouth.
Season song Fei gave a sign for Koharu to sit in her chair gently and meditate for a long time.
Lengche has been in a good mood today, and the unhappiness of being stabbed yesterday has long been forgotten. I don’t know what it is, but it probably flew nine days away like a kite put by a feather. Since when have your emotions been dominated by this little girl? This is not a good sign.
I was thinking of someone telling me, "Please welcome Mrs. Wang Yeji."
"Oh?" Lengche’s heart moved and he almost forgot to marry the new princess who entered the door. He smiled evilly, "Okay, I’ll be there in a minute."
"Qiyueyuan" Ji Gefei Residence
Ji Gefei carefully prepared several exquisite dishes and warmed them. Even the dining table was covered with elegant tablecloths painted with white lilies.
The season song flies in a goose yellow gauze skirt with strings of tassels hanging down. The cage gauze is like a black satin, and a lake blue handkerchief is casually tied behind the head. Without a pair of beautiful eyes, it seems that the lotus is naturally carved.
She has been busy all afternoon, making careful preparations for the arrival of Lengche. Even all the curtain screens of the "Habitat Moon Garden" have been changed to light purple, which Ning Wang likes.
Two babies set the table with thick red candles on their arms
An hour later, Ning Wang Lengche came to the "Qiyue Garden" as promised.
Beauty has seldom refused to invite him.
When Lengche entered the room, he was attracted by a pair of freehand brushwork landscape paintings hanging on the wall. The bridge was covered with water, fog and wild trees, and it seemed that he could hear trees and birds skipping and singing, and the brook gurgled as if he could hear the tinkling handwriting of the spring water, which was delicate and graceful without losing its strength.
While staring at this painting coldly, the song of the season flies and worships, and the sound of the lips is euphemistic. "See the report chitose, my concubine."
Chapter 27 Beauty is the hardest to digest
Lengche lifted Ji Gefei up. "Did you draw the wall painting?"
Season songs fly lightly. "My concubine learned to paint a little rough since she was a child. She usually likes to paint in her spare time to make the prince laugh."
Leng Chuchin smiled and said, "I didn’t expect to be a talented queen again. What a blessing!"
Season song fly see ning Wang praised immediately strike while the iron is hot she poured a glass of wine first "I don’t know whether report like listening to the piano? Concubine, may the prince play a lute. "
Ning Wangshen is a master of melody. He smiled faintly. "Good!"
Ji Ge flew gracefully to the wall, picked a jade pipa from the wall, embroidered the strings, and gently moved a string of clear and beautiful music from the pipa strings like a mountain stream.
Ji Gefei gently leans her head against the pipa, gently slides the strings with her fingertips, and smiles charming. Her flexible fingers caress the pipa strings as if they all have souls. It’s really the large strings hummed like rain, the small strings whispered like a secret and like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade.
Ning Wang Lengche gently put the luminous cup on his lips, sipped a cup of wine and watched the pipa beauty play in front of him with a cool smile.
Singing softly beside the piano season, beautiful songs are sent out from the lips with the wind.
The wind blew the sleeves alone in the west building last night;
A few times in the past, a few times worrying people understand;
You said that you don’t have to send someone to travel far;
Leave me in my dream tonight;
It is said that life is bitter and happy, and it is still the same in the end;
There is no need to force us to meet without separation;
Searching and searching are cold and clear;
I don’t know where to go;
I don’t want to ask more questions about right and wrong;
I want everyone to have my dream.
No more tears …
The song is euphemistic and passionate, and the season song flies fine and delicate. After a sudden slide of the string, the piano song slowly stops lingering as if it were still flowing in the air.
Leng Che got up and gently took Ji Ge’s flying jade hand and said with a smile, "Let me see what other skills you have that surprise me?"
Ji Ge blushes and puts the lute in his arms. "Did you feel tired of listening to the piano for a long time? My concubine specially prepared a few exquisite dishes for you and wanted to ask the monarch to try them."
Lengche nodded. "Did you do it yourself? Or try your craft. "