North Kun emperor looked around and gave a way, "We two, you Danxiao Palace and Heaven will not intervene in this matter for the holidays."
"It’s too small and too sexual. We’re here to keep an eye on him. Don’t let him get hurt."
Said the north Kun emperor pointed to get together with wild people carefree tone cool.
Shi Que Xianwang heard a big frown.
North Kun emperor said it was easy, but there are two emperors in Kunpeng world who are strong or the world leader. Who dares to hurt that Kunpeng young master?
In other words, even if the young master Kun Peng rushes to slap him, he may not dare to fight back!
Why are there so many cruel people coming out of that wild mainland?
Crack a gap again in the middle
Several figures appeared in blond hair and blue eyes.
They are in the heart in a surprised.
There is no strong emperor among these protoss, but there are several first ladies of the God King wearing Wang Guanxian who are protoss goddesses!
How did Dan Xiao Xian Yu disturb the strong protoss?
"A few protoss friends …"
King Shi Quexian took a deep breath and just opened his mouth
A god king over there will interrupt and point to Nianqi and say, "We’ll send her over."
Read march arrival when the wild people say hello.
Another wild mainlander?
Just then, a deep thunder came from the distant sky, and it seemed that there were thousands of troops rushing from far and near!
For a moment, I saw a pole with a standard fluttering in the wind, and the word "wild" was written on it.
The first person is carrying a big gun on his shoulder, and his eyes are like striding meteors. The momentum is terrible!
The wind and the remnant days marched into Danxiao Fairyland with an army of 100,000 barren days.
Because almost all the immortals in Danxiao Fairyland have been transferred to encircle Xiao Ning and the army of night spirit and wild days is advancing like a bamboo!
Behind the remnant wind days, Zhen, Yan Beichen, Ji goblin and other people are followed.
"Brother Feng!"
Lin Zhan saw people excited and shouted.
"Brother Lin is an exquisite friend!"
The wind still laughs.
There are many monks from the wild mainland, but Lin Zhan, Feng Cantian and Linglong Xianwang belong to the same generation of strong men.
The wild mainland belongs to the emperors of ancient times and has a golden age!
And the night spirit brothers, Xiao Ning, Nianqi, Yan Beichen and others all belong to Wudao Changsheng Terran to revive later generations.
The two prosperous times are far apart, but both of them are more brilliant than others, and several figures shine brightly in ancient and modern times.
Some have passed away.
And the wild mainland is alive to these people, two prosperous people and Tianjiao finally get together at this moment!
This is a wonderful feeling.
People of two eras seem to meet across the long river of time.
"That’s our wild Ren Huang, and that’s the one who founded the mysterious Gong Linglong fairy."
Like the tiger, Qingqing, Xiao Ning and others, it is the first time to see Lin Zhan and Linglong Xianwang, and they can’t help but give a sigh.
For them, these strong men used to be their most admired and respected predecessors!
"That’s the Emperor Lei, the God of wrath now!"
"Not the kui is a Ren Huang and LeiHuang with hundreds of troops came to kill such a spirit!"
Lin Zhan, Linglong Xianwang, and Fengcantian are excited to meet again, and their hearts are full of regrets.
Lin Zhan said, "We were the only old friends left in those days, but it’s a pity that the brothers buried at night couldn’t wait until now."
The night of burial is really fairy and windy, and the eyes are dark.
Then he clenched his fist slightly, saying, "Good ink will kill that Yuan Zuo and cut his head and send it to the place where Brother Night was buried, and he will regret his death."
In ancient times, the emperors merged to create a brilliant and prosperous time for the Terran, but today there are only three of them left.
The face of the Stone Que Xianwang over there has become extremely ugly.
The demon kingdom is here!
The strength of Tianhuang Sect is not strong.
However, it is said that the Emperor Wu of the Great Wilderness is the devil who once lived in the magical realm!
For so many years, the demon kingdom has long been ruled by Mundus, but the extinct Mundus has never moved. It is probably for this reason!
King Shi Quexian found that the situation was out of his control.
He came here to kill two people. Who wants to get into such a big trouble?
In addition to the famine in the Warring States and Zixuanxian, there are also wild world, Kunpeng world, sword world and light world abroad …
These are super worlds!
King Shi Quexian once doubted whether these interfaces were going to unite to wage an interface war against heaven!
"There should be some misunderstanding among you."
Seeing a genial smile, the fairy king Shi Que quickly changed his mind and explained, "I didn’t underestimate the two rebellions against Danxiao Palace before the wild mainland."
The tiger laughed when he heard this. "The dog emperor doesn’t know how to die today!" "
"You are my enemies when you hunt them down!"