Human beings have wisdom, but the real so-called lineage inheritance is more noble than others, more powerful but less, and what Shaolin East knows is also true.
It seems that the blue sky has said something when talking to itself. It is said that even strange people benefit three generations at most. It is difficult for three generations of foreign descendants to be better than others and keep losing their blood.
It’s amazing that there is such a strange power in my blood. At this moment, Lin Dongcai feels the advantage. His body is stronger than before, and his strength is running slightly three times faster than before. He feels that his mind is clearer and he is more comfortable with the perception and control of the surrounding forces.
Lin Dong’s understanding of blood and bloodline is also very simple and rare, but it is quite interesting to see that person’s point of view before. The so-called blood and blood is that an elephant child is born bigger than a piglet and develops bigger. It eats at a long speed and its strength is far beyond that of the piglet.
Just like a tiger child and a cat child, this is the difference between blood and blood. There is indeed a noble blood line in this world, but it is rare to see that the so-called nobles are all false and empty, and that they can really bear the strength in their blood lines and let their descendants reach a certain height by virtue of their blood lines. That is called noble blood line, just like a tiger is better than a cat’s blood line, or some monster beasts are better than a tiger’s blood line. If they can also bear the skill blood line, it will be truly powerful.
It is a great benefit for the body to wash its marrow, change its bones, and refine its blood again, but not everyone can bear it. Especially, it needs some heaven and earth power, and the imported heaven and earth power will often kill people directly, which has caused the so-called curse of the Lins.
When I think about this, Lin Dong doesn’t know what to say, but Lin Dong has thought about it. I must go back and ask my grandfather what characters the Lins’ ancestors actually have this kind of blood, and the Lins have been like this for hundreds of years. This kind of blood is strong. It is conceivable that Lin Dong can clearly feel his strength at this moment, but it is only a small part of it.
Later, I need to practice and inspire myself. More importantly, this is only the first floor. It seems that the posterior road is really long.
This time, it took Lin Dong more than three days. At this moment, firepower is the majority of his own strength, and some of them tend to be firepower. This is because his veins are awakened, which is a trigger, and a lot of firepower has actually merged into his veins. For firepower control, it is much less than his strength, and the speed, quantity and degree of control are also much greater during operation.
Because Lin Dong has been able to achieve the great power of entering the body and awakening the blood, Lin Dong has reached the peak of entering the body in one fell swoop, and almost entered the form. The so-called form means that he can refine his own weapon and integrate it into the body.
Like the edge dust that serial gun can be refined into the body and can be remotely controlled at the same time, but Lin Dong is not in a hurry. At this time, his body and strength are stronger than those of the general monkey tangible realm.
Blood awakening The Lins’ root is not a curse, but a powerful force in the blood. Once you break through the realm of Qi Tian and touch something, the blood will awaken. This matter is of great significance to the Lins. You must inform Grandpa as soon as possible.
But what’s more important than this is to relieve my sister’s crisis. Lin Dong easily took out my sister’s body fire, but my sister was injured by fire, but her meridians and some body organs could not be completely restored. This can wait for a while. After all this, Lin Dong quietly refrigerated the outdoor.
"Kiddo, I have succeeded, and my Lins will succeed. I will tell my grandfather this news so that he can consciously cultivate some Lins’ brothers. Soon, our Lins will be even more brilliant, no matter how difficult it is, I will let you come out from here." With these words, Lin Dong waved at Kiddo and went outside.
Chapter DiErSanWu Blood awakening
At this time, the edge of a vast desert has become a sea of blood. There are people fighting everywhere for dozens of miles, and hundreds of people are fighting with them, but there are three or four meters of giant scorpions. These giant scorpions are as small as three meters, and the biggest ones have two tails and are as big as five meters.
The body smells terrible, and most people smell it to death, and the tail poison needle is surprisingly fast, and anyone can wear gold gravel.
When encountering a powerful attack, you can instantly escape into the desert and come out at any time.
In the middle school, Bian Jiang was frowning at the edge by helicopter. This area was the first two accidents he fought for. They were the easiest here, but this time it was unlucky. I didn’t expect so many demons and scorpions to appear.
These demon scorpions and monster beasts have more levels, that is, they are equivalent to seven people, but they can’t hold on to a large number and are highly toxic. Even the strong in Qitian realm dare not be easily contaminated with highly toxic drugs. Those with two tails are demon generals. It seems that there will be some three-tailed demon scorpions occasionally just now.
"What’s the situation?" Bian Jiangchen asked
One hand hurriedly said, "In order to push these demons and scorpions into the desert, we injured two strong people in the Monkey Kingdom, eleven people died, and nine demons and scorpions were injured, and it was more difficult to deal with after entering the desert."
"Notify the Oriental day? Tell him that we have a situation here, and the manpower is scattered. Let him send someone to support at once, otherwise I am not responsible for letting these three-tailed monsters and scorpions enter the town. "Bian Jiang listened to the loss situation and his face was even more gloomy. Before the encirclement and suppression of Lindong, the losses were heavy. Now it is only this area that has lost so many people.
Although it is said that the five reclusive martial arts families have more powerful strength than the rich background and some secrets that others don’t know, this kind of consumption is not something that he, an outsider, can bear.
"If the householder doesn’t round up Lin Dong, it’s estimated that it wouldn’t be so." Suddenly the Oriental auditions sounded.
Bian Jiang is also the realm of Qitian. The strong suddenly looked to the side and saw a shadow appear. When the voice of Dongfang Tian fell, a shadow appeared above their heads. It was the huge body of the red-eyed demon pupil bird, and Dongfang Tian sat by.
There is a table, a tea set and a special birdcage beside the red-eyed monster bird. There are many birdcages hanging on the side of the frame. Sitting on the side of the Oriental Sky, it is as casual, leisurely and more natural than leaving the office.
"Hum" Bian Jiang was said to be slightly unhappy at the uncomfortable place. "Oriental Day, although you are the director of the Secret Service, you can’t manage our family affairs to deal with those people in the demon race and the fix true alliance. We are close to him and don’t care about them."
Even so, he secretly lost his heart when he said this. Just now, his words were heard by Dongfang Tian, but he didn’t feel that the power of Dongfang Tian was so strong.
"The master of the border is so imposing. Do you want me to hand this matter over to the five elders’ meetings? When there are things, you will take care of personal grievances and transfer people out. The losses are heavy. Now you can’t even cope with a group of three-tailed monsters and scorpions. This tells me so." Oriental Tiangen ignored Bian Jiang and said casually, but when he said this, Bian Jiang suddenly dared not say anything.
Stuffy in my heart, but I can also resist looking at the side at last. "Although these three-tailed demon scorpions are not too powerful, they will not be too strong, but they are extremely toxic, especially the female scorpions. If there is enough energy, they will be able to grow into a scale in a month or two. My family has suffered heavy casualties. You are the captain of law enforcement outside the five alliances. You can handle it at your discretion."
"Ha ha ….." Oriental Sky smiled and said, "It’s my business. I will deal with it naturally, but I hope that the householder behind me had better think twice before acting. This three-tailed demon scorpion is quite special. The number of three-tailed demon scorpions is not much more than a dozen. Some people deliberately control it and know that development is just to create chaos, but their disadvantage is that they like desert areas and like to live in groups."
"Let you retire," Oriental Day casually said, waiting for Bian Jiang to make people retreat. Oriental Day added, "The Lins have weapons ten thousand times stronger than this, unless those old monsters in the holy land appear, you can see for yourself."
With the emergence of missile precision strikes in the discourse of Oriental Heaven, many missile precision guidance powerful forces directly bombarded dozens of kilometers around, followed by a large number of incendiary bombs.
"Let’s go out and eat some bugs." Oriental said with a wave of his hand, the birdcage disappeared around him, and five birds flew out. These birdcages were small, lovely and beautiful, and their feathers were brightly colored, but as soon as they got out of the birdcage, the biggest and smallest ones were twenty or thirty meters, and even hundreds of meters, they all rushed into there and burned in flames.
"Bang … bang … bang …" Those birds plunged in and then rushed out, all carrying one or three demon scorpions.
Seeing this scene, Jiangdu was dumbfounded as if he had returned to the holy land. Although these three-tailed monsters and scorpions in China and Japan have the medium-term strength of general demon handsome, they are fierce in toxicity and like to hide. They like to control those sun battles and occasionally make moves. The two strong people in the Qitian realm are injured by their sneak attack, but they didn’t expect it to be so. Just now, the fierce modern weapon attack was followed by such a powerful pet, Bian Jiang, looked up at the red-eyed demon pupil bird.
"Uber" for a while Bian Jiang corners of the mouth out two words.
"Ha ha ….." Oriental Day suddenly laughed. "If the owner wants to see the Uber, he can go to Shajia to see that the blue sky is dying with great power this month. There are not hundreds of demon generals and handsome monsters in his hands. Now he has reached the realm of form."
Bian Jiang was surprised at such a rapid state, and suddenly the sun shone on his eyes and looked again, but there was no sign of the red-eyed demon pupil bird.
When I saw Lin Dong coming out of it, the grass couldn’t help but take a long breath.
"Hehe" Lin Dong laughed. "Why can’t you and I get out?"
Grass is Lin Dong ask one leng also feel a little embarrassed, but she is slightly lower the head to avoid Lin Dong look straight, but her nose is gently "hmm".