After seeing the divine punishment, imperial royal scientists developed a variety of strategies, which should not be pursued by a federal mecha.
But a battlefield with a lar scale, such as that mountain of gods or the battlefield of war scar canyon.
The federal card as big as a killer god punish light will become a large-scale mecha group battle failure.
Empire can take this opportunity to break hundreds of thousands of federal mecha to federal an avalanche failure.
But Ji Xinghe Adakang felt it was worth it.
Champion Hou performance it already knows very well, just as it is very sure that there are four or five hundred mecha at most in the Federal No.5 base.
So it chose a radical war plan like Tu Yuan.
Tu Yuan’s coping strategy is unknown for the time being, but based on his understanding of Tu Yuan, a federal commander, he and his staff team have made similar judgments.
I temporarily gave up the fight to capture Ji Xinghe alive, and Adakang turned his attention to the other side of the fight.
"The man named Tu Yuan should choose Ji Xinghe to carry out the plan of human orbit reduction. Siloni led hundreds of troops all the way and told them to annihilate Ji Xinghe at all costs."
Ada Kang Kou Xi Luo Ni is an imperial earl who commanded 100,000 troops and became the No.5 base war zone No.3 imperial army.
"Federal base No.5 should send less than 300 mecha to bypass our mecha corps Tao Liwei and launch an attack at the target of 150,000 troops. Tell Tao Liwei that if he can stall these federal mecha, even if he has beaten 150,000 troops, I can let him get the title of Marquis."
Tao Liwei was the earl of another empire, commanding 150 thousand troops and becoming the first imperial army in the theater of base 5.
Tu Yuan decided to make a decisive battle plan, which Adakang expected, and made a tactical solution that Tu Yuangen could not solve.
Extreme home change?
This is impossible for the No.5 theater without an empire.
In practical sense, there are two imperial alien families, one is the base of the Mountain of the Gods and the other is the base of the War Mark Canyon.
However, in a strict sense, neither of these two bases can be regarded as an imperial alien home, because neither of them is engaged in production, and almost all the resources of the empire are directly transported from the imperial star through the transition gate.
Their demand for bases is far lower than that of the Federation.
Aidakang dared to pay the price of 250,000 troops and 1,100 mecha for the exact location of No.5 base.
Even before the calculation, another 250,000 troops and more than 500 imperial mecha are being captured alive by Ji Xinghe.
Adacon doesn’t think it’s a loss either.
It’s just a force. It’s just a mecha
The Federation has always known, but is unwilling to believe, the fact that the imperial alien launched a war of aggression against the Federation. Over the past 20 years, the troops invested have occupied 20% of the imperial standing forces.
Captured by Ji Xinghe, Kazeman and Berrossi IV all said this information.
One thousand one hundred imperial mecha have completed the rendezvous. Before they meet, they have determined the location error range of Base 5, which is only two kilometers.
So their marching goal at this stage seems to be very sure, that is, to go straight to base 5.
There is no need to bring regular troops. Their marching speed has risen to 10 kilometers per hour, and their linear distance from the No.5 base is less than 700 kilometers at this time.
Adakang feels hopeful of victory.
The feat of destroying a federal base is also very important to it.
This side of the war is well arranged, and Adakang’s attention has returned to Ji Xinghe.
From the perspective of imperial mecha, the perspective of military equipment, such as the communication support vehicle of imperial mecha, has been completely covered by gray smoke.
Can’t see anything.
Gray smoke has a serious interference effect on communication. When those imperial mecha come back to the smoke, sometimes
Adakang frowned.
What, more than 200 imperial mecha have not been able to bring out the champion Hou together with Ji Xinghe?
"Tell them to watch their heads."
"The federal engine technology has always been ahead of us. If Ji Xinghe is driving that mecha or can resist nuclear weapons, the final fortress has the ability to make Ji Xinghe fly or is similar to the ultra-long-range ejection technology, then Ji Xinghe can escape."
When the target imperial mecha can’t be found in some smoke, sometimes they are withdrawn from the communication, and they are ready to attack the moving target
The order to capture Ji Xinghe alive is still valid. They make all kinds of weapons insufficient and directly cause serious damage to the mecha.
In fact, just now, the fierceness was more than the covering fire attack, and most of them won the championship.