The heavenly kings in the Pure Land of Blissful Blindness were shocked and angry!
Shi Nian comes from the pure land of bliss, Xumi Mountain, but the first Buddhist of this session has just been named Lohan.
Who would have thought that Shi Nian had just won the title of Lohan and was killed by the Wudang field in the magic field the next day!
I am afraid that Buddhism will become the fastest Lohan from ancient times to modern times.
When the heavenly kings return to absolute being, the war has already broken out.
Wu Daozun made two consecutive moves, and the real immortal Tianjiao Genren was one of his enemies.
Jianmu Shenshu is a bright red and bloody river!
We should know that it is the future, foundation and hope of the two realms to build a wooden sacred tree and practice 200 true immortals and arhats.
They are that b of all the major forces.
Seeing that these tianjiao people have successively fallen into the ranks of the major door forces, the fairy king and the heavenly king can no longer sit still!
Anyway, we have to get the doorman out first
If you push the past two hundred Tianjiao Zhenxian like this, I’m afraid there won’t be many!
The peerless fairy kings of both domains can still hold their breath.
It is enough to have an ordinary fairy king come forward for such a thing.
If you want to deal with a real demon, you don’t have to be too arrogant.
Wu Daozun was about to take advantage of the chaos to slay the Moon Sword Fairy in the crowd when three fairy kings and four heavenly kings came to stop him.
The seven strong men in the cave and heaven arrived at the battlefield, sending out huge gods’ knowledge and coercion, and directly locking the body of Wudao Zun!
"Don’t stop the devil! The sea of blood turns back to the shore! Put a butcher knife and become a Buddha! "
A Buddhist heavenly king vomited Sanskrit while lifting a gavel and pounding the wooden fish in his hand, which burst into a touching sound!
He two fairy king strong also leaned out of the palm of your hand toward the martial law to suppress.
In the face of the strong offensive in the cave, budo Zun didn’t retreat into the cold hum, raise my hand and punch two strong palms of the fairy king colliding together!
Seeing this scene, a sense of absurdity and eccentricity rose in the hearts of the group practitioners.
I don’t know if this demon land is crazy or delirious, but I dare to shake it with my bare hands. Isn’t this a death wish?
Bang! Bang!
The two fairy kings shot quickly and retreated even faster!
In a blink of an eye, the two fairy kings were smashed by Wu Daozun with two fists!
With horror, the two fairy kings felt that the collision of Wudao Zun was hard to shake, and they felt an almost devastating and amazing divine power rushing into the body, and the two roots could not withstand it.
Kaka, Kaka!