No one would have thought that even the ground collapsed after the snow wolf was trampled by the chirp beast, but the snow wolf actually walked peacefully from its baseboard and flew to the semi-final perfect landing like the Goddess Chang’e flying to the moon-
All this happened in a flash, and the snow wolf sent a thunder all over his body.
The dazzling light shines from the snow wolf, and the chirp disappears!
"Haw-"This thunder hit the poor Haw beast hard. It was scorched from the outside and tender like a charred monster. Looking at the snow wolf piteously, it seemed to beg for mercy.
The snow wolf jumped nimbly, and the chirping beast went to the air all around. The chirping beast chirped painfully, and its soft belly was like the ground collapsed.
At that time, the snow wolf chirp beast looked at this behemoth from a high position, and there was only contempt in his eyes.
It’s disgusting to let yourself pass through the soles of its feet! If you really want to chop off its feet!
Haw beast was seconds kill-
You can imagine all the shocks.
Haw beast is also a god-order seven-star beast, which is invincible. There are few opponents, but it is definitely a prehistoric case that it was actually killed in seconds.
Xuan ou ruo was dumbfounded directly! !
Snow Wolf’s eyes are full of disdain, silly little seven-star beast, and dare to challenge me.
The snow wolf’s expression simply tugged at the palm of his hand. Where is he back in the Jianghu? Please praise him! Come on!
It’s a pity that everyone is so stupid that they don’t have a palm
There is an amazing magic order in the eyes of the Emperor Junyi. The blue-eyed snow wolf has been sleeping for so long, not only absorbing the blue-ling fruit, but also jumping directly from day order to the magic order! (over the divine order) This is how to pervert the advanced speed-
It’s like someone jumped directly from the green stage to the purple stage. It’s definitely a unique case! !
"Rabbit, you are so strong! !” Ziyun ao’s eyes showed a little surprise. "Before the game, I said that you would make a qualitative leap when you came out again. This leap seems beyond your imagination."
"That’s me, but I’ve even jumped two levels. Now there’s no animal pet to be my opponent." It won’t be long before he might be able to return to his former strength
Ziyun proudly hugged the snow wolf’s neck and rubbed its white hair happily. Just now, she felt in a trance. She didn’t expect the snow wolf to appear!
Huang Junyi, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed. !
Gorgeous Ou Ruo stupidly fell to the ground as if she didn’t know what was going on. Haw beast piteously’ Haw’ called her and finally announced that the winner of the game was Ziyun’s proud voice and louder applause, and she walked slowly towards Haw beast.
Hold it for a long time and I can’t speak.
There is an abandoned one lying quietly beside her.
At the moment, she feels that she is also like a chess discarded by the world, losing her profit and value. Chapter 547 I am more handsome than you!
Ziyun proudly walked towards the platform and passed by Xuanou Ruo.
Xuan ou ruo said, "you won."
Perhaps this failure is a great blow to Xuan Ou-ruo. If she didn’t suddenly break through the level, she might not be able to beat her.
"You are very good," Ziyun proudly said. "I look forward to your even better performance today."
Xuanou Ruo’s eyes sparkled. She looked up at Ziyun Ao and slowly got up. "Today, we will fight it out again."
"I won’t come again" Ziyun Ao didn’t promise her a challenge.
She will take part in the competition of Tian Blade List. It is suspected that she is qualified to enter the Fairy Ghost Valley. Finding the Kirin Stone and hitting the Fairy Tower and seeing the ink prison will make him push the soul of Zi Xuanyuan and the first lady back into the body.
It doesn’t mean anything to her, but she also learned a lot in this competition.
"You dare not accept the challenge!" Xuan ou ruo is not angry
Ziyun proudly turned to leave!
"I will wait for you all the time. Today I will wait for you. I must beat you!"
Ziyun ao didn’t stay in the snow wolf. At this moment, he has resumed his palm-sized jump. Ziyun ao shoulders worship eyes and walks in the palm of his hand.
Yes, she knows that her body has exceeded the energy load.
The first stage of controlling the qi made her feel a little difficult to adapt and parry, and even felt a little groggy. Well, the game didn’t last too long, otherwise she was really worried that she couldn’t control this huge and terrible force well!
She must find a way to adapt to this strength quickly so that she can move freely!
Ziyun proudly took the snow wolf to Bailong and saw his snow-white eyes suddenly lit up.
This is not the first time they met. White Dragon recognized the Snow Wolf at a glance.
"Oh, if it isn’t a blue-eyed snow wolf, why are you obviously so down and out?"