Immediately, Jiuzhong will launch a counterattack against General God who is still persevering in launching an offensive against himself.
However, at this time, there was a spoiler.
Chapter five hundred and fourteen Black-box exercise
"Eldest brother, let me help you!" General Di Gong then flew back from a distance to join the fray. "We worked together to finish this small!" "
"Well, good!" General God laughed when he heard this. "Haha, if this small step breaks the second and third barriers, we will still fight together. This is really an act of God! You and my brother are bound to die today! "
"That’s right!" The general of the earth roared, and the whole body was filled with black gasification and burning, and the black flame was violently culled at Jiuchong. "You just accept your fate today!" Die! !”
General Di Gong’s arms are dancing like the wind, and the three branches of heaven fork in his hand are too fast to make a magic debut, but if the illusion is real, it will cover up the nine heavy objects. "Magic skill-chopping the wind! !”
"Hey …!" See rushed to spoil the earth and general nine heavy not surprised but pleased to face the earth and general magic strike not retreat into "four elephants rob fist-white tiger kill! !”
Nine white tiger fists roared out of the brazen public generals, split the wind and collided together, and a series of explosions stirred up a cloud of smoke. Both sides’ offensives collapsed and scattered to cancel each other out.
The powerful impact of the two fierce moves caused the three strands of heaven-supporting forks in the hands of General Di Gong to fly backward by nearly 360 degrees, and almost cut the body of General Di Gong from behind.
"Wow! !” General Di Gong croaked and tried to hold himself steady and control the three branches in his hand. He was about to reorganize the attack, but Jiu Zhong beat him to it.
Just as the local general just controlled the three branches of heaven fork in his hand, the turning trend hasn’t come yet, and Jiuzhong has roared out of the thick smoke and swept him away quickly.
At this time, the general’s arms are draped over his back, and his chest door is exposed, which is like a live target. You’re welcome. "Hurricane # Meteor Nine Yao! !”
One-style nine punches in one go. When the effect of the "hurricane" skill is accelerated, you can’t see the nine heavies. It’s like punching and seeing nine mangled air masses scattered on the chest of the local general.
In an instant, there were nine shocking pits in the chest of General Di Gong, and even the whole body of General Di Gong was blown out of shape.
"Dare to hurt my brother! You want to die! !” In the illusory state, General Tiangong saw that General Di Gong had been hit by a nine-shot meteor and nine-shot, and then his blood gushed wildly, like a cow, and he culled at the nine-shot from behind, with his feet firmly in the middle of the target, and he rushed up on the back of the nine-shot, showing that air billow had great strength.
Then I heard "click" a clear bone fracture and crunchy, and General Heaven changed the reality, and my feet should be broken.
"Uh-huh! !” In the scream of the God General, there are two nine-fold figures on the left and right sides of the God General’s feet.
"Small kind again tell old show off in an ostentatious manner old can’t hit you? !” About two nine heavy talking together, one nine heavy firmly grasped the feet and ankles of General Heaven, and the other nine heavy arms took turns to lift the deflagration boom and abruptly unloaded General Heaven’s broken legs.
"Uh-oh-! !” Transforming the reality, your feet no longer belong to the god, and other body parts are blurred and hidden in the virtual, and you cry miserably. "Oh, you … how do you have three of you? !”
"Hum … you don’t know there are many things!" In fact, the reason why I just saw the local general come to spoil the nine-fold surprise was that the nine-fold thought that the local general was so protective of the local general that it was possible for the local general to contain and lure the local general into the trap set by himself.
Just now, General Di Gong’s firefight broke out and covered people’s eyes with smoke. Nine times passed through the smoke to attack General Di Gong, and nine times passed through the smoke instantly. At the fastest speed, he first started Taiqing Jade Operator, gasified and cleared three effects to differentiate into three avatars, and then two of them went into hiding and waited for the opportunity. The third avatar continued to rush through the smoke to launch an offensive against General Di Gong to lure General Di Gong into the urn.
All these exercises were completed in a "black box". Without seeing the result, General Heaven naturally did not doubt that he had decisively attacked Jiuchong with both feet.
The attack was an attack on Jiuchong, which also caused a little damage and lost 3,000 points of blood. However, with these 3,000 points of blood, General God wanted a pair of feet to pay back the business … In the tragic cry, General God’s intestines were regretful.
But in this game world, there is also no regret medicine sold. Now it is a law to change the facts.
Throw away the Heavenly Palace General’s feet with nine weights and a statue of two places at once, and spat, "I don’t see why you are kicking others’ faces when your feet are gone!"
"Ah! !” Here, the two avatars took off the feet of the God General, and at the same time, the third avatar was not idle. After the ninth Yao, he took advantage of the situation to pursue and hunt down, and there was no more powerful skill. The most basic skills were "quick attack" and "heavy blow", so he sent the God General away and broke the last piercing scream. The God General freely fell into the abyss at the bottom of the frustum.
Bombing General Di Gong’s nine-fold busy exhibition speed will make General Di Gong play the residual heat when he is dying, and the equipment will be as good as money.
This statue of Nine Heavens on one side nullifies General Di Gong, and the other two statues of Nine Heavens on the other side sacrifice the position of General Tian Gong at the same time. I am very curious to see how people who love stepping on others’ faces now want to attack him without their feet, but it is a big surprise at first sight.
"His mother has someone else!" What surprised Jiuchong was not the general who lost his feet, but a group of people behind him who were crossing the frustum of a cone guarded by the general and touching the altar on the side wall.
It is roughly estimated that this group has a hundred heads, and more than half of them have crossed the third frustum of a cone and will arrive at the Dharma altar, while the leader of the team has reached the edge of the Dharma altar and set foot on it.
Look at these people’s movements. They are also coming for Huang Tian.
"Incredibly want to rob the old want something to live shuffle when couples spend, right? !” White, these eyes are nine-fold, and the dangers explode. The instantaneous starting speed of the two avatars directly passes through the illusory state in front, and General God goes straight to the altar.
At the same time, the third doppelganger, who was one step behind, also started to enter a state of rapid speed, followed by the first two doppelgangers and stormed towards the altar.
"Dare to waste my feet to kill you! !”
Chapter five hundred and fifteen Reality is cruel
The ruined feet are screaming, and General Heaven suddenly sees the nine-heavy two-member rushing towards himself, or is it going to launch an offensive against himself?
In the game, the virtual characters inherit all the personality characteristics of people in the real world. Once bitten by a snake, twice shy, twice shy. Because the two avatars Jiuzhong have just abolished their feet, General Heaven is scared and ready to be beaten.
But for a moment, General Heaven found that Jiuchong’s two avatars actually walked directly through his body and ran straight to the sidewall altar.
Realizing that Jiuzhong was going to the altar of Dharma, and at the same time, General Tiangong also found himself in a state of emptiness, Jiuzhong was really still hurt by Dharma, and his confidence was restored immediately.
Think about your feet being ruined. General God can’t help but be angry. From my heart, evil is born to bravery. It is also a murder, and I want to kill Jiuzhong, so I want to turn around and chase Jiuzhong’s two avatars.
But at this moment, the third statue of Jiuchong was busy and then chased in front of the general God.
When General Heaven saw another nine-fold, he thought that it was all nine-fold killing anyway, so it’s all the same to take this knife first and it’s easier to deal with it.
Think of this providence general fly head-on, then rushed to the statue of nine heavy culling to palm up the whole person with a sharp edge with fenglei toward nine heavy pledge split "magic-a flash of thunder! !”
Although General Jiuzhong, who is in a virtual state, can also see it with the help of the eye-catching skill, as described in the "virtual" skill, he would not be able to do harm to General Jiuzhong if he did not change from the virtual state to the real state at the moment when the attack was about to hit the target.
And now someone wants to intercept Hu and rob him of the goal of his trip-Huang Tian, and he doesn’t have the free time to slowly grind with General God.
So this time, in the face of the sudden explosion of the God’s general, the nine roots did not pay attention to catching the God’s general to change the real state. Instead, they fished out the seven-level pagoda directly from the bag of Gankun. "I don’t have time to travel with you now. Go ahead and cool off!"
One of the functions of the seven-level pagoda is to trap trapped creatures. Otherwise, it would not have been used to suppress Sun Wu and their peerless monsters.