The story of Dong Hanxuan outside is very magical, but no one knows who is the owner of Lingxin County, Princess. It is not clear that the little juren in the speech turned out to be Dong Yuling’s younger brother.
"Champion? This is impossible! " It’s absolutely impossible for Dong Fengling to say it, but she’s not sure at the thought of Su Xiang. I didn’t expect Dong Hanxuan to come this far directly.
There is really no absolute thing.
However, Dong Ling can imagine that if Dong Hanxuan really won the top prize, it would be a big deal, not only Shengjing, but also the whole Shenglian Dynasty.
"This is not a test? The results haven’t come out yet. How can it be impossible? " Princess chuckled but felt that Lingxin County’s main chip was getting stronger and stronger, and it was right for her to order people earlier.
But on second thought, Princess Huang, it’s only been a few months. Who else in this Shengjing city can have a higher status than his own son? You can’t sell yourself short!
"Yes," said Dong Ling Shan.
Dong Hanxuan’s learning from Su Xiang is a secret flow. Some people may know it, but ordinary people absolutely don’t know that the prodigy came out like this. No one saw the efforts and sweat behind Dong Hanxuan.
At the end of the night, a table of seafood noodles was set to eat Dong Han Xiao, and the child was full of oil.
The relationship between the princess and the king of Qin Ruwang was really good. As soon as they met, the princess immediately forgot that the king of Qin Ruwang was unhappy. I was glad to tell him that Dong Hanxuan had caused a surprise to the king of Qin Ruwang. After all, he heard a lot of things all the way and wanted to take a meeting when he came back. I didn’t expect it to be close at hand.
"Have a meal and see what I do?" Dong Lu ling was asked by Lian Yan Jing to see some subtleties.
"What do I eat for a table of seafood?" Lian Yan Jing’s face is bitter, and he still refuses to touch seafood in his mouth!
"How Jiing son can’t eat?" The princess asked some nervous.
"Not allowed to eat for a while ago is not good for the recovery of leg disease, but now it’s much better. You can slowly resume your diet and eat something you like," Dong Yuling explained.
"really?" Lian Yan Jing’s eyes lit up. Although he doesn’t like fish, some seafood still likes it. His mouth is watering at the moment!
It’s a relief to hear that King Ru and Princess Qin have brought so many seafood back. One reason is that Lian Yan Jing likes it. It would be too sad if her own children can’t eat it.
Dong Yuling cured Lian Yan Jing’s leg, and everyone could not help but believe what she said.
"I really have to recover slowly. I can’t eat more now!" Dong hong ling not trust told a way
Actually, Lian Yan Jing’s legs are almost as good as before, and there is nothing in the diet. This is to ensure that all talents are so strict.
Lian Yan Jing, who lost her leg, was obedient and walked over to eat, but it was not too much to go easy.
Qin Ruwang and Princess are surprised to see Lian Yan Jiing with rich expressions at the moment. How many years have they not seen their own children so relaxed?
Don’t, they don’t know that Lian Yan Jing is an iceberg outside, and sometimes even they are.
Seeing your son is really happy. King Ru and Princess Qin can’t help but feel more grateful when they look at Dong Yuling.
Until then, Qin Ruwang realized that it was no wonder that his action was so unpopular. He cherished himself carefully, but when he was a father, he sabotaged it.
Just as six people were having a good time, suddenly there came a disgusting and charming cry outside the door, which made everyone almost lose their chopsticks.
"Your report … why didn’t you come back to see me?"
As soon as the voice fell into the water, the lady figure appeared at the door, winking at King Ru of Qin. Chapter 48 Who is he?
Dong Yuling opened her eyes wide and looked at Mrs. Water with consternation. She felt that all the good dishes on the table had lost her appetite.
The first time I met a backwater lady, Dong Yuling, that was the limit of this person’s dress, but now when I meet her again, she knows that this time is nothing but a drop in the bucket.