Although they have been stumbling each other.
However, they all know that the fact of establishing the stars in the Sunday is too important. If this matter is carried out for their own reasons, their field will not be much better.
Therefore, everyone stumbles and stumbles, but after all, mastering a degree will not make too much noise and affect the progress of the establishment of the Sunday Temple.
In this way, the ten thousand families worked hard to build a temple on Sunday, which stood in succession like bamboo shoots after the rain.
Are carried out in accordance with Shao Hao’s vision.
And these are all seen by Ziwei Xingfeng Zichen
After what happened.
How can you keep the wind from Zichen’s eyes
From the moment Shao Hao planned to build the stars on Sunday, Feng Zichen secretly cast a ray of eyes and kept an eye on the Terran movement.
Even the Terran treasures are not enough to refine the Sunday Temple, and he knows it.
But he
Not as before.
Terran fills the gap
Previously, Feng Zichen has made an exception to support Terran. Let the Terran solve it by itself this time.
Tian xing Jian jun constantly strives for self-improvement
After all, the prosperity of a race depends not on the efforts of one person, but on the efforts of all.
If he does everything like a nanny, won’t the Terran repeat the mistakes of ancient times?
He did everything by himself.
Why do you need three emperors and five emperors?
Therefore, starting from the beginning to the end, Zichen looked at it and did not help Shao Hao at all.
Shao Hao didn’t let him down.
In these situations, Shao Hao didn’t want to ask him for help, but planned to find a way by himself.
At this point
Is enough wind zichen gratified.