I didn’t expect this little guy to like to stay on his head and make himself feel unaccustomed, but haha, he has to contact himself so as to communicate better, and Xingqi can shrink back and point to his shoulder.
Squeak Although I didn’t agree to let Xingqi sit on the shoulder, I was very happy to dance. Swish, haha, I jumped to Xingqi’s shoulder with two claws tearing Xingqi’s shoulder clothes.
"Mr. Xingqi, I’m a fairy mouse, not a small shadow mouse. You said that the old shadow mouse and its small shadow mouse have all moved away. You won’t bother them, sir. Although they are greedy for you, please let them go." Haha pleaded
But Xingqi replied that he had just come out of the hole and really wanted to get even with those rats. Even if he looked at the haha noodles, he had to suffer. You know, he was almost killed at that time.
However, after going out of the cave, Xingqi toured the valley and observed it for a circle, but he changed his mind. Xingqi actually found many footprints appearing near his hiding hole and stopped it not far away. It is not difficult to imagine that someone found his hiding place different, but these masters left when they saw a group of shadow rats living here.
Because shadow rats are a kind of ethnic group that naturally dislikes human beings, all the experts here think that it is impossible to hide human beings, so they let go and check this place, that is, these shadow rats actually let Xingqi escape several times.
After learning these things, Xingqi is really in distress situation, and it’s absolutely impossible to find the shadow rats. Those Dan’s are their own reciprocal thanks.
Looking at haha, a face of worry, Xing Qi has a ponder mentality and shows some anger.
See star strange uncomfortable haha is nervous make urgent way "Mr Haha is your friend? And they are also haha friends. Everyone is a friend. Just send you some beans, sir. You don’t have many beans and many of them. "
Haha, I also carefully observed that Xingqi still didn’t respond, and then a face of dreary expression said, "If you don’t give Mr. Haha to Mr. Haha, give them back to Mr. Haha as if they are okay."
Haha, I showed a sense of righteousness, and I was willing to take out a few stars. When I saw haha, I thought that this little guy was also fine. I gave him more than ten ones and a few others. I took a few ones and returned them with a dreary look.
"Hehe, it seems that you and them are good. Just look at your face this time. I won’t haggle with them. If I have the chance to meet them again, I’ll give them some pain!" Say that finish, Xingqi also said with a fierce look, as if it were not very cool to do so.
Haha, I just smiled when I heard the words of Xingqi, but my eyes were still reluctant to look at a few pills in my hand.
"For this medicine, I’m welcome to accept it. It’s a reward for my people, but these pills are not as good as those. It’s a bit worthless." Star Qi picked them up and muttered to himself.
Haha, I was discouraged when I heard that Xingqi was going to take back the elixir, and I was even more frightened when I heard that Xingqi was talking to himself. That old shadow mouse was really hateful to get a few so good fragrant beans, but I didn’t give them to myself. Now I have to pay off my debts. Haha, I think more and more, my claws are tight and Xingqi gives him mustard.
Thinking about interrupting Xingqi, he said angrily, "Sir, it’s disgusting that those guys, especially the old shadow mouse, must teach him a good lesson when he sees him, let him watch us drink good wine and enjoy beans. * * He let … hum! Who told me to bully me before? "
Haha, the more I say it, the more I get angry. I think that many elixirs I found before were deprived by the old shadow rat. Haha, I gnashed my teeth and let Xingqi get a fright. No, haha, I really have a grudge against the old shadow rat, right?
Haha, I don’t care, but Xingqi sent it to Haha with Dan medicine. "Hehe, I just received it from them now. I’ll give it to Haha again. Don’t you want it?" See ha ha also gawk at his star wonder question way
Whoo! Haha, I didn’t say anything. Starkey grabbed Dan medicine with a flash in his eyes.
Three days later, Xingqi haha sat by the stream, and Xingqi had roasted a kind of deer meat, which was wrapped in Xingqi’s mind. Without the forest, Xingqi haha was enjoying the wine.
After a full meal, Xingqi seems to be enjoying haha. It’s very sad to have such a companion in this jungle to relieve himself, but he is not traveling with Addis, especially these days, Xingqi haha has become a good friend, and he doesn’t want to let Haha follow his adventure. Today, Xingqi also wants to leave Haha, so it is safer to go back to the shadow rats than to follow himself.
Brush! Xing Qi took out a lot of Dan medicine, one Dan, more than ten bottles of two Dan, three Dan and four Dan, and some hundred fruits to make wine.
"Haha, these are all for you!" See haha, look at these wines, Dan medicine, Xingqi handed it to haha. Haha, there are doubts. Look at Xingqi, but when you see Xingqi, you nod. Haha, you are happy to put away Dan medicine and wine.
Looking at haha, I looked excited and held a mustard star with many Dan drugs. "Haha, I’m leaving, hehe! I’m very happy that you’re together these days, but you’ve also seen that this place has been taken care of by two waves of people in a few days. It’s too dangerous here. You’d better go back to the shadow rats and I’ll come to see you when I have the chance, "said Xing Qi, a little sad."
I was very excited to come. Haha, I heard the words of Xingqi, and I squeaked even more eagerly. "Sir, I’m not going back to the shadow rats. I want to follow Mr.!"
"Ha ha ha, it’s too dangerous outside. You follow me uneasily. You are a star-rated small shadow mouse …" Starkey looked at haha with a wry smile.
"Sir, don’t be friends. I’m a one-day ghost mouse. I run so fast that no one can get hurt."
Haha, I also acted by myself to prove that Starkey was shocked. Haha, like a phantom, Starkey shuttled through the forest around him.
How is it possible that this speed is almost faster than yourself? It’s really haha
Whoo! Haha, there is no point of asthma falling on a tree trunk in front of Xingqi, and it also rises with a momentum. One star, two stars, three stars, three stars, and the king-level Xingqi feels the strength from haha momentum, that is, the three stars, the king-level fairy mouse.
The speed of the three-star king-level ghost mouse is so fast that Xingqi really believes that Haha is the ghost mouse. Xingqi knows that this shadow mouse is never so fast for the possible three-star king-level ghost mouse, and it has never been heard that there has been a king-level shadow mouse in mainland China.
It seems that this celestial rat is also a mysterious race, but I have never heard of it.
Pack up the momentum. Haha, I’m still a little nervous. I’m looking at Xingqi myself, but I’m showing all my strength. "I was like a two-star king a week ago, and I don’t know how I became a three-star king." Haha, honestly.
Starkey looked at this and changed the strength of the star-rated soul beast. Haha, I was very surprised that I can’t feel the real strength now, and I can’t even find this hidden strength. Starkey is too strong, but he shows a smile. I didn’t expect this to meet such a day’s spirit mouse.
After hearing haha, Xingqi’s eyes lit up and rose by one star in a week. Is it brewed by eating his own pills and hundreds of fruits?
"Ha-ha, I gave you those pills a few days ago. How much do you have left? And how did you reach the level of Samsung King? I haven’t seen you practice these days?" I was embarrassed to be asked by Xingqi.
Haha, I searched my head and said, "I ate all those pills, and now they are gone. Oh, I have never practiced. I just eat them as delicious as this fragrant bean, and my strength has increased. By the way, sir, don’t tell those shadow rats about my strength, and then they won’t play with me. I don’t want to be respected and afraid of them every day like that old shadow rat."
Xingqi dares to understand that this kind of race is so strong that it can grow in strength without practicing and needing drugs. It is a little jealous that Xingqi has such a horrible species.
Haha, it is no problem to escape when the strength is in danger, but Xingqi knows that the celestial rat is terrible, but he is not worried. Haha, following himself, An Xingqi gave Haha a lot of pills to make Hehe’s strength fast and high, and Xingqi also learned more about Haha.
Haha, it’s a kind of thief terror. It’s terrible to know that the race of the thief mouse is unknown. The unborn race is caused by the mutation of the shadow mouse and it has a huge search for medicinal materials all day. The thief can’t practice, but he can grow his attack power by medicinal materials. Haha, except for his sharp mouth and claws, it seems that he has a special attack.
Haha, it was also a time when I stole the old shadow rat and got the Dan medicine from Xingqi, so I suddenly became a ghost rat, and suddenly there was something in my mind.
And all day long, the spirit mouse haha increased its strength and wanted to be punished by the old shadow mouse, but it was discovered by the old shadow mouse that it was powerful and spared the old shadow mouse. Of course, it also knew that this Dan medicine was a good thing and called the other two shadow mice to eat, but they were all supported by the medicine.
Thinking about another Dan medicine in the hands of the old shadow rat is very angry, but suddenly, something appears in his mind, and he will look for medicinal materials. Haha, every day, he tries to play with the rats and sometimes hides to find the elixir. He has a very comfortable life, but haha, after being caught by the old shadow rat again, he is asked by the old shadow rat to find a medicinal material every day, so that the low-ranking rats can reach the star level. Of course, haha, the status of the rats has also increased greatly.
On that day, haha felt a sense of clearness in Xingqi’s body, thinking about rescuing Xingqi’s old shadow rats, and the shadow rats were forced away by Xingqi, who was getting better, but haha, the old shadow rats were left behind by quarrelling, but now they were attracted by Xingqi Dan medicine, and they had to follow Xingqi.
Hoo hoo! A young man with purple hair followed a mouse to the forest and hurried quickly to a cliff spring. After knowing that Haha was looking for medicine, the thief felt that Haha was a perfect combination, and promised to give him fragrant beans after finding good medicine. The better medicine he found, the more fragrant beans he gave. Haha, of course, he jumped for joy and immediately took Xingxi to the spring where he often picked medicine.
Whew! The mouse suddenly fell on the shoulder of the star. "Boss, there are a lot of radishes on the cliff in front. One piece is dozens of times bigger than Haha. Haha, I want to keep it and eat it slowly. But now Boss, if you need me, I will give them all to Boss. You can give me more fragrant beans, and I will never eat radishes again." Haha pointed to the cliff more than ten miles away and said to Xingxi that his eyes were shining.
"Ha ha, I really have something to say, boss. I will definitely give you fragrant beans." Xing Qi’s words made Haha happy again.
Xingqi always heard haha calling himself Mr. Xingqi, but he was a little unaccustomed to it, and he also had a kidnapping. Haha, this day, the clever mouse also recognized haha as a younger brother and called himself the boss.
"By the way, boss, there is also a blue-purple hard shell stone with a beautiful aperture. It’s very beautiful. I used to have that ginseng and I like to sleep on my face. It’s very cool." Haha suddenly smiled at Xingqi with excitement and a little yearning.
"This time I’m going to sleep for a long time again, and I may never have a chance again." Haha was a little frustrated, but I didn’t find Xingqi, but my face was excited
"Why don’t we dig it up? Hehe, it’s still me. Hehe Cong can take it out when he wants to sleep." Haha, I got excited again when I thought of the solution.
Shi Xingqi, with a beautiful blue-purple hard shell, appeared in his mind a three-level medicinal material, Lanziwu, a fierce medicinal material, which is an alchemist’s genius medicine.
Nine alchemists have powerful auxiliary functions. If alchemy has a success rate of 30%, it will have a success rate of 70% after adding this powder, which is the dream medicine of Dan medicine.
It is also a good medicine for many soul beasts. It also has a great function, which is to make those soul beasts with advanced cards have a great breakthrough, and the dosage of this medicine also means the success rate of this soul beast’s advanced level.
However, according to Xingqi, looking at what is recorded in the pharmacists’ guild’s collection, you can make the one-six-star king class have six advanced possibilities.
Hearing the description of haha is too blue and purple. Being close to it will soothe your nerves and raise your mind. Of course, haha also likes to sleep.
Hoo hoo! Xingqi sped towards the cliff with haha.
Qingquan Peak is the name of the cliff where Xingqi came. Qingquan Peak is a high mountain with a height of 10,000 meters. It is steep to the south and the foot of the peak goes straight into a deep valley. The valley has a peach garden resort like gurgling water, fresh medicine fragrance and fish playing in the water, which shows a quiet paradise.
The Three Soul Beast is guarding a piece of hard shell with blue and purple rings. The blue and purple rings of hard shell are constantly alternating and spreading, and the scope is becoming more and more magical, while the valley is floating out with a strong smell of medicine.
Well, guarding the aperture, the three soul beasts all looked up and looked into the distance. The three soul beasts are now heavy.
Because the three soul beasts feel that it is not far from here, thousands of meters away, but there are four soul beasts breaking in. It seems that it is not a coincidence to come here when this purple purple is about to mature.
I’m furious. The Three Soul Beasts have taken this blue and purple as their own. I’m on my way. The Four Soul Beasts have come to rob themselves of their precious medicine.
【 Chapter 192 Lurking, Waiting for the Opportunity 】
A long silver-white practice on Qingquan Peak falls from the sky like a swallow. It is covered with handsome blue hair and shines directly in the sun. It gives a gorgeous color and hits the wall, hanging stones and splashing water, which is even more enjoyable.
It is difficult for birds to fly over the dense places where the deep valleys are covered with dense and dense trees.
Giggle! Flocks of * * green valley birds stand beside their nests on the trunk. Brother Qing gets up and wants to attract the opposite * * beautiful females * *
Brush! Two dark shadows suddenly flashed past each other, and they were too involved in the green valley bird singing the love song and didn’t find it.
Xingqi followed haha as if walking on the ground. It is difficult to land in the jungle, and every tap floats for the first few feet. The speed is like a gust of wind, and Xingqi’s big body will always find the way to block the branches in front of him.
Haha, I was surprised by the skill of Xingqilu. I was able to walk through this forest so fast with my small body, but this Xingqi boss was able to walk so fast, which made Haha happy that I had been chased by a human master, and it was only through this jungle that I let myself escape.
Xing Qi’s eyes looked around the dense forest with a relaxed face and nodded from time to time. There are indeed people who are wrapped in such dense forests, and the spirits and beasts are unable to move, so that the precious elixir medicinal materials can grow in good condition here. Seeing that Lanziwu grows in this dense forest, Xing Qi also has a little confidence.
The growth of medicinal materials needs Fuling. If this is really a piece of Fuling, there will definitely be many good medicinal materials here.
Star wonder can be so relaxed that everything around the mental field is analyzed and reacted along the tens of meters around it. The three-dimensional form in the brain is more accurate than the flat view effect, and the information obtained by the eyes can be seen in the brain with a little thought.
Passing through the jungle is a real valley. The sloping valley slope reaches the bottom of the valley, and there is only a few kilometers of flat land near the valley spring, which is connected to the spring cliff. On the slope, some giant trees grow like giant umbrellas, and there are groups of small jungles, which make the dense forest form a green sky like giant umbrellas divided into a small world.
Whoo! Xingqi suddenly sped up and really jumped in front of Haha, blocking Haha’s road and putting a hand to his mouth. Let’s not go out
It turns out that Xingqi has just swept his mind to the front, and there are four small charming soul beasts not far away. They are all powerful six-star soul beasts, and they are also coming out of the forest next to them and are carefully rushing to the clear spring.