Neural link technology has shown incredible power, and some people have shouted out the saying that mecha should be upgraded.
After a few months, he became an ace mecha. Yu Ren had little chance to become a mecha.
But now he has become the third ace mecha in federal unofficial combat power.
The ranking is based on what they themselves call the time limit of Ji Xinghe Challenge.
After Ji Xinghe/Li Yuanba’s only file, Li Han/Kaidilin, Rovich/Jackson/Yu Ren.
More than ace mecha including Qin Tong, Harris his old ace mecha are not as good as them.
This ranking is unofficial because it involves the performance and driving style of the mecha.
Yu Ren’s driving is the same as cutting the mountain. Now he has upgraded the exclusive mecha of ace soldiers and made the neural link technology. Qin Tong, Harris, blind and lame, but they still failed to get their exclusive mecha of ace soldiers and did not pass the neural link technology.
However, it has become an accepted fact that the neural link technology is generally better than the generation of driving technology mecha.
It’s only a matter of time before it takes over.
Will Ji Xinghe be replaced?
People are waiting in line for synchronization rate test or brain-computer interface implantation in the No.5 base, and people are talking about it.
"I have seen that the current test synchronization rate ranks first, and General Li Yuanba has reached a maximum of 1%. He is the only person who can achieve 100% synchronization rate at present, and his average score is also 9%."
"The highest test results of Rovich School and Kaidilin School reached 99%, with an average score of 96%. You are really a man with a nuclear-powered reactor mecha."
"Han Li School is the highest and 99%, with an average of 96%. I estimate that his mecha will soon have a nuclear-powered reactor."
"That’s for sure. The highest average synchronization rate of Yuren School is 96%, and the average synchronization rate is 93%, so you can play Korean School. If you have neural link technology, you will definitely be able to play more."
"You said that after the new technology, can Li Han School beat Ji Xinghe School?"
"Can’t you? Yuren School can’t beat Ji Xinghe School Li Han School. They have increased their synchronization rate by 2%. Is the combat effectiveness so exaggerated?"
"But many people say that Li Han School has a stronger sense of fighting than Yuren School, and the combination of the two should be similar."
"What are you talking about? Ji Xinghe School can also use new technologies. Their fighting capacity can be raised. Of course, Ji Xinghe School will also rise."
"But Ji Xinghe School is sixty-six years old."
"What’s the matter with sixty-six? Can you beat Ji Xinghe School? Can you fight with a hundred of you? "
"You can’t beat it, but the aging and degeneration of the nervous system is irreversible."
"Ha ha, if the nervous system of Ji Xinghe School has aged and degenerated, what can you beat him? Our body is controlled by our consciousness through the nervous system. If the nervous system is not good, why is it so fast? So explosive? "
"What you say makes sense, but there is a key factor in making neural link driving technology besides synchronization rate."
"What key factor?"
"Compressive value is the load pressure that our nervous system can bear when driving the mecha."
"Why didn’t I test you? Don’t talk nonsense."
"Because we are all young, we are all at a normal level, but Ji Xinghe School has to test."
People talk about testing bodies.
In the test area, Ji Xinghe was surrounded by a group of people, including the Xinghe team, Wang Wei, Tang Qiao and some others.
They all leaned in as if they had nothing to do, and it was because of them that Ji Xinghe had to test the synchronization rate that things became popular.
This is indeed something worthy of public attention, which is different from the normal situation. People just need to get the results and don’t need to participate in the process.
After entering the test equipment, Ji Xinghe felt a little uncomfortable when the probe entered his body.
His body suddenly seemed to be out of control.
But he didn’t panic. These are normal situations. Everyone feels this way when they test.
Yes, his feelings will be clearer because he was able to control his body almost completely before.
"Ji Xinghe School, can you see the picture that appears in your sight clearly?"
With his eyes closed, Ji Xinghe saw a training ground with a mecha in front of him.
"Please follow the mecha in your sight and make corresponding moves."
The mecha moved slowly, and Ji Xinghe tried to control his body.
But in fact, his body didn’t make these movements completely, because the part of his mind that he wanted to make those movements was intercepted by the probe into the test system
The real-time synchronization rate results are displayed in the line of sight of everyone through the external screen of the test equipment.
Ji Rong Xin’s expression became worried.
The blind novel next to it said, "It’s all like this. It’s all very low. When I tested it, it was said that the maximum synchronization rate was 16%."
"Don’t brag. I saw clearly at that time that 12% was good or not. I was 16% Xinxin. Don’t play with your blind uncle. He loves to lie."
"Su Chuanyun, I don’t think you’ve been beaten enough."
"It’s just that I didn’t get enough truth to tell you the truth. After I finished playing once, my strength improved to a great extent. When I am completely restored, I will play another wrong one hundred games."
"Then let me help you?"
"Just you, I’m not mocking you. What can you do together? Really when I am an ox and horse, I am an ox and horse general. "