Wan Yankang also knows that Chen Po must think so, because Chen Po wants Wan Yankang to do so, and he has long kept it in mind. This time, Wan Yankang didn’t think that Chen Po risked being discovered to let him see her.
Wan Yankang is puzzled by this. "Aunt, do you mean that you want Ouyang Ke and Huang Rong to leave the palace quickly?"
In fact, Chen Po’s temper is very bad. At the moment, she is calmly talking to Yan Hong Kang. "Yes, you can hold them off first, and after I leave the palace, whether they come or not is as you like."
"Aunt, you also want to leave the palace? Don’t you want to come back? "
Wan Yankang doesn’t want to lose a good master and aunt, but if Chenpo insists on leaving, he can’t stop it, so Wan Yankang can make a final test and inquiry.
"You’re practicing kung fu well now. I should have taught you, too. You just need to practice at ordinary times. Remember not to be exposed to people. You can get killed if someone has seen me teach you martial arts. Remember?"
Chen po’s words never make people refuse and question her. She has a bad temper and is fierce, but Wan Yankang can feel that she is pregnant with him as if she were her own child
But even if Wan Yankang didn’t give up, she still promised, "Aunt, don’t worry, I remember, so can we meet again?"
Chen po didn’t answer.
The gas in the secret room suddenly solidified. For the first time, Wan Yankang dared to ask her, "Aunt, can you tell me what the reason is?"
Yan Hong Kang felt that it seemed that the arrival of Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke made Chen Po uneasy, and she wanted to leave Wangfu early and deliberately avoided the chance of meeting them. There must be some secret place among them, but Yan Hong Kang dared not ask questions and could test her to see how Chen Po would react.
Neither of them spoke, and when she was about to leave, Chen Po said, "It doesn’t make any difference whether I see an old friend when he comes to Wangfu, but I don’t know how to face him, and he probably doesn’t want to see me and suffers from each other?"
Chen Po said it was vague, but Yan Hong Kang understood it. Chen Po’s old friend must be one of the masters in ashes of time, no matter what the feud, Yan Hong Kang was not willing to let Chen Po stay, because once he was found, he would die.
"Aunt, don’t worry. I’ll talk to them tonight, and I’ll send them to aunt’s place. Where do you want to go? I’ll ask the Wangfu guards to give you a ride. Is it also to hide my aunt from being found?"
When Wan Yankang is sincere to a person, he is always warm, thoughtful and appropriate. He almost wants to please everything the other party asks. It is the same for his mother and Chen Po. It is different for Wan Yankang to walk in the street in front of them.
Chen po hesitated for a moment and agreed to Yan hong kang. after she came out, she quietly looked around and saw that it was getting late before she hurried away.
In fact, Chen Po’s surname is not Chen chen, but her dead husband’s surname. Her original surname was Mei Hua, and later she joined the East Evil Huang Yaoshi Gate and became his apprentice. She has a new name called Chaofeng.
Mei Chaofeng’s husband is her brother Chen Xuanfeng, but they betrayed their master and stole Huang Yaoshi’s treasure "Jiuyin Zhenjing" to escape, and their marriage has their own soul mates.
On the spur of the moment, we betrayed each other’s feelings, but we can calm down and feel guilty and sad. We are always uneasy and can’t go back if we want to.
People always have to pay for their mistakes, and their price is that Chen Xuanfeng was stabbed to death and Mei Chaofeng was blind and half-dead, surviving in this world to avenge her dead husband.
Do you think Mei Chaofeng wants to go back to Peach Blossom Island?
She thought that she was dreaming about it, but it was a pity that the man was her master. She wanted to see it, but she was afraid to see it, and finally she could run away.
Wan Yankang promised not to always keep his promise, but he spared no effort to the people he cared about. He promised Mei Chaofeng to separate Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke, and immediately he made plans to let Ouyang Ke help him go to Dasong to find the Wu Mu Legacy. Ouyang Ke promised Huang Rong that he would follow.
In fact, this is also a good thing for Wan Yankang. He can test Ouyang Ke’s ability by the way. He has the best of both worlds in mind.
As expected, Ouyang Ke agreed. Although he grew up in white camel mountain, a western region, he didn’t have any concept of home and country. However, if he is ambitious and capable, he will always challenge his own limits. This is the case in Ouyang Ke, so he promised Wan Yankang.
Ouyang Ke wants to leave, and Huang Rong will definitely not stay. It is Yan Hong Kang who didn’t expect Gu Hua to leave.
In Gu Hua’s view, she lived in Wangfu through Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke. Now that they are leaving, she naturally has to leave.
Besides, I heard from the little girl in Wangfu that Wan Yankang will soon choose a concubine. Wan Yankang is her benefactor. Where did Gu Hua dare to break the benefactor’s marriage? It’s not nice for her to stay in Wangfu alone and go out.
Why don’t you just follow Huang Rong and them?
For such a good reason, Yan Hong Kanggen didn’t refute the chance. Will there be some loss in her heart? Yan Hong Kang didn’t take that little loss in her heart to heart, but asked people to help them arrange the affairs of going abroad.
Ouyang Ke and Huang Rong don’t like to ignore what others say when they want to be together. After that, they left the room hand in hand, leaving Gu Hua and Wan Yankang.
At this time, night falls, and the lights are on in the palace.
Wan Yankang glanced at the door and smiled. "Miss Gu, would you like me to take a walk and chat?"
Gu Hua won’t refuse and there is no reason to refuse, so he nodded and agreed.
The two men walked side by side in the Wangfu cloister, and there was no waiter around. The atmosphere became ambiguous inexplicably, but there was no ambiguity in their conversation.
I have something to say.
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Chapter 35 Chapter 35
"Little report, today, on the way back from Waixiang, our princess has been watching the princess. It seems that the princess met each other, but the princess didn’t seem to notice him."
Even in Gu Hua’s view, Yang Tiexin people are honest and upright, which should not be detrimental to Bao Xiruo. Even the world can’t look at the surface. Since Yan Hong Kang said that she should pay more attention to Bao Xiruo, she can’t help but say.
The night wind blew the lights in the palace and they walked along the garden path together.
Wan Yankang stopped and turned to sink and asked, "Who is that man?"
But who doesn’t worry about anxiety when it comes to their loved ones?
"Little report has seen that Mu Yi Mu’s girl dad Mu Dashu is honest and should not be bad for the princess." After Gu Hua named Yang Tiexin, she paused and added her own opinion. She was afraid that Yan Hong Kang was too worried that Bao Xiruo would directly make people feel sorry for Mu Nianci and his father, but it didn’t happen. She had to wake up.
However, Wan Yankang did not pay attention to these aspects. "Miss Gu means that person seems to know my mother?"
Gu Hua hesitated for a moment and said, "This is my statement. It is not necessarily the case. The little prince needs to pay more attention."
From now on, what kind of person Gu Hua is? Yan Hong Kang knows very well that maybe Huang Rong will lie to others, but she has never told him a lie. It is a kind of sincerity that can be seen.
So Gu Hua guessed that even if Yan Hong Kang knew that Bao Xiruo didn’t know such a person, he believed most of them. Maybe someone would take this opportunity to disadvantage his father, mother and princess, and he should pay more attention to it.
"Thank you, Miss Gu. If you are still in Xu Jin Guo, I hope you can tell me where you are staying. It would be great if you could tell me where you are staying. Recently, the wind is getting tighter, and the girl has lived in my Zhao Wangfu. I am afraid that she will be seen by a willing heart and hope that the girl herself will be more careful."
Yuan Yankang is hesitant to say such a thing. After all, it sounds like an attempt. Since he can’t marry her back to the government, he should pay attention to some good things. After all, they are all friends. But Gu Hua was so honest and told him what he saw and guessed. It was because he regarded him as a friend that Yan Yankang no longer hesitated.
Sure enough, Gu Hua didn’t want to thank Wan Yankang with a smile and said that if he was still in Xu Jin Guo, he would definitely join him.
In fact, they are friends, but they really don’t get along with each other much. Now they are walking and chatting in the garden, but they can’t find any suitable topics to talk about. So, they can still feel a kind of quiet, quiet and peaceful time, just like old friends.