"that you appear here today purpose is …? !” Although the jade emperor is asking, he already has the answer in his heart. What else can there be at this juncture?
"Know the past and ask!" Sun Wu’s face is hung with a smile. "Of course, it’s the Western Heaven Lingshan! My old grandson has just come out and has no place to stay. Since the Tathagata is bald and the Buddhist temple has been destroyed, it just happens that this Lingshan is idle anyway, so let’s use it as a temporary abode of fairies and immortals! "
"… Sun Wu!" It’s one thing to think in your heart, and it’s another to hear Sun Wu say it. When you hear Sun Wu, the jade emperor gnashes his teeth. "You are too shameless, aren’t you?" The emperor’s commander in chief, the heavenly generals, paid such a high price to occupy Lingshan with great efforts. You said you would take it? !”
"Why don’t you? !” Sun Wu scorned the Golden Rooster and the Independent Jade Emperor.
"I don’t!" The jade emperor’s eyes are as wide as two bells.
"Don’t fight!" In the hand, the wishful gold-banded cudgel was thrown to the middle and fell to the ground, rapidly becoming thicker and bigger. A huge column with the same height where Sun Wu was located was inserted in the big thunder sound temple. Sun Wuhua’s big hand slammed into the top of the wishful gold-banded cudgel and the whole Lingshan was shaking. "I will hit you! But …! "
Sun Wu glanced at the jade emperor with one leg and smiled. "Do you think you can beat me now? !”
"You …! !” Sun Wu’s attitude is to fish in troubled waters and rob Yu, but he doesn’t forget to sneer at the jade emperor, who was livid for a long time and speechless (_< >)
"I haven’t seen it for thousands of years, but it’s still so inky!" Half a day didn’t hear the jade emperor reply Sun Wu some impatient "give a happy words this Lingshan you let or not? !”
"Sun Wu …! !” The jade emperor gnashed her teeth for half a day. "Is this matter negotiable? ! You have to know that this Lingshan is called by the emperor, so it is really unkind for you to occupy it, and you will be laughed at by the three realms! "
"negotiable!" Sun Wu’s answer was very simple, but he almost didn’t grieve the Jade Emperor with a sentence: "If you give me heaven, you can have this Lingshan!"
"You … why don’t you go to hell? !”
"How can I die if you don’t die!"
"Sun Wu … you remember it for the emperor!" The Jade Emperor weighed for half a day and finally shouted "Withdraw! !”
Cooked ducks fly like this. Don’t be so depressed. They all seem to be wronged. Kannika nimtragol looks at the demon crowd opposite.
"Jade … the jade emperor really wants to withdraw?" Heaven all the immortals smell speech can’t help but ask "get fat so lost? ! Do you want to reconsider? !”
"consider what?" The jade emperor’s face is gloomy and almost frosty. "Do you think that we have just had a big war with Buddhism, and now we will be the Uber opponents of Sun Wu, who is in a state of being full of work and rest? !”
"No … no!"
"That also consider? ! If you don’t want to die, give it to the emperor! "
"But … but it is so humbled to withdraw! We have worked hard to call this Lingshan! "
"The emperor knows that you are wronged!" The jade emperor looks like he feels the same way. "The emperor is also wronged! But what can it do? ! It’s impossible to fight! If you continue to stay, you will be cut off. It will be even more shameful to watch others take Lingshan! Besides …! "
The Jade Emperor lowered his voice and said, "You’re lucky that our state is not certain. It can’t be Sun Wu’s Uber opponent. You can leave now! I really want to piss off that dead monkey. Our lives have to be explained here today! Not for nothing, are you? !”
"… white!" The immortals suddenly realized that they helped the Jade Emperor to order the armed forces to "withdraw! Get out of here !”
When the army of heaven just occupied the western heaven, it fled back to heaven with its tail between its legs before it got hot.
Jiuzhong also ordered all fighters in Lingshan to return the scroll to the city.
After all the people with the department were evacuated, Jiuchong rushed to Sun Wubi and made a gesture. He didn’t stay in Lingshan and followed the celestial troops to withdraw.
Heaven and the Holy Alliance Army Department evacuated from Lingshan, leaving Sun Wu as the commander of the Demons.
Sun Wu took back the wishful golden hoop and ordered "clean the battlefield!"
"yes! !” Thousands of demons scattered and cleaned up the scene.
"Master!" Command to the demon people to show their actions, and Sun Wu came to the main hall of Da Lei Yin Temple, careless, sitting in the Tathagata’s seat and enjoying it. Suddenly, nine stresses sounded in his ears.
Jiuzhong just left for the celestial people to see. Not long after he went out, he started to hide the ghost and quit the stealth effect. He went back to the Da Lei Yin Temple and found Sun Wu.
"Good disciple!" Sun Wu one leng "how did you come back so soon? !”
Jiuzhong showed his figure and said, "Ahem, Master, I forgot something I didn’t tell you!"
"What is it? ! Say! "
"Is that you can call you hand demon when cleaning the Lingshan battlefield to heaven and Buddhism killed those gods, Buddha bodies burst out of equipment, don’t throw everything away from the Ministry and leave it to me? ! I have it! "
"Of course there is no problem!" Sun Wuyin immediately sounded in the whole Lingshan area. "All the demons told me not to throw away the equipment of the heavenly generals and monks’ bodies when cleaning the battlefield!"
"yes! !”
"All right, Master, I’ll go first to deal with the jade emperor. I’ll come back later when you’re ready!"
"Go ahead!"
Immediately, Jiuzhong directly started the function of sending the ring to the designated place and moved it to heaven, where he waited for the return of the celestial brigade.
A few hours later, the celestial army returned to the celestial jade emperor and celestial immortals, all of whom were as listless as frost and eggplant.
The soldiers and horses returned to camp, and all the immortals gathered in Lingxiao Hall to discuss Sun Wu’s occupation of Lingshan. They all scolded Sun Wu’s ancestors for ten generations like shrews.
Nine hearts sneer at a group of second-rate goods. Sun Wu jumped out of a crack in the stone, where did his ancestors come from for ten generations?
Just follow the Jade Emperor’s crowd in this criticism. Suddenly, Sun Wu’s nine-fold voice call rang.
Nine heavy take a look at the signature Simon soaring blood through "big jiu elder brother MAO? !”