Yes, it is necessary to let many younger brothers die in vain. The elder has a hard time. This is a slight feeling in his heart. This is probably the sadness of a great man.
In the end, the Black Emperor Sect agreed to launch the last wave of attack on the condition that Fang muddled along, and the only one who agreed to continue attacking Gulai joined the attack. Of course, as far as Gulai’s position is concerned, it is actually very safe. He needs to go to the battlefield and make a false turn, and he can come back.
Although this is unfair to most of the black emperor’s younger brothers, he is naturally able to enjoy these special reasons because there is no so-called fairness in this world.
But even so, he had to go to the attack site where he belonged, and his place was handed over to Meng Qi by Fang Hungan.
Meng Qi immediately called the night ghost after he got the news, and then asked him to wait at the place where the ancient road was about to appear.
"You don’t have to show up before he appears. Once he appears, you must kill him immediately." Meng Qi said with a serious face to the night ghosts.
Seeing Meng Qi’s repeated instructions, the night ghosts know that this must be very important. They solemnly nodded and said, "Meng Leader can rest assured that it will live up to your expectations."
Meng Qi nodded and said, "You are the most elite unit in Cuiming Mountain. I will leave this matter to you, and I will rest assured that you can go."
After the ghosts left in the night, Meng Qi came to the core circle of the Five Elements Large Array, because Ai Zhuoshui wanted to wait for an opportunity to kill Gulai, and Meng Qi wanted to defend the position of Ai Zhuoshui against the six Yuan Godsworn brothers of the Black Emperor Sect.
Because this last attack was a hug from the black emperor’s Sect, and the pressure on the Cui Mingshan Godsworn doubled, Meng Qi had already gone to resist the Yuan Godsworn, so there was no leisure to condense five animals to cut back on the black emperor’s Sect.
Brother Heihuangzong, who has been in a state of being suppressed, felt refreshed after discovering that his power to suppress himself disappeared, and his combat effectiveness was increased by nearly 50%.
Friar Cuimingshan is almost losing ground. Friar Heihuangzong has almost no strength, that is, he pushed Friar Cuimingshan to the last line of defense. You know, it takes a lot of money to attack here the other day.
This time, the attack was so smooth that all the black emperor monks thought that Cuiming Mountain might not stay up, and the black emperor monks were even more combative when they thought of this.
Just as Brother Cuiming Mountain struggled to support him, a figure was walking slowly at the foot of the five peaks. The man was accompanied by a group of monks. Although the man had the initial repair of the baby, the monk beside him had the middle stage of the baby.
And the rest of the monks are all in high spirits. At first glance, the black emperor’s elite brother still didn’t stop when he got halfway up the mountain. The monk next to him just said, "I’m uneasy if I go here again."
That monk is the ancient saying that the face of the Chinese character is extremely righteous, and his lips moved slightly, and a sense of righteousness came to him. "My brother is fighting bloody battles. How can I be afraid here?"
As the ancient saying goes, the Yuan Baby Godsworn actually gave birth to a sense of shyness, and he was not as good as this baby brother. He just lifted his head and said, "In that case, even if it is destroyed, it will be guaranteed to be a public week."
Gu Youdao smiled and then continued to walk slowly. He moved very slowly as if he were enjoying the scenery along the road.
But after such a long battle, where is the scenery? There are desolate scenes after the war everywhere, and there is a gloomy face in the ancient saying, but I appreciate these scenery in my heart.
Walking is approaching the battle front. When you get here, the ancient saying just stops. He didn’t really intend to fight, but looking at the tense war ahead, he turned and said, "Brother Zhang, the war ahead is so tense, let’s help."
Brother Zhang is the brother in the middle period of Yuanying. He dare not let Gu Youdao go. If something happens, it’s really more than one bargained for. But looking at Gu Youdao’s face, he insisted and said, "Why don’t we let these brothers go to support the battle? Let’s just stay here. If you have any losses, the ancient elders will worry that he is dealing with this Cui Mingshan Yuanshen brother."
There is an old saying, "So be it" with a sigh.
In the ancient saying, after saying such a sentence, the original has been refraining from making moves, but it is to hear the news that the target has appeared.
"Appeared? Brothers are ready to attack! " Night ghosts, his brothers came to watch their comrades die one by one and could not help them. It was the limit of patience. When this was said, all the monks broke out in an amazing fighting spirit.
And in the rear, looking at the fierce fighting in front of you, you suddenly found out that a small group of monks rushed out of Cuiming Mountain. When this monk’s elite appeared, it was like a sharp knife rushing out of a mouth in the black emperor’s camp, and instead of going back after tearing the black emperor’s camp, it rushed over to the rear.
Seeing this, the monk in the middle period of Yuanying hurriedly said to Gu Youdao, "Let’s retreat for the time being."
However, there is an ancient saying that I don’t believe that the monks will rush here, because what they should do at this time is to turn their heads and continue to rush to the black emperor’s monk team again to expand their achievements.
"I’ll be interesting to see what they want to do," said Gu Youdao faintly.
Chapter 40 Erwuzai Field
Chapter 40 Erwuzai Field
In fact, the ancient Taoist judgment is extremely reasonable, because in the ancient Taoist view, there is no reason for night ghosts to rush back, but he does not know that the target of night ghosts is him
He had no reason, but he became a reason because of himself. However, because the night ghosts rushed too fast, it was too late for the ancient saying to react and want to escape.
In the middle of Yuan Ying’s life, of course, his repair is not low, but in front of night ghosts, he is really nothing. Besides, compared with being whole by Gulai or where his own life is important, the night ghosts rushed forward with momentum to Gu Youdao, and when Yuan Ying’s brother ran away.
And the ancient saying was completely captured by the powerful momentum of the night ghosts and his team. He seemed to see a huge beast rolling over himself.
In the end, he also tried to escape, but it was too late. It was like running over an ant and killing an ancient road. The whole process was unexpected and relaxed.
To say that there is nothing to kill the ancient Youdao root, but it is a matter of rushing through from the Black Emperor Sect camp, which makes the night ghosts lose a lot.
You know, after the night ghost took it from his clan department, it took some training to gather up the original team of 300 people in his hand, but the rest of the monks who came from Longgu also chose 200 people, and Meng Qidu rowed it to his people’s place to have a team of 500 people.
However, just that time, the ghost lost nearly 100 people and had to rush back after he killed Gu Youdao, but …
Night ghosts looked around, and the way back was blocked by Brother Black Emperor Zong. It’s not so easy to rush back. Night ghosts know that if they insist on rushing back at this time, they don’t know how much they have to lose. They just decided to kill the mountain.
However, if the ghosts of the night walk like this, I’m afraid this mountain will be captured by the Black Emperor clan.
In the party, Meng Qi was under great pressure from six Yuan Godsworn brothers, not only because he resisted Ai Zhuofan, Cheng Fei and Hu Dan with him, but also because he didn’t feel well.
Want to know that Meng Qi, a monk of pseudo-Yuan God rank, can match Ai Zhuoshui’s mid-term repair of Yuan God? Plus, fighting like this in a row, even they feel tired
Meng Qi struggled to support while thinking about the night ghosts. What if the ancient ghost wandered around the front and left? What if the night ghosts didn’t have a chance? Meng Qi has always been careful about this matter.
While always looking at Gulai’s look, Ai Zhuoshui is really calm at this time. She observes not only Gulai but also the other six monks of the Black Emperor Sect.
In fact, it’s not only Meng Qi and others who are tired from fighting, but also the black emperor of Yuan God. However, they are all trying their best to make a last-ditch effort because of Fang’s requirements. Although they know that the chance is slim, they also want to try whether they can call Cuiming Mountain.
After fighting for several hours, they are already exhausted. It is not a coincidence that the elders of Yuan God are not together, but two people and a group are working together in three directions of Cuiming Mountain, which happens to be with Gulai.
At this time, Fang Hanggan was talking to Gulai. "I misunderstood you before." Fang Hanggan had some sighs in his tone. "I didn’t expect it to be you in my end."
Gulai smiled secretly, but said nothing, "I don’t care about people."
When two people come, they are not much better. As soon as the two sentences are finished, it seems that they have fallen into silence again, and they are constantly attacking the five-element array.
"I’m afraid I won’t be able to attack today." Fang suddenly added that there was unspeakable hatred in the sound.
Gulai naturally knew that it was impossible to call, but he didn’t answer the phone, but his hand was hurt by two points. Gulai knew that it might be a good time for the party to muddle along.
It would be more beneficial for him to lurk in the Black Emperor Sect if he could do a good job of eliminating doubts in his heart. He just said, "I am also very sympathetic to my niece’s experience." Then he sighed.
And party goofing around heard him talk like this and knew that he was deliberately approaching himself. I’m afraid he relaxed a lot of his heart and secretly sneered and hooked it.
In fact, Fang muddled along and didn’t believe that Meng Qi would help him get rid of Gulai. He did so because he decided to get rid of Gulai himself. Of course, it would be better if Meng Qi could cooperate with him.
"If I catch the thief Meng Qi one day, I will definitely cut him to pieces!" I have to say that Fang Hungan’s acting skills are really the best actor level. Don’t say that Gulai didn’t see it. I’m afraid that even if Meng Qi saw it, he would doubt whether he really gave Fang Ling Ling Ling …
"Patriarch doesn’t have to worry, even if he can’t kill the little thief today, he will have a chance." Gulai said that he was a little indispensable.
However, at this time, Gulai suddenly felt a shock because he stayed in Gu Youdao’s body and a mental thought suddenly disappeared. You know, Gulai had this child in Gu Youdao’s life, and his only wife gave birth to him when he was in the magic door.
After that, his wife died, and he loved this child in every way. Now that the spirit is gone, I can say one thing, that is, the ancient Tao has fallen.
Gulai was almost stunned and shouted "Impossible!" Then it is necessary to leave the battlefield.
And just as he turned his back on the other side, he was already ready to go. The party was already moving, and it was supposed to attack the five elements, and the target was aimed at Gulai.
But Gulai has been lurking in the Black Emperor Sect for hundreds of years without being found. The friar’s alertness is quite high. He actually reacted a moment before Fang Gangan hit him, but he was still hit by Fang Gangan and was seriously injured.
Gulai was shocked to see Fang Hungan, but he still shouted, "Fang Hungan! What are you doing? "
"What are you doing? Kill you, you demon! " It’s a pity to see Gulai escape his own efforts, but now that he has made moves, there is no turning back.
But Gulai knew that his identity had been exposed after hearing what Fang Gangan said, but because he had always been secretive and left no handle, Fang Gangan knew that he was going to kill himself directly.
Gulai suddenly remembered that his son might be the same guy, and his heart was filled with sadness at once, but he also knew that he was no match for Fang Ganggan, but it was a bad time for Fang Ganggan to escape and return to Heihuangzong by himself.
Gulai was sad and angry, but he found the most correct way to deal with it at the first time and was ready to escape.
And Fang muddled along and understood Gulai’s intention. He secretly called it bad. Although Gulai is no match for him, he can’t help it if he runs away blindly.
However, at this time, an ice cone suddenly appeared in the large array of five elements. The ice cone appeared, but it just hit Gulai and stabbed his right leg.
Being hit by a blow, Gulai fled, and his figure was a sluggish party. He also took the opportunity to rush to stop Gulai’s way. Gulai turned to run to other places when his face sank.