It’s his left eye that was shot blind and necrotic, but it has already been dug out to repair it. This can only be done after the Dan Shui reaches four.
But even so, Dan Shui is more magical in Xiao Xiang’s eyes, and his business mind easily discovers the great value of potential. If you need to consume the true qi, you can continuously produce Dan Shui, which can be regarded as selling Dan "medicine". This is simply no money to buy and sell!
And when he learned that Dan Shui would be able to regenerate his left eye after another level, the news could not help but make him bang.
But soon he fell into depression again, and now he has to wait for Xiao’s hand. If the resources he has learned are gone, there is no room for him.
During the period of Wang Gan’s treatment, he didn’t know that seventeen Feng of Xiao’s family had come and gathered around the mountain, and when he appeared, these Feng used to be Luo Tianzhen’s younger brother, and now he is the guardian elder after his potential was exhausted.
They come from all the major hilltops, and they are the highest in the middle of the foundation period, but they have the strength in the middle of the foundation period
Of course, it is not easy for Xiao’s wealth to please such a big shot.
In addition, Xiao’s younger brother also looked around at those who showed more admiration than worship in their eyes. After all, this is a real person’s strength. Xiu Yuan can’t guess for himself that among the tens of thousands of younger brothers in Luotianmen, these people are suspected to be the best.
"That intruder was so stupid that he dared to hit on my Xiao family. He must be dead this time!"
"Yes, although the family of Luo Tianmen can be regarded as the bottom power, my Xiao family is not the same. The wealth status far exceeds that of his seven families. Think about it. Can they please move these masters? I’m afraid I’ll have to go bankrupt just once, right? "
"I think this person is watching my Xiao family make a fortune recently and wants to rob my Xiao family’s treasure house. Unfortunately, his brain is so stupid that he went to the underground dungeon to find treasure. I think a brother of the clan must have done something good to cheat him here, and he was caught in the barrel!"
Xiao’s brother talked excitedly, expecting that the intruder would eventually be killed by you, which would bring them great national pride.
But those who serve are talking about the end of things.
"Xiao Hong you just called a few of us to deal with a person? This is not too contemptuous of me, is it? " The repair has reached the middle of the preconditions, and the custodian looks tired and lazy and says dismissively with his ears out.
According to the younger brother of the clan, the strength of that person is only at the beginning of the foundation. At most, three monks of the same order can handle it and will call him again.
"Han Song, please be calm. This person can break the large array of protectors set by Xiao Shan. I don’t think the strength is general. Maybe there are any treasures in him that can encourage fierce threats. After you will kill him, his body will be owned by you. I think you will like this arrangement." Xiao Hong has a good-natured expression in front of this person and a red "naked" and "naked" flattering meaning in his eyes.
After all, he didn’t practice. Although even Xiao Shan has to listen to him honestly, Luo Tianmen’s brother doesn’t like him. If these big shots are unhappy, his death will be near.
What’s more, Xiao Shan has gone out for experience, but he can still suppress these services, but now that he is no longer at home, how dare he boss these people around?
"oh? Of course, he dared to touch such a big family as you, but it was a violation of the door rules and should be killed. "Han Song smiled and thought of something." Yesterday, you Xiao Jiake had a big gamble. I think you should earn a lot of blood beads to serve us. You should not forget it? "
Hearing this, Xiao Hong suddenly realized.
He has been secretly wondering how Han Song, who has always been indifferent to Xiao’s family, could arrive so quickly today. It turned out that he was thinking about the blood bead! Thinking of this person’s greed for "sex", the householder can’t help but feel a cold corner of his mouth and secretly twitch, knowing that I’m afraid it will bleed out afterwards.
"By the way, when it comes to that competition, I didn’t expect your Xiao family to give up that Yang Qingqi and then hold out a better angle" color "than him!"
"The title I was also a field! Gee, that guy named Wang Gan is really a freak. Not only is he full of ignorance and pure yang, but even the power of heaven drives him. If it weren’t for Yang Qing’s eccentric technique, he would have been killed. "
"That’s right, this person is not only the strength and terror potential, but also the unfathomable side wall. After ten years, he can still have such achievements. The future is limitless. I can’t imagine how he practiced. By the way, he shouldn’t be a master yet, should he? I don’t think it’s surprising even if this person is seen by the peak master. "
Many people who talk about Wang Gan’s strength in succession are sincerely amazed and ashamed, especially when it comes to the natural force that makes heaven and earth change color, they are faintly "exposed" the color of fear, because they all know very well that if they were in their shoes at that time, they would have died.
It is incredible that Yang Qing can resist for a moment.
These words made Xiao Jia’s master frown. He tried to say, "What will happen if you sixteen guardians surround him together in the early days of building a foundation?"
Xiao Hong asked this question because he knew that the enemy was going straight to the dungeon, and when he went there, he faintly felt that he would bet on Xiao Xiangyou and would save him. It was probably this Wang Gan.
"If you want me to kill that Yang Qing together, there is still some hope for that Wang Gan … alas, I’m afraid I can’t beat that sword even though he’s a busy man. No doubt it’s a magic weapon."
"That’s right, I’m by no means the opponent’s strength is too different to the enemy? If you see it, you will run away. "
Xiao Hong wanted to tell the whole story, but when he heard that he was so conceited at ordinary times that he was so awed by Wang Gan, he could not help but shut his mouth and set his sights on Han Song.
Han Song hasn’t said anything, but he is listening quietly to these discussions, and his disdain in his eyes is getting stronger and stronger
He is very disdainful of these timid bullies. It seems to him that these people are really exaggerating. Although he has not been to the competition, he never believes that anyone can "fuck" God.
If this person can really do it, isn’t he already a natural enemy? You know, even a fairy has to be afraid when she wants to cross the sky. Is this person worse than a fairy?
He is very clear that the so-called gossip is constantly being exaggerated. Just like these in front of him, he still thinks that Wang Gan is a little higher than Yang Qing, so he can’t be sure at some point. How dare you say that sixteen people can’t kill a monk of the same order? Do you want to be a foil to this person even if you go on?
"According to my analysis, it is not impossible for this person to be afraid of leapfrog challenges. His strength is absolutely 100 times that of us." A Feng said with a serious face.
"poof!" Han Song couldn’t help but poof out laughing. It’s so outrageous that he can say it!
He pointed at the man’s nose and cursed, "You can really boost his popularity and destroy our prestige. Are you trying to say that even I am no match for him? Are you trying to say that even I have to run away from the wind? Do you want to exaggerate a little more? I’m afraid I can’t even live? "
"This … this is too exaggerated …" That Feng was said to have narrowed his neck and seemed to be quite afraid of this Han Song.
"Hum! I tell you, if that Wang Gan dares to stand in front of me, I’ll show you what the boundary gap is! I can kill a friar in the early days of building a foundation by casting a demon spell at will! " Han Song finger day defiantly shouted.
"Oh, why don’t you try?" King out of the hole with a dry smile behind him "dew" out of the Zhang Cang Xiao Xiang white face "color".
Chapter one hundred and thirty Be defeated and flee to establish deterrence
Arrogant is too arrogant!