"Of course I do."
Su Mo smiled and simply said the two people’s grievances again before meaningfully saying, "Read March and you can meet them …"
In the visitor hall of protoss house.
Yuehua Sword Fairy and Dream Yao wait patiently here, and their hearts are quite uneasy. It seems that time has slowed down a lot.
I don’t know how long it took for a woman in a golden robe to pace in the depths of the house and wear a golden crown.
Yuehua sword fairy saw this person shine at the moment.
Although he had never seen Nianqi, he recognized Nianqi’s status as a goddess when he saw this protoss crown.
Yuet Moon Sword Fairy hurriedly got up and saluted Nianqi slightly, saying, "Heaven Yuet Moon visits Nianqi’s adult."
"I’ve heard a lot about your honor because I didn’t have a chance to meet you today. As expected, absolute beauty is beautiful."
Dream yao aside heard a burst of ou in my heart.
Yuehua Sword Fairy didn’t find out the name of Nianqi until he arrived in Fengtian Island, but now he has shown great shame.
Dream Yao also stood up and saluted, "Heaven Dream Yao has seen Nianqi’s adult."
Nian Qi smiled and nodded toward the two, sitting on the theme seemingly casually and said, "I am the one who has heard so much about the two names."
Before Yuet Moon Sword Fairy and Dream Yao react, read Qi and added, "Sit down, two."
Yuehua sword fairy smell speech suddenly felt flattered.
"Lord Nianqi has heard of me?"
Yuehua sword fairy exulting in the heart can’t help but ask a way
I didn’t expect my name to have reached the light world?
Even Yuehua Sword Fairy herself feels a little incredible.
I don’t seem to have anything amazing to do to get out of heaven and let a goddess know.
"I heard it from a friend."
Read March nodded slightly and said simply
Chapter two thousand four hundred and forty Astonished!
I heard from a friend.
Read this sentence to let Yuehua Sword Fairy settle down.
The original for this trip yuehua sword fairy is still not sure.
But now, looking at the attitude of the goddess Nianqi to herself, he suddenly became more confident.
Aside the dream Yao frowned.
Her mind is more acute, and she vaguely feels that it seems a little meaningful to read the sentence of Qi Goddess.
But she also want to not white at the moment.
Nian Qi said, "Su Zhu Daoyou came out a little late when I was a guest here. Two Daoyou forgive me."
"Su Zhu Daoyou?"
Yue Hua’s sword fairy quickly asked, "But the Lord of the ninth sword peak in the sword world?"
Nianqi nodded and asked, "Do you know?"
Yue Hua’s sword fairy smiled and said, "Although Su Zhu’s Taoist friends have never met, everyone knows the main name of the ninth sword peak in the three thousand circles!"
"My friend Su Zhu and Jian Xiu are kindred spirits who hate each other. I’m looking for an opportunity to visit Heaven this time."
Dream Yao also felt a little surprised in my heart.
They also talked about Su Zhu in the sword world before. I didn’t expect the protoss to get the news of Su Zhu in the sword world here.
If you can make friends with this Su Zhu Taoist here, you can kill two birds with one stone!
On this dream, Yao also got up and said, "I have admired Su Zhu Daoyou for a long time. Although it is not a sword repair, I have a lot of experience in the piano. If I have the opportunity, I would like to read a song by Lord Qi and Su Zhu Daoyou, please ask two people to learn."
Mengyao’s name of Qin Xian was so low that it was played by an active person.
But now, in order to meet the strong and make friends with the strong, she can’t consider a lot.
Nianqi smiled without a word.
Yuehua Sword Fairy gently coughed, "It may be a little presumptuous. If Su Zhu Daoyou is also expensive, it is better to invite him out and I will meet him face to face."
Nianqi freely promised.
Yuet Moon Sword Fairy and Dream Yao are both overjoyed.
"We’ll talk about it later."
Nianqi suddenly changed the subject and asked, "What did you come here for?"
Yuehua Sword Fairy immediately put away her smile and said positively, "I, the two celestial beings, belong to the fairy gate. I didn’t expect to be hit hard by a vicious devil."
Yuehua Sword Fairy sighed, grabbed his sleeve and said, "The devil’s heart is sinister and deliberately left our lives beyond redemption. The magical power destroys our minds and wants us to succumb to him."
Naturally, he had already prepared this statement for the purpose of winning the sympathy of the protoss.
Meng Yao also said, "At the beginning, when I was a piano player, the two sides competed fairly for piano skills, but the piano player lost the piano but became angry from embarrassment. The devil behind the piano player shot and injured me."
Of course, this remark is also a reversal of black and white.
At the beginning, Jianmu lost the first world war, but Qinxian became angry from embarrassment. He wanted to sneak attack on Qinmo Qiu Si, but he was blocked by Huangwu to slap his face!
I’m afraid someone can see this detail clearly.
Yuehua Sword Fairy and Mengyao dare to talk about the river, and it is also certain that it is impossible to know the specific details of the first world war of Jianmu Mountain in the distant light.
Nian Qi said, "It’s really a pity what happened to the two of you."
"This woman looks so gullible at a young age."