"Then tell me where he went? !”
"Well …!" Zhang Tiangong rolled his eyes and touched the jars in his arms. "It’s not necessary to tell you, but my old man’s house is so good …!"
"Here you are!" This female assassin seems to be ready to take out ten altars from her backpack and put them in front of Zhang Tiangong. "Speak!"
I didn’t expect this female assassin to be so happy, but Zhang Tiangong was stunned. "You … you are prepared!"
"Little useless talk! Where did he go? !”

Chapter five hundred Heaven and earth
"He went to DieYunfeng!"
"To stack yunfeng? !”
"Of course, I went to find Huang Tian!" Zhang Tiangong took a sip and let life slip past him. He floated to bubble _
"Huang Tian?" Female assassin curious way "what’s the place? !”
"Well …!" Zhang Tiangong touched his arms again and let life slip past him.
“……!” After the female assassin waved her hand, someone fished out ten altars and piled them up in front of Zhang Tiangong. "Say!"
"It’s not enough to have wine. I just gave it back to my old man’s house …!" Seeing that the female assassin is so accommodating, Zhang Tiangong wants to blackmail her for more money, but before he can finish, a cold dagger has been put on his neck.
"If you dare to be greedy and push your luck again, I will send you to the west to find it yourself!" The beautiful eyes of the female assassin reveal a breathtaking coldness and murder.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t … don’t do it!" Zhang Tiangong called the empress in his heart. What day is this today? He is a living ancestor. "He went to stack Yunfeng!" "
"Where did you go to stack Yunfeng? !”
"I really don’t know this old man!" Zhang Tiangong smiled awkwardly. "I just know such a general position!"
"To stack Yunfeng!" This group of people came and went like the wind. In a word, a group of people instantly moved the scroll back to the city.
Dieyun Peak Bayunzhai
Nine heavy appeared in the courtyard of the cloud village, and when I saw it, I saw a desolate and broken place. There was no figure. I couldn’t help but be one leng. "Well, where are you? Why is it so cold? !”
Although the former ethereal city war holy alliance was able to discover the plot of the joint forces of the five districts because flying crabs happened to see the players in the first day of the Jiugong Great God bloodbath and pull out the cloud village, Jiuzhong didn’t know about it. He knew that a player named flying crabs had to see through the plot of the joint forces of the five districts when a group of mountain thieves and bandits were robbed.
"Mom … look at this posture like being robbed!" Nine heavy looking at the desolate dilapidated like ruins generally pull cloud village eyebrows a wrinkly, "he niang this is who ate ambition leopard bravery incredibly dare in putting their feet on the ground? !”
Jiuzhong went to each small village for a spin again. The cloud village is generally a mess, and no one is like a ghost village.
"Psst … the vault!" Nine heavy suddenly thought of pulling cloud village after the village pool heart vault, the vault construction is very secret, outsiders will definitely not find it.
Thinking of this nine-fold start-up speed, the virtual machine roared across the six-story tower in Qianzhai, Yunzhai, and came to the pool-heart vault beside Houzhai pond where the machine was started.
The entrance to the vault in the center of the beating machine rushed out of the water, and before it entered the vault, it came head-on with a foul smell like a toilet.
"I depend … how this smell inside the pig is how to drop? !” Nine heavy covering his nose and mouth in order and slowly entered the vault.
"heaven, earth, which angel elder sister is this? It’s raining so hard. Finally, Sesame Gate! !” Just halfway through the nine steps, I haven’t entered the treasury department yet. Suddenly, dozens of unkempt people poured out of the treasury, like beggars, dancing and laughing wildly as they ran out.
"… well! ?” Seeing the dozens of beggars coming in, Jiuchong stopped laughing and suddenly his lips trembled and his eyes were full of tears, as if he were excited to see a lover reunited after a long separation. "Oooo-come and save us! !”
"ha? !” These dozens of beggars were killed when Yunzhai was pulled out and hid in the treasury of the pool. There is no big change in the nine-fold appearance of dozens of castellans. Of course they recognize the nine-fold appearance, but they can’t recognize them now.
"Take charge, we are the village castellan! Don’t you recognize us? !”
“……!” Nine heavy fished out a bronze mirror and put it in front of these people. "Do you think I can recognize your personality now?" !”
"ouch! ?” These people were shocked when they saw their present appearance. It took a while to get used to it, and tears could not help but rush. "Boo-hoo, we are in charge these days!"
"Don’t get excited, don’t get excited, let’s go out first!" Jiuzhong let the road "speak slowly when you have time outside!"
"whoops! !” Dozens of large and small castellans sobbed and returned to Qianzhai Tower from Chixin Treasury. They didn’t try so hard to tell Jiuzhong why the locusts rushed into the kitchen at a sprint speed of 100 meters. In general, the whole kitchen ran out of food in an instant.
Jiuzhong looked at these big and small castellans and wolfed down and muttered to himself, "Boy … I haven’t eaten this for some time!"
After I had a crazy meal and went out to wash again, I came back to meet Jiuzhong again.
Nine heavy mirth asked "all eat good drink? !”
"hmm!" Dozens of castellans nodded in succession.
"Then tell me, what’s going on?" Nine hands clasped on the table. "How did I become like this when I didn’t come to the big cloud village for a while?" !”
"The big master is not a robbery, it is a bloodbath!" A Xiaozhai main road
"A bloodbath? !”
"hmm!" Then dozens of castellans, big and small, told Jiuzhong in detail about the bloody process of pulling Yunzhai that night. "At last, we took a brainwave and hid in the central treasury of Houzhai to avoid a bullet! However, in addition to the treasures of gold and silver, there are a few precious medicinal materials in the vault that are barely edible. It is by those medicinal materials that we have survived these many days in the dark vault! In the future, we will eventually starve to death in the vault. I didn’t expect that when we were desperate, you came back and saved us! We … blare … We won’t say anything. When we’re in charge, our life will be yours. You won’t hesitate to die! "
"Shit … it turned out that it was you who were bloodbath by kids that day!" Nine heavy this just suddenly ethereal city war that night was bloodbath is pull cloud village these people feelings and they took a big favor.
Jiuzhong can’t help sighing in his heart. It turns out that stacking Yunfeng is an old blessing and pulling out Yunzhai. These bandits are old lucky stars!
"Although things are very sad, they are finally over!" Jiuzhong has decided to retrain these people. What surprises can he get if he can’t back up? "What do you think now? !”
"I have!" A small stockade leader raised his hand first to speak.
Chapter five hundred and nine Rebuilding Cloud Village
"say it!"
"I suggest that first of all, we should renovate the Chixin Treasury, prepare food and build an emergency escape route. It can’t be like this again. It’s too cheat people!"
"agree! !” Other castellans of different sizes are deeply impressed.
"Then I discuss when we rob X again, we can’t just stare at gold and silver jewelry and rob that thing, but it can’t be a meal under special circumstances! So we have to plan ahead and get back the ingredients! "
"Resolutely agree! !” The main story of this small village tells the main heart of a large and small village at the scene.
Jiuzhong couldn’t help laughing when he saw the funny expressions of these stooges. "Okay, okay, these are all stories! Now it’s urgent to recruit soldiers to make a comeback and put up the banner of Yunzhai again! "
"People should have … money!" Tell the last word "money", and all the castellans, big and small, are looking at Jiuzhong watery.
"Come on, what are you going to buy there?" Nine heavy asked, "didn’t you lose the money in the vault? !”
"Not lost!"
"Then it’s all at your disposal!"
"Thank you for taking charge ~! !”
"Go out and recruit people now without delay!" Jiuzhong is in such a hurry. Of course, there is a big place to stack Yunfeng Fiona Fang for 100 kilometers. He is looking for a yellow day, even if it is a date, it may not be found.
As the saying goes, money can make the mare go. Dozens of castellans, big and small, all go out to small strongholds with huge sums of money to recruit people, but it’s reasonable to hit hard and fail to recruit people.
An hour later, the castellans, big and small, led thousands of newly recruited brothers in droves and returned to Badun Village M_ in Dieyun Peak.
In the Era game, NPC characters are designed and put into the game world. Being free in the game world is really equivalent to being a free group living in another world.
Therefore, bandits can do what they want if they are not stupid at the beginning of character design, just like the bandits who pull out Yunzhai, and set up small strongholds dotted around the outside, which is a vivid picture of real life.
Stacking Yunfeng leads to the mountain road of Pulling Yunzhai, and the female assassin is leading his No.100 trumpeter to wander around the mountain road.
"Chief this stack of Yunfeng Fiona Fang hundred kilometers to find a person different from x looking for a needle in a haystack. Where on earth are we going to find Fang Sheng? !” Asked a player accompanying the female assassin.