"No, no, cover the retreat of the tree."
"Leave me alone, even if you leave, this wave can’t be played."
Changshan Zhao Long is also a Nai team. The output is still a little high. The snowman was disabled before the tree entered the field.
Xiliang Ma Chao has made up his mind to fight on the spot at this moment, so if you don’t fight, you have to fight. When the snowman takes the lead in the Three Kingdoms, he will fight back.
"No, the output is not enough."
Adzuki bean looked at the battle of the Three Kingdoms Wounds, which was a bit awkward. Although he exported a lot to the team, there was no fatal injury. Instead, the front row of the Three Kingdoms Wounds was dangerous.
"The tree is dying, and it will be seconds."
At this time, going deep into the enemy tree can no longer be carried. It is the first time to fall down. At this time, the wounds of the Three Kingdoms are facing the embarrassment of the front row.
"Good fucking chance"
At this time, the middle bully roared, and the formation was surprisingly good after the team killed the tree.
The desert emperor made a big move to directly launch the five-person problem department and was pushed to the corner.
"Five push five"
At the moment, the commentary was stunned and was ignited. It is rare for the czar to control five people with a big move.
Wen Chou didn’t hesitate to see the opportunity. Although the team didn’t die, the state was already dying. Annie’s big move was directly handed over to czar ez to cooperate with Annie’s output. The barrel with ez dropped directly and there was no chance to leave.
"The double killing is about to collapse, and the Three Kingdoms are now completely resurrected."
At the moment, the tsar’s big move saved the Three Kingdoms from dying.
"it’s terrible."
For the wounds of the Three Kingdoms, it’s best to burst into great energy at one moment. Bean and Black looked at wait for a while.
Chapter 696 Need to prevent decisive battle
Playing a huge advantage, Yan Liang directly rushed to the terrain and prepared to intercept it from the triangular grass outside the road tower
"The plane went directly to the team, and the defensive tower is still retreating towards home. Nael, Casadin and Niutou are all residual blood."
"The plane is stuck in the back road. There seems to be something wrong with Casadin’s face-to-face plane output."
Adzuki bean looked at the blood volume of the plane and felt that although Nai had played an advantage, it was suitable for the output of the Three Kingdoms and the front row were still able to retreat after the plane was beaten by Casadin.
"Mom, the egg rushed too hard."
Yan Liang still felt the pressure from sai at the moment, and the plane could retreat, but at the critical moment, the Three Kingdoms didn’t expect things to happen.
With a giant roar, he successfully turned into a big one and appeared in front of the wounds of the Three Kingdoms.
"Holy shit."
Seeing this scene, the wounds of the Three Kingdoms can be described as heart-drunk. At the key moment, Naer’s transformation was just right.
Yan Liang didn’t hesitate to flash directly, but this root couldn’t stop the pursuit. Naer flashed close to the snowman and the plane at the same time, which was an e skill, and both of them were nailed to the wall
Looking at the sudden reversal of the story of the Three Kingdoms, the explanation also explains that the plane ignored the team’s reserve and output, which led to the embarrassing situation at the moment.
Nar is high above the huge Nar’s direct hit. For the Three Kingdoms, this front row is a nightmare. With Casadin’s output, the plane and the snowman both died.
"It’s okay to be able to fight and replace Nael."
At the moment, there is no good way to reduce the loss in Yan Liang. When Anne is in the back, she constantly outputs the tsar to Nar, and Anne finally dies on the opposite Nar, but the team has thus regained the situation.
The first three countries played an advantage and annihilated again.
"Still a little loss"
Adzuki bean’s analysis of the wounds in the Three Kingdoms is still profitable. Although he lost the dragon, he fought back the situation in some places and his morale also rose.
However, the plane’s rash advance has turned the front advantage into ashes.
"I ignored the speed of my teammates."
Yan Liang also blamed himself, but he was a little anxious. If he waited patiently, everything would be much better.
"I don’t blame you. If we had won just now, we could have turned the tables."
Xiliang Ma Chao also knows what Yan Liang is thinking. It is really such a good opportunity. If you grasp it, it will be the rhythm of god.
Unfortunately, the opposite sai played too perfectly and successfully suppressed the aircraft offensive, which made everything go up in smoke.
We still have a chance to get back together
When Yan Liang was in command of the Three Kingdoms, the situation was quite tight, and if he slackened a little, he would be defeated. Although the past was vain, everything was illusory, and this moment was everything.
The situation has become 49, and the overall economy has been ahead of the Three Kingdoms War 4, which is already a big gap, especially in two minutes, the snowball will continue to roll, and everything will end if the Three Kingdoms War is prevented.
The middle tower was taken by the team. Strategically speaking, the Three Kingdoms has fallen into the wind. After all, the middle tower is a very important one.
"I took the Middle Road Tower, and now the team has gone to take the Three Kingdoms Road Tower."