"If something happens, then …" Yan Yunlong looked directly at the direction of Lin Yuan.
"hmm?" Lin Yuan felt hostile eyes and turned his head to see Yan Yunlong’s eyes.
"I hope you don’t mess with me, or you three brothers will be my ones." Lin Yuan was determined not to look at him again.
After the aroma is getting stronger and stronger, it will not be reduced by the falling of two mature Tianyuan sacred fruits. Please take a piece of everyone’s eyes and look towards the third fruit that is about to mature.
The fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, and finally it comes to an extreme, and a light sound falls from the branches.
Strong young men in generate directly prey to Yan Yunlong and don’t want to let the same dissatisfaction over there at the edge of the forest appear in a flash.
"Your department stopped that little effort for me." Yan Yunlong and the young man shouted at the same time that they didn’t get any, but they didn’t want to let Lin Yuan get such treasures again.
Say that finish two people figure quickly swept away from time to time a firm but gentle jumped out in the other direction, but these firm but gentle root milk can’t drink two people.
"Yan Yunlong, the Emperor of Yan believes that such things should be fought for. Give me a friend and I owe you one," said the young man.
"You think too much, my friend, and I also need this treasure now." Yan Yunlong spoke with a firm but gentle touch.
How old is the young man? He has a strong look of shock wave.
"In that case, Yan Yunlong, don’t blame me." The young man also took out something from his arms, which was actually a spindle this time.
The objects are shining with crystal light, and the whole shuttle seems to be the same, but there is a dangerous light in it.
"Yan Yunlong, you should be familiar with this thing. Come on, I don’t want to, but you forced me." The young man’s face showed a dreary exercise.
"Universal Shuttle!" Yanyunlong heart shocked horror way
"Universal Shuttle!" Lin Yuan’s muttering face didn’t appear as shocked as Yan Yunlong. The mystery of unlocking the name of the country is to penetrate the virtual escape device, but Lin Yuan also felt that the shuttle of all worlds is a one-time root, not positive.
Chapter three hundred-A sword dismembered (subscription at the beginning of the month)
"Even if there is a universal shuttle, I can’t give it to you as important as this Tianyuan sacred fruit!" Yanyunlong face restored the original Yan se said.
"Then it depends on everything!" The young man said
Hand light flashes, a sword awn instantly rushes in the direction of Yanyunlong, and Zijin Se sword awn over there at the edge of the forest sends out a sword awn from time to time to repel and attack his firm but gentle.
The glittering and translucent shuttle of all worlds suddenly sends out a light in the hands of young men, and the figure of young men has soared beyond Yan Yunlong. Just in the blink of an eye, he saw young men appear beside Tianyuan Shengguo, and then the shuttle of all worlds continued to send out light, and the speed was unimaginable.
"Yan Yunlong wishes you good luck. I’ll go first if I get Tianyuan Shengguo!" The shuttle of all worlds radiates light and directly rolls up several people fighting with the forest edge.
Endless shuttle outbursts and disappears in front of everyone, leaving Lin Yuan and Yan Yunlong here.
In an instant, the whole scene became quiet, and all the twilight looked in the direction of the forest edge.
The earth trembled, the mountains and the earth cracked, and the whole tree body of Tianyuan Holy Tree trembled.
"Bad Tianyuan holy tree itself must be moving at this time." Yan Yunlong was furious with himself now, but he didn’t get a Tianyuan holy fruit.
"Damn" Yan Yunlong’s body suddenly and violently attacked the spiritual storm, and the aura around his body was full of swords and shadows.
The violent vibration is getting stronger and stronger. When only one lamp of tea is used, Tianyuan Holy Tree actually sends out a green Se light. Without the whole tree body, it actually shrinks and directly turns into a green Se light and goes to the distance.
"What disappeared? How is that possible!" Yan Yunlong is full of wonder. The sacred tree of Tianyuan has escaped by itself, which has never been heard of.
"Damn early know I should be a killer! But fortunately, there is still a chance! " Yan Yunlong’s eyes turned and looked in the direction of the forest edge.
"Small Tianyuan Shengguo has the strength, so you have to hand it over quickly to spare your life." It was Yan Yunlong who spoke behind him.
"To hand over Tianyuan Shengguo Emperor can spare you from dying, or today is your death" echoed another person.
Pack up qiankun sword linyuan sneer at a way: "Those who have strength can’t win this Tianyuan sacred fruit since you have strength."
"Hum, you will be faster. If you really want to fight, you are not qualified."
They all see that the forest edge is the peak of the purple mansion realm in the middle period. Although it is a little fearful, they don’t recognize where Ye Chen’s strength can be strong.
"I’m sorry, but no one wants me to spit it out." It is impossible for Lin Yuan to voluntarily give up Tianyuan Shengguo. These people say that it is a good treasure. Those who have strength must have Tianyuan Shengguo, and his strength can be improved to a higher level, not two or three floors.
"Give me the hard way, spit it out." The black shadow wrapped in a black robe stamped his right foot and came to the forest edge in an instant. The rest of the people also attacked the forest edge together behind the black hard.
Lin Yuan sneer at a right hand holding qiankun sword hilt.
Shadow and the rest of the fighters a left a right attack to Ye Chen.
"We’re Yan Ren Huang. Since we saw your things, it’s killing you to hand over Tianyuan Shengguo."
The shadow sneers that he is quite confident in his own strength, and he has reached the middle stage of the purple mansion. There is no problem after several people besieged the forest edge behind him.
"Cut the crap and want Tianyuan Shengguo to rely on strength!"
Zijin se firm but gentle diffuse suddenly appeared in the sky several sword shadow several Zijin se sword shadow immediately toward the surrounding.
Touch one!
Lin Yuan’s body shook dozens of figures, and the shadow sword shattered most of the shadows, but Lin Yuan’s body swept through the gap at this moment and cut out a purple and gold Se shock wave.
The shadow huffed and took out a shield to block the weak fighters around the firm but gentle. Most of them were the fighters in the early days of the purple mansion. How could they be Lin Yuan opponents?
On the edge of a cliff, a fighter was beheaded by the forest edge and fell to the ground.
The offensive at the edge of the forest is like a torrent of mercury, and it is hard to see the sword shadow rushing out and devouring the shadow instantly.
The golden light exploded, and the shadow waved a shield to stop all the swords from hurting at all.
"Give me back!"